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posted by silverstruelove
Shadow's POV: after luna explained about magic, i ran to the hospital. I promised her that i wasn't going to let her die. I ran just then i heard a sonic boom. At first i thought it was my dad but it was luna. She flashed one of her smiles and a thumbs up at me. I felt my self turn red. I looked up to see silver flying above us. I smiled and ran even faster. When we got to the hospital automaticly i went to magic's room. I saw scourge about to put the drug into magic. Just then luna ran into the room saying there's no way on hell i would let anda kill my friend then started the first attack. Just then we all started to attack him. After we beat the shit out of him. I look at silver and Magic and decided it was the perfect moment to tell luna how i felt but i chickened out abd decided to wink at her
posted by angel7782
me:how do i gwt up this cliff???

tails:i can hep.-flies me to the top-


tails:no problem.

sonic:who is this???

tails:this is uh.....ummm...idk her name.


tails this is angel....she fell down a cliff....

sonic:oh.are anda ok

me:oh yeah.totally.

sonic:good.dont want anyone hurt around here.

tails:what happen anyway?

me:huh?with what?

tails:how did anda fall?

me:oh um....clumsy? he he.


sonic:you didnt see where anda were going?



untill seterusnya time readrs!!!!!!XD
posted by angel7782
scourge:what'd anda say?
me:i said,scardy get outa here!
scourge:-pins me down-why dont anda make me?
me:wish granted!!!!!!-pins him down and punches him-

thats when i realized i made a mistake.he kicked me down a cliff!!O.o

me:ah!!!!!!!!-uses parachute to float down-phew.

untill seterusnya time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by sexyluna34
me: no nononononononono.... it shouldnt have been like this. *crys* w-what have i done?

{a jam earlier}

scourge: anda ready babe.

me: oh anda know it babe..... w-wait... what time is it?

scourge: its almost nightime.

me: oh... i uh i need to go. *gets up*

scourge: hmm? why such a rush?

me: i-i just need to go. sorry. *leaves*

scourge then follows me and sees me transform.

me: *sigh* i cant live life like this... i need to tell him soon... atau hes gonna bail on me!! *sigh*
i wish this never happened...why did i get transformed into a freaky furry serigala, wolf type thing.... its not normal.

scourge: *clears throat*...
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posted by silverstruelove
Luna:silver can i borrow your phone
Silver: yeah lun sure
Luna:thanks silv (dials phone number)
Scourge:hey babe wats up
Luna: nothing im at the hospital
Scourge: lun what happened are anda ok
Luna: im find im just visiting a friend
Scourge: good i thought we would have to break our tarikh ;)
Luna:(blushes and nosebleed) scourge you're naughty
Scourge: thanks want me to pick anda up for the date
Luna: see anda later babe
Scourge: see anda in a bit
Luna:(wipes nosebleed and walkes to silver and hands back his phone)thanks silv
Silver:your welcome
Luna: see anda later
Silver: see anda lun
Scourge: hei babe what took ya so long
Luna:nothing just thinking
Scourge:(grabs luna in his arms) lets go to my house babe

