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(if anda don’t know “Code Geass” atau at least WHAT geass itself is, you’ll end up kinda lost, & this is meant to take place AFTER chapter 4 of my ‘Scourge rape trap’ installations, which has already been posted…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED-! So no complaints)
-Scourge~to Scintillant: “YOU did this-DIDN’T YOU- - -!!!!-?”grinding his teeth like never before. She was almost too overcome w/ laughter to respond coherently;
-Scintillant: “- - -no- - -I SWEAR- - -to actual- -GOD- - - -I didn’t- - -<burst of laughter>-the other peminat-peminat did this- -by –them –SE-LVES - -!!!!!<another...
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 Alexa Fox(It's written Alex on the draw to be lebih easy to spell)
Alexa Fox(It's written Alex on the draw to be more easy to spell)
One hari Scourge was messing up with some guys in the club.He met 3 guys , Kai,Asos and Kimon.Kai was a sword-fighter , Asos a singer and Kimon a TOTTAL nerd.Then Asos said:
-Hey look at those chics!
Then 4 girls appeard in the place.The girls were named like: Alexa , a super Singing idol and also an Angel. Lili , a purple Kitty-cat ,Sisi a Taylor Lauthner peminat and Diana , a killer.
-Holy gesus!Kimon berkata and cleaned his glasses.
-Wow dude I would Cinta to squese those girls asses man!!Scourge said.Then Alexa came to the meja, jadual grabed Scourge and told him face to face:
-You cutie green dude.I just LOVVEEEE...
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i made this.....enjoy.
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it happened yesterday....i got divorced with scourge and i left him with scar...i had my own apartment...and i was walking there from getting groceries when i felt arms and hands on my chest and one of the arms was holding mine!!

i tried to turn around but i couldnt.

???????:hey babe...did ya miss me?

i heard my worst nightmare call me babe and was sexualy violating me!!

luna: what do anda want scourge?? get off!!!

scourge: no *squeezes my chest* im going to keep doing this till im satisfied with me touching your cant escape!!

luna:*crying* p-please!!! let me go!!!

scourge: hell...
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posted by sexyluna34
me and scourge were making out in the katil after our..."chat" rofl....okay heres what happened next:

scourge: hei luna?

luna: yes?

scourge: will anda marry me?

luna:y-yes i would *eyes fill up with tears* i would Cinta that *hugs scourge*

scourge: i Cinta ya so much *kisses me...then his tongue moves in there*


scourge: anda like that dont ya?

luna: mm yes..

moments later:

scourge: i need to take a shower.

luna: *ears perk up* may i sertai you?

scourge: *pervysmile* of course.

scourge then picked me up and we went into the shower.....which wasnt such a good idea cause scourge wouldnt stop staring at me. X3

luna:...what? X3

scourge: i cant stop staring!!

luna: well stop *laughs*

scourge: i berkata i cant!! X3 *laughs as well*

after the shower:

luna: well that was nice....and wet.

scourge:hah..yeah it was.

roflmao!!! :3 till seterusnya time !!!