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posted by dragonsmemory
((Just a quick note. anda already know why I'm Penulisan this, and anda can probably guess the plot, so, there really isn't much lebih to say. So far, I've never written a fanfic I don't haved to explain, which makes this awkward. I should probably start the story before Snape gives me detention, if he doesn't just sejak looking at the title. Ok, I am starting the story…now. Ok……now…))

Fifth tahun was most definitely the worst tahun of my time at Hogwarts. The school wa being taken over sejak Umbridge, the Daily Prophet called me a liar, well, daily. Dumbledore wouldn't look me in the eye. I was...
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posted by Snape96
There are things that Severus Snape never be pronounced in the mouth.

1. Harry are anda okay? You're not dreaming bad lately? But once anda let me know if there is trouble!

2. Minerva, I have long wanted to say that I like your * cat * body.

3. All right, Miss Granger, 50 points for Gryffindor!

4. Uhh, Lucius, anda always shine in your hair. What shampoo do anda use?

5. Draco, ask for forgiveness from Ron nicely!

6. Hagrid, come on, get drunk in the Three Broomsticks!

7.I decided I will be a priest, and build an Potter altar.

8. Oh, Harry, anda flew so well before, anda really deserve the Quidditch Cup!

9.Albus, I have no time for tea! Assembly will be, and I can not find my new merah jambu robe.

10.Where is my rubber duck? I want my rubber duck!!!!
Author’s note:
There are better stories than Harry Potter, namely the story between ourselves and God, and the battle that Satan has Lost when Jesus died on the menyeberang, cross for us. It’s truly an epic, amazing, and downright honest tale, it’s truth adding to its awesomeness and glory.
I start off with this statement because when I first created the Snape account, I did not realize this. Harry Potter was—and is, frankly, still—awesome. I Cinta Harry Potter. I Cinta all the amazing characters, each full of depths, loves, hates, and dreams. I Cinta the complexity of Hogwarts, the engrossment we...
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I've compiled a senarai of all of the names we've created (so far). I'll add to it as we come up with new ideas.

> Perry/Nathaniel = Perennial
> Jo/Alec = Jolec
> Kaitlyn/James = Jaitlyn Marpotter
> Priya/Jericho = Jeya/Pericho/Pericha? (we're still working on that one at the moment)
> Primrose/Louis = Precious
> Primrose/Hugo = Prugo
> Primrose/James = Pames
> Emma/Stephen = Stepha

If anda guys decide to change any on the names, let me know in the "Comments" section. And if anda haven't figured out what to use for your ship, keep working on it!
    Severus Snape sat on the bench, leaving himself Lost in his own imagination. Crowds of people stumbled past each other, lebih people than he’d ever been accustomed to. He lived in a small town, and when he got out of the house it was never to socialize.
    But it was going to change. He’d recently been offered a job teaching in one of America’s finest universities, as he already had two doctors in mathematics and humanities, and he was now working on another for biology, just for amusement, just to pass the time.
    You see,...
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posted by dragonsmemory
((Just because I NEEDED to write the conversation))

Harry led me away from everyone else. I was relieved to see him alive. The sight of his limp body in Hagrid's arms would haunt my nightmares for months to come. (family trait, it seems)
"There's something i have to tell you", he berkata in his rumbling accent, his bright green eyes expressionless.
"Please tell me this is an explanation of why I had to spend the past ten months holed up in the Hog's Head," i berkata irritably. I had a pretty short fuse. Not quite as short as Harry's, though. His was berkata to be the shortest in all of Hogwarts. The slightest...
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posted by dragonsmemory
This is probably the hardest riddle you'll ever find. As an added bonus, you'll also find two canon riddles. First person to correctly guess each riddle wins props. One prop for each riddle. Best of luck!

Three people were born on July 31. One was born in 1966, one in 1980, and one in 1993.
Two of the people are female and the third is male.
One of the three is fictional.
The fictional person is 14 years older than the youngest person.
Two of the three people wear glasses.
Two of the people are good writers.
Who are the three people?

"If anda know, anda need only ask. If anda have to...
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posted by dragonsmemory
((This one is guaranteed to be funny, if anda remember SS at all.
So, what happens when history repeats itself?))

Three first years lounged around the lake, celebrating the end of exams. One was a girl with thick dark brown hair. She was leaning against the batang of thed old oak tree, her nose buried in a thick book.
The saat of the trio was a boy, who had his arm around the girl's shoulders. He was also staring at the book. He was rather small and skinny, with round glasses, untidy black hair, and a spattering of freckles across his face.
The last of the three was lebih on the handsome side,...
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Author's note: Just imagine this little Dramione moment happened in the HBP movie and book, It's written from Hermione's PoV.
I shoved my way through the Gryfinndors in the victory party to congratulate Ron for winning their Qudditch Match against Slytherin. But when I saw him he was snogging with none other than that Daft Dimbo Lavender Brown and he seemed happy about it! I couldn't take the sight anymore so I sprinted away thinking that no one had noticed.

