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<3 LOL. Sonny With A Chance is so motivational....:)


Tawni: One hari we will walk hand-and-hand

Sonny: Every boy and girl from every land

Grady: From the mountains

Nico: To the beach.

Tawni: And that day, that hari is almost in our reach.

All: Don't wear the pants if they are skinny. Stop SPS. Change the way anda dress, cause tight is no longer in me.

Sonny: When anda hear fashion calling in,

Chad: Think about what anda fall in.

All: And sertai our vacant family.

Tawni (Spoken): SPS, "Skinny Pants Syndrome," has telah diberi me a chance to make a difference in this world. sertai our fight, and together, we...
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So Random!

Throughout the show, several sketches, often focusing on absurd situations, are filmed. Everyone plays different roles, but the roles are different in each sketch. This is similar to other kids' Televisyen series such as All That, and The Amanda Show, atau a child-oriented version of Saturday Night Live, and MADtv. There are many different sketches, for example "Dolphin Boy" to "Mermaid Girl" to "Life at the Boston teh Party" to "Baby Waa Waa". Chad often comes to the So Random! studio like in the episode of "You've Got peminat Mail", because he was training to work in the post office...
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"Sonny?" Tawni says "Do anda want to explain something"
"Uh.. Um... Oh dear this is akward"
"WELL?!" The So Rawak gang yelled
"I really don't know. I guess Chad likes me"
"Wow really?" Zora says.
"AHHHHH!" Sonny randomly yells.
"What is it Sonny?" Nico says while trying to relax Grady.
"Oh My God! That means I kissed Chad!"
A gasp is collected from the group.
"WAs it terrible?" Tawni asks soothing Sonny.
"Om my gosh she liked it!" Zora and Tawni yelled together.
"She's evil now." Grady has finally speaking.
"What? That doesn't even make sense!"
"Yes it does! anda like Chad!"
"No I don't!"
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