Sorry but i had to do this before i forgot. lebih in chapter 9
Kaitlynn-Kat here, I just got here. Some strange forest and know there's a hot green hedgehog hitting on me.
Scourge-Hey, shut up.
Kat-*shrugs* Hey, I berkata u were hot. What, you're not a hottie?
Kat-I never knew some guy could be so stupid. When I met Sonic, I thought he was the stupidest hedgehog on earth.
Sonic-What the heck are anda saying about me?!?
Kat-Nothin'...*twists feet*
Scourge-Saying you're an idiot.
Kat-*glares icy blue eyes* Shut up, green hedgie!
Scourge-No one calls me that!
Sonic-Looks like the cat wins this.
Scourge-You stay out of this!
Kat-*lays arm on Sonic's shoulder*...
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posted by Havanahedgehog
Massie:*crying*I hate my life.......
Sonic:oh now ur on a bad mood
Massie:well can u keep a secret-
*Shadow and Silver come in*
Silver:Ayyy dam boy!*covers ears*
Shadow:Hey mass,sonic wazz up?!
Sonic;Me and Massie r fine
Massie:I am completly not fine!
Silver:Dam girl!So wahh happened??
Massie:Something between me n Scourge
*Scourge comes in*Scourge:*rolls eyes*
Silver:eye can see y
Scourge:*goes 2 Massie*Look babe i didn't mean 2 break ur hati, tengah-tengah but-
Massie:U mean u wr trying 2 break my heart, asshole
Shadow:Shut up silver no 1 likes u
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posted by silverstruelove
Flashback 1 22 years ago:
Shadow is three years old:
Shadow:mommy where's Maria my baby sister
Amy/mom: im sorry shadow but she died
Shadow:(crying) mommy she's gone
Flashback 20 years ago:
Shadow is 5 years old
Shadow:( playing in the yard with two tahun old Alexandria atau alex to him)
Shadow: come on Alex lets play on the swings
Alex: yes shaddie
eggman sees shadow and alex and tries to kidnap them so sonic could come after them. But shadow protected them but couldn't stop eggman from shooting Alex. She died the seterusnya night
Flashback 10 years ago:
Shadow's ten years old:
Amy/mom: shadow do anda want to hold your new baby sister magic
Shadow: yes mom ( holds me in his arms)
Mom:( takes pictures of us)
Shadow: ( holds magic tighter) ill make sure no one atau nothing hurt you.
Me: (opens eyes and looks up at shadow)
Shadow:(smiles and crys) ill make sure that ill Cinta anda forever and protect you.

Shadow is 25 years old and me and luna are 16 and silver is 17 scourge is 18
posted by silverstruelove
At scourge's house:
Scourge:are anda done yet babe
Luna:almost god
Scourge:(takes off clothes but his boxers)
Luna:(comes in)
Scourge:(see her and gets a major nosebleed) damn luna
Luna:(smiles) come and get me
Scourge:(chases her)
Luna:( smiles) catch me if anda can
Scourge:(grabs her and lays her on the bed) i just did
Luna: do me now scourge
Two hours later:
Luna:damn scourge
Luna:(hears her cellphone ringing) hello
Silver:luna magic she she

What is the matter with magic? Find out what happened in chapter 10
on what happened yesterday, its now saturday. im at the mall with my bff. and she stares at sketchpads.

i then see scourge over sejak the Makanan court jay yells to him: hei scourge!

i slap my hand over her mouth to shut her up.
me: what the fuck is wrong with you?

but- to late he was already walking over to us!

scourge: yo whats up?
me: um... hey. um jay- wait, where the hell did she go? ggrrr, damn that fox.

scourge: ...... hei come here.

me: what do anda wa- {scourge strikes his tongue into my mouth. i shut my eyes. his tongue is attacking mine! he then breaks it.

scourge: how bout anda come over this time,...
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posted by sexyluna34
this its been a while..lets get started:

luna: should get starving...*goes downstairs* ..0_0*sees scourge*

scourge: hei babe...its been a while...hasnt it....youve grown since last time *touches my face* how bout we do that again?...whatta ya say? *pushes me onto the gorund and gets ontop of me*

luna: im not off me...or...dont *smiles*

scourge: *pervysmile* perfect..a sex toy that enjoys my love...alright...come ere!! *takes off my pants*

luna: *takes off my shirt*

scourge: ya want it ....heh... ready?

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A History Scourna
A hari In the land of sonic fionna was sitting on a rock looking strike anywhere llily wine. Lilly: Hi Fionna Fionna how it goes: Well and anda Clumsy? :) Lilly: do not tell me * so * pushing it: (Fionna: ok ok here I go hehe * IN WHILE WITH VINA * Vina: There are beautiful Bunga that I Cinta I'm gonna get better I'm a little allergic to it LOL achuuuuuu hehe Lilly: hello friend how are anda and Gotham Adorable Ever? Vina: if :) Lilly: anda know there's something that is like your algien is green has Auto Anti's cute has blue eyes I berkata anda turned the blue-eyed crazy? Vina: HOW...
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posted by Skydarkshadow46
Night: Scourgey, stop it! It tickles!!!!!

