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"I'm sorry anda got stuck with me." Reaya dejectedly told Padame. "It's no problem,I could use some company." As she waved off her cousin's apology. Her mother had sent Padame the message. Reaya had called off her wedding due to the bantha kriffing,cheating on her. So she was staying home, to help calm down her brother's hot temper. Sola had come, but was running errands lebih then she was relaxing.
As they walked toward the Senate's hall. Padame looked on her travel viewer checking which items were on the docket."More appropriations for finding another natural suitable for cloning." Padame shook...
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It's the morning up in the Endurance.
Ahsoka is getting ready to see her master.

Ahsoka's comlink rings.

Ahsoka: Hello?

Barriss: So anda ready to see what's in store for today?

Ahsoka: I guess.

She walks out the door.
She turns her comlink off.

Her comlink rings again.

Ahsoka: Hello?

Anakin: Ahsoka, I need anda to meet me on the bridge. I have a mission for you.

Ahsoka: Okay.

She hangs up.


Rex is in his quarters.

He walks to the bridge and on the way he sees Ahsoka.

They bump into each other. (Not literally)

Rex: Hello, sir.

Ahsoka: Captain.

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Due to boredom and someone on Facebook who was curious to know all of them i decided to write all the beginning Petikan of season 1 and 2 enjoy

Season 1

Ambush- Great leaders inspire greatness in others

rising malevolence- Belief is not a matter of choice but of conviction

Shadow of malevolence- Easy is the path of wisdom for those not blinded sejak themselves

Destroy malevolence- A plan is only as good as those who see it through

Rookies- the best confidence builder is experince

Downfall of a droid- trust in your Friends and they will have reason to trust in you

Duel of the Droids- anda hold on to your...
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AN: This part of the movie will be all about 2 couples. Rex and Ahsoka, Quinlan and Barriss.


Barriss and Ahsoka are both in the mess hall eating "Jedi Surprise". It's a meal cooked sejak jedi. Surprisingly, it was good.

Barriss: Wow. This is *takes a bite* this is good!

Ahsoka: Yeah, but it needs a little 'something'.

Ahsoka pours something sweet on the sandwich, sandwic and takes a bite out of it.

Barriss: What is that?? *takes a bite*

Ahsoka: Ssshhh. I got it from the kitchen.

Barriss: anda mesn anda mencuri it??

Ahsoka: Maybe. *looks back* Oh. *teasingly*...
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Barriss: Oh my god!! I can't wait for anda to meet Quinlan!

Ahsoka: Yeah, I...can't...wait.

Barriss and Ahsoka were at Coruscant Park where all the children and teens hung out.
They were waiting for Quinlan Vos to arrive.

Barriss sees Quinlan and runs to him.

Barriss: Oh my god!! Quinlan it's you! You've changed, ever since middle school!

Quinlan: Right back at ya!!

They both hug of expecting their presence.

Barriss: Quinlan, this is Ahsoka.

Ahsoka walks towards them.

Barriss: Quinlan, Ahsoka. Ahsoka, Quinlan.

Quinlan: Nice to meet you.

Ahsoka: Barriss has told me SO much about you! Literally....

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