As soon as I was out of the common room I ran as far away as I could from...
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    “That’s it. I’m leaving FanPop. I can’t stand everyone being so rude!”
    “Calm down, Severus.”
    “Find your peace, brother.”
    “Honestly. I’m really leaving.”
    “Maybe… maybe anda just need a break from them.”
    “You need time to relax.”
    “Blah blah blah…”
    “Alright. I suppose… I suppose I’ll miss them if I’m gone, but I do need to take...
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posted by Bluekait
It feels like I seen this before. I continue to trick the voice. I got off his lap and turned invisible. He got up too. "Where are anda going?" I turned to him. "I am going back to bed. I got school tommorrow," I explained. I reached for the door and left. I couldn't explain what I did there but I am pretty sure that I brung him closer to me. I went to katil and wait till the morning comes. The rays of the sun peeked through the windows and on to my eyeballs. It hurts. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was another note on my nightstand. I didn't have the time to read it. It was too early...
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It been a long tahun at Hogwarts. The War had begun and Voldemort is out looking for Harry Potter to kill. My name? Lydia Black, a Hufflepuff in her 5th year. My Friends are Corabeth Mab, a Ravenclaw and Jo Glass, a Gryffindor. We met in our 2nd year, during our first Charms class together. We will tell anda how it happened. Here it goes.

"Lyds! Lyds! Where are anda going?" Bonnie cried. I looked back. I have been tracking down Jo and Mab. I can't find them. "Bonnie, I'm going to the Forbidden Forest! I'll be back. Keep fighting! Remember what Professor Black said!" I yelled. Almost 2 hours at...
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posted by dragonsmemory
Well, this is it. Part 1 of the Quidditch match. This part focuses on just before the game, and the beginning. The seterusnya part will feature a battle of the Seekers. Let us know which Seeker anda want to win!
Emma and Jo
Chapter 11

    “Good morning, Hogwarts! It’s a great hari for the Quidditch opener, Gryffindor against Slytherin.” Chloe Williams’ voice echoed around the Quidditch pitch, matched sejak the roar of the fans. Unlike the past, the peminat-peminat were divided almost equally in their support of the two teams. “Both teams look to be...
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Authors Note: Make sure anda read the artikel 'Smile Bloody' telah diposkan sejak Ruby to understand this one! xD
"Elle Wait!" Zeke shouted after her but she kept walking as if he wasn't even there,until he gripped her sejak the wrist spun her round and pulled her close, "I'm sorry" he whispered his blue eyes shining. "I don't forgive you!" she snapped trying to free herself from his grip,but that only made him grip her wrist tighter causing pain to slowly seep in her. "Please Elle,I didn't mean it-" he began innocently but she cut him of sejak giving...
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posted by ProfSnape
    Severus and James, very awkwardly and tiredly, dug a hole laboriously with their hands, and buried their wand in the dirt. Both their minds at a breaking point, and feeling so vulnerable, they telah dihantar themselves and walked inside.

    “Uhm… Lily?”
    James was a bit shocked when Lily caught up to him outside. She looked very angry. “I can’t believe you. Why can’t anda just leave it alone?”
    “Leave… what?” James thought about how he had punched…...
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posted by Bluekait
Alright guys, I got EXTREMELY bored and I finished watching Ghostbusters (1 and 2). So I wrote a fanfiction of Ghostbusters on This is the first chapter. I want to see if anda guys like this chapter before giving anda the saat chapter. Enjoy!

Elisabeth Marpoe recently graduated college and moved to New York City to live out her dream of acting. She moved into a apartment complex in Central Park West. As she moved into her apartment, she found a box in her bedroom closet. "What a beautiful box! Why...
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posted by ProfSnape
-Thomas was once in a stalking phase, which ended when he found his way into Severus's house, and became so excited he passed out. Severus had thought Thomas dead, and for a moment was unsure what to do with the body. When Severus had his back turned Thomas apparated off...

-Henry may not look it, but he loves to read. He's a major peminat of Twilight and the Hunger Games, and has a great crossover in his head he's still planning out. He hates watching movies.

-Gautier has saved Jacob from an angry Hippogriff, and broke several Bones in the process. The others realized Gautier does Cinta them, though...
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Author's note: Make sure you've read Ruby's artikel 'Madman' in order to understand this short story which takes place in the the early 1990s.

Notice: None of the following is true,the characters
Bobby,Wayne,Maggie and Angie
Are all fictional.
The cold air whipped their faces as the four drunkly wobbled to the outskirts of their town and on their way they sung songs with messed up and wrong lyrics cursing and swearing at anything in their way.

They were walking past the woods when one of them who's name was Bobby halted to a...
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posted by Bluekait
Many, many years ago, there was a old farmer who lived on a farm with his wife and two kids. The old farmer would beat his wife and did even worse to his kids whenever he felt like it. He would drink at the same bar every nighand pick fights with other customers.

One night, the old farmer finally snapped. He went to the stable to grab an axe. He went back to the house and quietly walk into his own bedroom; He beheaded his wife. The thirst of blood and murder grew. He went to his son's room and chopped him into tiny pieces, which was scattered everywhere. Finally, he went into his daughter's room and gutted her.

As soon as he knew what he has done, the old farmer went to the stable and hung himself to death.

anda shouldn't go near any woods atau a large wooded area and say "Madman Mars" loud enough to have him hear. They say that he is still wondering, looking people to kill. anda might be one of them.
posted by ProfSnape
    They had already shut their eyes, hearts slow and breaths raspy. Gradually, the mist came out of their eyes, mouths, ears and noses, menunjukkan friendship and love.
    Now they were brothers, and could die in peace.

    Severus Snape looked up at the Fat Lady portrait, who was eyeing him warily.
    “Uhm… Draught of Living Death?”
    “Nope.” She furrowed her brow. He looked around, as though he could find some sort of clue. “No password, no entry.”
    “I get...
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