Scourge: *keeps nibbling on Night's neck gently* heh.

Night: *giggles* Tee hee!!!

Scourge: Night you're so cute!!!!

Night: anda too scourgey.

Scourge: *licks his cheek* Night~

Night: Scourge~

Scourge: I Cinta you~ <3

Night: I Cinta anda too~ <3

They looked at each others eyes, sparkling with beautiful stars. They leaned closer and both touched lips together, Ciuman with equal passion. Alot of Cinta and forever be together....forever and always.

The end.
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posted by Havanahedgehog
scourge:i cant belive its been six months now since uhhhhh
monique(massie):since ive been pregnat wit u
scourge:and we havent told anybody....
silver:hey momo and scourge
monique:hey silvy
silver:scourge told that ur pregnat
*sonic and shadow come in*
scourge:silver can u stay wit monique 4 a little bit...
silver:ya scourge
scourge:blue and black(not racist)come over hr
sonic:r u going 2 rape us???!!
scourge:hell no bitch
shadow:sooo wat were u going to tell us
scourge:*clears throat*six months lalu me and monique wr doing our "buissnazzz"
sonic:not one of ur rape stories again
shadow:dam sonic...
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posted by Havanahedgehog
Massie:*gets a Coke and sits down on the sofa seterusnya 2 scourge*Hrs ur Coke scourge
Scourge:thnx babe*takes a sip and touches massies leg*
Massie:stop it *slaps scourges hand*
Scourge:*grabs massies leg*as u wish Queen monique
Massie:*rolls eyes*
Scourge:*kisses her*damn baby ur body is soo sexy
Massie:y have u becoming a perv??
Scourge:idk but since wr married.......*licks her waist*i can do anything 2 u
Massie:ok ok ok just 4.....
Scourge:a few hours *turns off tv and takes her 2 his and massies room*
Massie:*gets on bahagian, atas of scourge*dam boy
Scourge:*strokes her hair*lmao dam gurll
>>>>>>2 HOUWUHS L8TR<<<<<
Massie:my hair is messed up
Scourge:uh babe u look pale r u ok??
Massie:yea im ok i just need to......*runs 2 the bathroom*
Scourge:uh oh
Massie:*comes out of bathroom 5 mins l8tr*baby i have somethin to say
Scourge:wat is it????
Massie:im pregnat
posted by Havanahedgehog
massie:Hey sonic
Sonic:Hay massie
Massie:why in bad mood
Sonic:U and Sco-
Massie:*puts her finger towards his lips* dont say his name
Sonic:but i...
Massie:well still be besties right????
Massie:Thnx*hugs him and falls on bahagian, atas of him*
Sonic:lol!*kisses massie*
Massie:*kiss back*
Scourge:O MY F****** SH*
Massie:*jumps up* Scourge it wz an accident sorr-
Scourge:*slaps massie in tha face*O really and accident well at least u know how i felt!!!
Sonic:U dont hav tha right 2 hit her shes ur gf!!!!
Scourge:she deservs it!!! she needs 2 understand!! Now lets go 2 Massie!!*drags massie*
posted by sexyluna34
me: i thought anda hated me... shouldnt anda be in the hospital?

mephiles: come now.... would i lie to a beauty like you?

me: fuck off mephiles *gets up to leave*

mephiles pulls me down and puts his hand on my face...

scourge is in the doorway:

scourge: *ahem*

mephiles: 0_o oh...shit!!!

scourge: she my girl.. anda got that?

scourge beats the fuck out of mephiles.

me: to think that he bullied me when i was 6.....

scourge: and i beat the fuck outta him..

the end.... im joking ... lebih is to come..... not really ... siche......... see ya guys again.