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Sonny With A Chance
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<3 LOL. Sonny With A Chance is so motivational....:)


Tawni: One hari we will walk hand-and-hand

Sonny: Every boy and girl from every land

Grady: From the mountains

Nico: To the beach.

Tawni: And that day, that hari is almost in our reach.

All: Don't wear the pants if they are skinny. Stop SPS. Change the way anda dress, cause tight is no longer in me.

Sonny: When anda hear fashion calling in,

Chad: Think about what anda fall in.

All: And sertai our vacant family.

Tawni (Spoken): SPS, "Skinny Pants Syndrome," has telah diberi me a chance to make a difference in this world. sertai our fight, and together, we...
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