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krdr2010 posted on Dec 09, 2009 at 03:02AM
One of the things that got me upset about the Recent film is that, instead of giving DS9 the Film Shot it deserves(Maybe do like Star Trek: Generations, where the TNG crew hands the film legacy to the DS9 era), they went to Kirk and Spock era...AGAIN!!! COME ON, PARAMOUNT!!! Give DS9 the Film Shot-It'll do Well!! What do fans think of that?

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hampir setahun yang lalu Necros said…
I'd love to see a DS9 movie but it should be made direct to DVD, they'd have to change or dumb down many things to make it successful in theatres. Or make a mini-series and then release it on DVD later.

And they shouldn't include TNG but Voyager instead, I think. Only for a few scenes though, it's (would be) a DS9 movie after all. :)

The actors are avalaible and I think they'd be willing to do it too, I'm sure Ira and a few more important people would come back to work on it too or at least help out to make it true to the series. It only depends on Paramount.

But I'd be happy if they'd continue Enterprise too, but sadly I don't think either will happen...