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Source: My awsome friend Kynnewolf on DA
“We all know about those days when criminals break lose at the most unexpected times. We all know about those crazy, insane, sometimes even psychotic people, that have the tendency to kill off many innocent beings for no apparent reason. But this woman…is no different.”
    “She started off her childhood at a rough pace. She was a murderous demon, trapped in the soul of an innocent woman of age nineteen. Many spirits beyond the grave never understood the reason why they were killed off. She caused others to commit suicide, atau die of a broken heart.”
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posted by scougesgirl
Name: Ashton Jade Moon
Nicknames: Moon atau Ash
Age: we think I'm about 17
Species: serigala, wolf
Gender: female
Height: don't know
Weight: don't know
Marital Status: taken
DOB: 2/27/ unknown
Birth Place: the ark
Residence: I'm kind of a gypsy
Occupation: working for G.U.N
Social Class: I don't know
Economic Class: I don't have any rings
Alignment: none
Top Speed: 290 mph
Agility - 34
Speed - 40
Strength - 35
Defense - 37
Evasiveness - 40
Dexterity - 24
Intelligence - 40
Skill - 32
Special Attacks: api, kebakaran kick, ice storm, moon beam, jade punch, chaos blast, chaos control
Abilities & Aptitude: good with...
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After Casey had left, Kyle had gone back to sitting around in his house. His family had gathered in the living room, which meant that they all began talking amongst themselves in sharing stories and talking about what had been going on lately in their lives. They all enjoyed the family time and the family bonding; with everyone being busy lately, it had been impossible for them to all sit down and enjoy seeing and talking to each other like a close family should. They all continued spending time together and talking until the time for makan malam, majlis makan malam rolled around, which meant that Jacob and Kushina...
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The Rasoul Saga: Chapter Eighteen

A half jam after Kyle and Mancer returned from the Rasoul Dimension, Ruby bursted through the doors with I2 walking behind. “We had a blast!” She cheered flailing about. “How was your training, Kyle?”

Kyle jumped slightly from where he was sitting on the couch, just slightly surprised sejak the two girls' sudden entrance. He quickly turned around, turning his head to look at Ruby and I2. "First of all, I'm glad anda had a good time!" Kyle berkata happily, wearing a smile on his face. "Second of all, my training was... okay, I suppose. I didn't really have...
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The Rasoul Saga: Chapter 15

The male was a murky green hedgehog. He wore a grey Tee baju and long grey pants, along with black sunglasses. He paced back and forth in front of a bench in the middle of a city. It was not in a park, but lebih a small garden of a sort. There was a small mound of rumput with a pokok upon a concrete surface behind the bench, with a few others near.

He was limping as he walked, allowing him to notice many things due to how slow this made him. He noticed as he paced that one time, upon turning around, a girl appeared on the opposite side of the bench, leaning on its backside,...
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Rasoul Saga Chapter Seven

Kyle slowly rolled over in his bed, releasing a small yawn. He slowly tried to open his eyes, finding that difficult due to the fact that he had just woken up. He slowly managed to get his eyes open, and slowly rolled himself over onto his back. He squinted his eyes, looking up at his window. Bright sunshine shined in through the window and shined onto his face, blinding him just slightly. He loved morning sunshine.

"...Well... Looks like a nice hari today..." He thought to himself, releasing another yawn. He slowly pushed the covers off of himself, leaving them near...
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posted by mephiles97
Chapter 2: Early Morning Search
Location: Waktini family residence, Northern District, Freedom City
Date: Saturday, January 3rd
Time: 7:02 A.M.

Kyle's eyes slowly began to open slowly, clouded over due to just waking up. He turned over slightly, staring up at the ceiling as early morning sunlight shined in through his window blind, casting a warm glow all around the room. He slowly pulled his blankets off of himself, sitting up in his bed. He yawned loudly before standing up and shuffling out of the bedroom.

Kyle stood outside his bedroom door, listening for any sounds. He didn't hear anything,...
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posted by dragongirlkatie
Name : Cynder the night fury.
age : 9
birthday : 10 of july
eye colour: in between blue mint and purple.

her past: Cynder is the last of her kind, her family were killed sejak The Blacknightmare, and soon wiped out, but Cynder somehow escaped the Blacknightmare and longs to seek revenge. Her best friend Tristin the phoenix was her only friend when she was yonger, they got caught sejak the Blacknightmare when they exscaped they got perpecahan, berpecah up sejak a Cynder has found Tristin again and Tristin had made Friends with Kate sejak then since then the Blacknightmare has'nt found her but is still trying....
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Sorry about the delay on chapter two.... Well anyways, here is the link to chapter one if anda missed it.
Where we left off....
"Hey, what are anda doing?!" A prisoner shouted. lebih heads of prisoners turned to him. They ran to him, but it was too late. He placed the bottle in the middle of the pentagram and started murmuring strange sounds under his breath. The bottle started glowing and shaking. Finally, the deep scarlet turned into a deep green. He picked up the bottle and started drinking.
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THEY STOOD WAITING for the train. They were at an opening far into the wood.
Spike bent over to dig out something golden. He found it was a power ring, but it felt different.
It had a different aura.
Spike slipped it into his pocket.
"We're just gonna JUMP on a moving train?!" yelled out Windy, unaware that she was trembeling like an aspen leaf.
Storm looked at her.
"Do anda wanna take antoher chance of flying?"
Windy froze. Then she found herself inching twoard Spike almost in a gesture of protection.
In the distance a train whistle cried. This made Kitty a bit lebih alert.
The train sped by. They all...
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posted by -Wednesday-
On April 21st, we were born. My twin sister and I. On the rainy morning, the children of the King and Queen were born. We were born in expectation, my sister to be the seterusnya Queen and for me to be her servant, her valet. On the morning of April 21st, a church loceng blessed us. It blessed the princess and her valet. But my sister was born without the life I had. She wasn't crying like me. She wasn't breathing like me. She was born dead. But in a week atau two, I was lying in my tempat tidur bayi, katil bayi and my mother's advisor, Harlem, placed my sister beside me. She was crying. she was breathing. She was alive. She...
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Chapter four: That’s Chells
Location: 66 Jazon Ave, Lexistropolis
Date: Sunday, November 30th 4337
Time: 8:51 P.M.

