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gogirl91 posted on May 24, 2009 at 06:05AM
Samantha: Need to make some returns.
Brooke Davis: Are you kidding? Those were gifts. You have alot of nerve even setting foot in this store.
Samantha: Last time I checked, its okay to return gift items.
Brooke Davis: Well its not okay. Just like its not okay to steal.
Samantha: I didnt steal from you. You didnt give me a chance to pay.
Brooke Davis: Oh! I didnt give you a chance to pay? When exactly were you planning on paying me. Was it after you assaulted me and called me a or after you ran your thieving little street urchin down the block?
[Moving People walk in]
Brooke Davis: Umm excuse me. Can I help you?
Moving Guy: Yeah you can. I got a work order here to box up all your remaining store inventory for shipment to New York.
Brooke Davis: What? Says who?
Moving Guy: Victoria Davis.
Brooke Davis: Swell.
Brooke Davis: [to Sam]
Brooke Davis: It's your lucky day. Victoria Davis, the new president of Clothes Over Bros, will be happy to give you a full cash refund.
Samantha: Alrighty.

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