Samsung Samsung Invented an Incredibly Weird Way to Zoom-In on Your Phone

biscuit1 posted on Mar 31, 2011 at 03:00PM
How do you zoom in on your phone? Multitouch is pretty easy! Double tapping is nice too. But how about this? Samsung's new optional zoom in feature in TouchWiz 4.0 (browser only) lets you zoom in by placing both your thumbs on the screen and moving the phone back and forth.
Did I lose you? Okay, watch the video from Android Community:
Basically, if you move the phone (with your two thumbs pressed against the screen) toward you, the browser will zoom in. If you move the phone away from you, the browser will zoom all the way out. It's nice to see in action...until you realize you'll probably never use it. Whenever I pull out my phone, it's typically at the same distance everytime. I don't like it when it's too close or too far, this new experimental zooming feature would make me change my phone position every time. So it's cool in theory! But silly nonsense in real life. - Gizmodo

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