Tess and Zen Solomon, had finally made their way back to their neighborhood, panting and sweating; trying to think of an excuse as to how they would explain being at Lizzy’s house till eight thirty, of which they were to be home, and then heading off to go help their parents finish moving a friend into his new house. They knew that their parents would be cross; they just didn’t know how they would get out of it.

When they arrived home, there was a note on the dining room table....
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"This is were I found the blanket Emily." AJ berkata to Emily. "Ok thank anda AJ."Emily berkata to AJ only to find out that she was gone."She left me! But why?" Emily was mad now, she then heard something."Foot steps, must be Jisseca!""EMILY HELP!" Jisseca berkata yelling out.""It is Jisseca! I need to save her!" Emily almost yelled out, but did it some thing was blocking her mouth."Shhh.... Don't make a sound." Some one berkata in a whisper voice. Then she was sleeping, but thinking:"Who was it? Was it AJ? No. Was it Sonic? No but it was some thing blue! Sonic, AJ who else? Star, no she's yellow. But who...
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Chris held the gun up and shot. It hit a buzzbomber. Chris felt a tingling feeling in his stomach and chuckled. "MUAHAHAHA." He ran around, firing everywhere, hitting badniks, knocking down hills, and making loops collapse. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!" He shouted, running along. "This is SO COOL!" he shouted. About an jam had passed, and Green bukit Zone had been torn apart and filled with smoke and ruins and now looked like piles of blocks and dirt and scrap metal. He ran away, but then ran into a blue hedgehog. "Did anda do this?!" It said. "Ummmm..... anda DIDN'T SEE ME AND I WASN'T HERE!" Chris...
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{this fanfic has pretty much no plot they just go save a bunnie my god!}

so this was heaven a land of clouds a land of hope and dreams "wat the hell" berkata misery just waking up "this is heaven" asks rane also waking up "i gess so" i berkata and i stood up the clouds were quite fluffy and jumpy then misery took a handful of clouds and puts them in her mouth so i slap her hand and say "wat the heck u dont just go around eating stuff" i say "mmmmm tastes like cookies, biskut yummy" she says with her mouth full
"come on lets go we have a mission guy" rane says getting...
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Demons,Soldiers,Helicopters,Jets,Tanks,A burning City,A Lightning Demon,And Typhoon's Group.

That's just GRRREEEAATTT isn't it?

Typhoon,Slahsing Demons left from right,Running across the Hellish City,Then he jumped and kicked down another Demon and slashed it's head off.

Haze,Being the Swords man he is,Cut down every last Demon he saw,He chopped off the legs of the one in front of him,and Stabbed his face.

Nocturn,With his Shotgun,Walked down the street,And continued to shoot down every Demon,He put a shot gun up to a Demon's face and shot it clean off.

Mother,Being the most Ferocious,Ripping apart...
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posted by sierradawn9
As the fox noisily sloshed through the muck and rain,he thought of where he was going.The Science Centre,which was almost abandoned,except for the mad scientist he worked for.It had been closed down not even a bulan ago,still in good shape,which is why Dr. finch inhabits it.Dr. finch was claimed to be the most insane man in the world, but the fox wouldn't believe it.Never.
He knew he was close.He could already see the very bahagian, atas of the centre,a dark,metallic dome.The young fox knew his mentor was working on a secret project,because even he wasn't allowed to see it.He had only caught glimpses...
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Freedom fighters Jaxik the Panda and Lellian the serigala, wolf set off to find Robotnik at Knothole and disable his bots which will ensure safety to all animals.
Jaxik the Panda and Lellian the serigala, wolf were walking through their village. "It's clean." Jaxik said. He was searching for Robotnik's badniks. "You sure?" Lellian asked. "Pff... No." Jaxik said. "When can we EVER be sure?" Lellian worried. She took a pisau out. "SHOW YOURSELVES!" she yelled. "The whole village is empty, it seems." Jaxik said. "Robuttnik is definitely up to something." Lellian turned her head back to Jaxik. "Uh, WHAT did you...
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Character Chart
Character's full name: Ningizzida the Hedgehog.
Reason atau meaning of name: Named after the Assirian god of snakes and serpents, unknown why.
Character's nickname: Giz.
Reason for nickname: One of his alleys started calling him that for awhile, but it never
really stuck. Ningizzida prefers his whole name.
Birth date: Unknown.

Physical appearance
Age: Ancient.
How old does he/she appear: 18-22.
Weight: Around 85 lbs.
Height: 3"8
Body build: Slender, sleek, and built for speed and agility over power. Has well develouped
calf muscles.
Shape of face: n/a
Eye color: Blood red, with...
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