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Kayla and Tails ran around in cari for the Emeralds. “There they are!” Kayla cried, pointing. Tails flew and picked them up. Kayla picked up the Green Chaos zamrud, emerald and ran away. “Come on!” she called over her shoulder. Her sister, Cinyella, was sitting around, listening to her iPod. “This mine of loss that you’re making, your Cinta is mine for the taking. My Cinta is just waiting to turn your tears to roses. I will be the one that’s going to hold you. I will be the one that you’re onto. My Cinta is a-burning considering fire. No, you’ll never be alone. When darkness comes,...
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Name:Nicolette but she prefers Nikki
Likes:Music,Harry Potter,Hunger Games,Writing,Hanging out with friends,Playing video games,Singing,Dancing,Playing guitar
Dislikes:Peas,Racisim,Homophobics,Fake people,Bulling,PDA,Mephiles
Best friends:Amy,Sonic,Blaze,Sliver,Tikal,Scourge
Fave Food:Pizza
Fave Drink: D.r Pepper
How u can tell she likes a boy: blushes,doesn't keep eye contact,smiles,ears twitch
Ill write a story a bit later maybe try to draw her more......tell me what anda think
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