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Star Trek
zachary quinto
Zoe Saldana
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bintang trek into darkness
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Quotes about them:

"So an interesting tid bit, I hope, wether anybody liked Uhura/Spock atau not is that, though we ran most of our outline sejak JJ, Alex and I did not tell him we were going to make them an item. We let that be a surprise to everyone in the script. JJ later berkata those scene were key to his decision to direct the movie." - Bob Orci (link)

"It brings out his human side, it fits Spock’s arc for the surprise of the fact that he does share humanity and in the revelation that his father did Cinta his mother, and therefore Spock himself is then capable of that and you...
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That’s the transcript from one scene with Spock and Uhura, as narrated in the movie’s novelization for the audio book. The sebelumnya part is link.
A couple lebih transcripts will come!

If anda spot any mistakes, let me know and I’ll correct them!

Rising from the chair, he whirled and started toward the turbolift. Leaving her station, Uhura rushed after him.
‘Spock, wait! Where are anda going?’
He paused in front of the lift.
‘To evacuated the Vulcan High Counsel, those tasked with protecting and preserving our cultural history. My parents will be among them.’
She stared at him.
‘Do you...
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