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This is the details about Seohyun Girls Generation peminat Club.

1. Join.

If anda a SONE, SEOMATES, GOGUMA(s), K-POPPER(s), would anda like to sertai this peminat club SEOHYUN GIRLS GENERATION peminat CLUB? How to sertai this club? For the beginners, it's easy. What anda have to do is just click the 'Join this club' on bahagian, atas of the page at your right. Just click it and now you're one of the member of this club. WELCOME!!

2. Admins.

For your information, there are 3 admins of this club which are ary_aunova, seomates_s0ne9, and princess89. This club also have an official account for the admins with the nama pengguna 'SeohyunGGClub'...
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