Scott Pilgrim What, in your opinion, is the best book/chapter in the series?

PortalToAlazon posted on Oct 16, 2010 at 07:54PM
I love the second book, and especially the opening scene, but my favorite book (as of now I've only read the first four) was probably the third one.

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hampir setahun yang lalu Zoralismetal said…
The third one where envy: hi scott
Scott: hi
Todd: Hi Ramona
Ramona: Hey Todd
Something like that was prety funny but wwasn't my favorite there are to many good chapters in the books for me to have a favorite im done with the series!!!!!!!! =( i want more

sooo thats why my friend and i r gonna be making a seventh book beginning possibly more. He is rly good artist in all aspects

hampir setahun yang lalu InvaderStickly said…
They get better and better.

Knives: Ur, leik, so sexy and hot
Scott: Hey, thanx!