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“DAMMIT DEIDARA! OPEN UP!” Itachi yelled from beyond the other side of the door. Sasori quickly untied Deidara from the ropes letting him fall to the bed.
“H-Hold on un!” Deidara cried to Itachi from the bed. “Sasori-Danna? What do I do now? I can’t alih un.” Sasori grabbed his clothes throwing them in a corner and hid in Deidara’s closet.
“Don’t worry. I have an idea.” Sasori let the door of the closet slip open a bit. He made a hand meterai and flipped his right hand toward Deidara.
“W-What are anda doing Danna un?” Deidara’s body got up and put his shorts on then started...
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Sasori was screwing an arm onto one of his new puppets when he realized Deidara was being awfully quiet today. He was usually being confronted sejak an angry mob of Akatsuki members sejak now because Deidara blew something up. Suspicious, Sasori decided to see what Deidara was up to. “Hey Dei. What are anda doing?”

Deidara looked over at Sasori nervously from the dapur in their room, “Just making something for makan malam, majlis makan malam later un.”

Sasori inspected the stove, “That’s a rather large portion of Makanan considering anda are the only one of us that has to eat.”

Deidara stopped cooking and turned...
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The blow to the head made Deidara half paralyzed. He did all that he could to fight against his captor, but could not get the better hand of him (seeing as he is paralyzed). Deidara finally gave up. His vision was getting blurry, and he was getting hot. His body felt like it was underwater.

Deidara was thrown onto his bed. He didn’t even care anymore, he was dazed. His light blue eyes had no life in them, he gave up. He felt hands caressing his face, and then he heard a familiar voice.
“Deidara? I’m so sorry. Deidara can anda hear me?” The voice sounded worried.
“Sasori…Danna? un”...
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Sasori’s door creaked open as he turned down the hallway toward Deidara’s room. “Damn brat…Why am I worrying so much?” he thought allowed. Sasori crept down the way until he came to Deidara’s door and placed his ear to it.

Pein noticed his presence and completely stopped moving, turning his head toward Deidara giving him a glare. Tears were streaming down his face, he couldn’t even see Pein anymore. His throat was raspy and his wrist was throbbing. He could feel his skin bleeding still, and the pain of it ripping apart. Deidara’s chest heaved as he tried to breath through his...
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Sasori and Deidara first met when Deidara was forcefully recruited into Akatsuki after being defeated sejak Itachi. Sasori needed a new partner after his sebelumnya partner, Orochimaru, defected from Akatsuki. Sasori dikomen on how Deidara seemed like someone who would die young. Sasori and Deidara would work together for about three years and nothing is really known about this time spent together. Both Sasori and Deidara consider themselves artists, though their artistic philosophies differed drastically. Sasori believed art was meant to last for an eternity for posterity and to leave...
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Deidara was bored out of his mind. He had just arrived at the Akatsuki, from being dragged there sejak that son of a bitch, Itachi, a few weeks ago. It was obvious he still wasn't being accepted widely and he got looks from everywhere.

Worst yet was Sasori's never ending criticisms on his art. Fuck that old puppet bastard, he didn't care about any of that 'art is eternal' shit, it disgusted him. Didn't that idiot know that true art was an explosion?

He was on a mission with berkata idiot right now. They had to kill the leader of this huge black market and information route. Supposedly he had highly...
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“PLEASE! SASORI-DANNNA!” Deidara screamed as Sasori bit his neck and nibbled on his ear. “Dammit Danna! un” Deidara pushed Sasori off of him, throwing him to the ground.
“What?” Sasori berkata innocently. Deidara crawled on bahagian, atas of him. Sasori sat up on the pokok a little bit.
“If anda won’t get down to it then I will! un” Sasori rubbed Deidara’s thighs softly. He sighed.
“You are the most stubborn uke that I’ve met.” Deidara blushed angrily.
“D-Don’t call me that Danna!” He crossed his arms and pouted. Sasori smirked and took Deidara’s face in his hands, and drug him...
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