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The blue hero peminat made this subscribe!!
There's nothing like a good Cinta story, isn't it?
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Shields Up, Mr. Sulu, red alert!

But Captain why?

We’re talking about Sonamy and SonSal.

… Oh my…

YES, I am going into THAT territory. I’ll get right into that thing EVERYONE is going to talk about.

Sonic X, Episode 52. In the episode, Amy says “Just tell me that anda Cinta me!” after worrying to death about Sonic being gone, and such. Sonic then proceeds to offer her a flower, and the words “Oh Amy, I Cinta you.” Are RUMORED. Unfortunately (or… fortunately) the audio was cut out. I was told it was so that peminat-peminat could discuss what he berkata themselves (which is stupid so I kinda still...
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Hello this is my sonamy Cinta story and I hope anda Cinta it
——————-------------------------------------------------------------------Oh hi Amy! berkata sonic. Oh hi.Said amy. Wat r u doing?said sonic. Nothing I was just about to go to the beach.said Amy. Oh can I go with you? Sonic said.Sure. berkata Amy. Ok but can anda wait for a sec? berkata sonic. Ok sonic.said Amy.-one min later- I'm done!said sonic.-at the beach- lets swim sonic!Amy said. Ok.said sonic.-at sunset- sonic.said Amy. What? Sonic said. This was the best hari ever with you.said Amy.You too.sonic said.

Coming soon: Amy's boyfriend (part 2)
well this story starts in the mall the merah jambu headhog named amy rose was trying on a new dress the watchers were her best Friends cream a cute and nice rabbit (the youngest of the team) and blaze the purple cat (lol) "how do i look?" she asked her friends. "you look great" cream berkata happily. "oh cream anda always say that i look great thats why i never know what to buy" amy looked at blaze "how do i look" blaze looks at her "ok" "ok? what do anda mean" "oh amy we should stop waisting time and should start looking for are coustumes"amy looked at blaze "oh.. i thouth.. WELL LETS GET GOING!!" the 3 girls go running to the costume shop. when they got there they seperated and looked for there costume amy see a costumes she likes and runs to it "BOO!!!" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" amy screamed.
posted by Goombagirl26694
“Sonic…I-I Cinta you. Please, just please, don’t leave me!” I was looking at a bloody Sonic behind a transparent glass wall. It was sad to look at him, and pain kept coming to my heart. “A-Amy, I’ll be okay. I’m selamat, peti deposit keselamatan here, with you. Just don’t wor-” he didn’t even get to say the rest. Gun shots sounded, I closed my eyes, and them, BOOM! When I opened my eyes, thankfully, I was back in my room, and it was just a dream. I sighed. Just thinking of that dream almost made me have a hati, tengah-tengah attack. I went to the bathroom to get some water, and looked in the mirror. I just didn’t...
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posted by Sonamy4Ever231
"Sonic, watch out!" I scream at the bahagian, atas of my lungs. Again, we were in another fight with that big, fat-ass Eggman. We were in the Tarken Square Mall on the zamrud, emerald Coast. I was with Cream most of the time, protecting her. That was my job mainly. I swore to Vanilla that while me and her were in college I'd protect her with my life. But for that other half of the time I was with Sonic because well, I loved him. I've always loved him from his spikey, blue hair to his white and red shoes. Although it took him a while to Cinta me but right now I don't care about him atau his little slutty-ass wife,...
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