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Sharp knocked on Ahsoka's door. "Come on atau we'll be late." Ahsoka leaned heavily on the door jamb as she opened up the door.
"Stang it.You're not going anywhere. Get back in there, I'm calling the doctor." Sharp helped her sit on the tub's edge as he put the call into the doctor. As Sharp went out to wait for the medics, Ahsoka grabbed a look at herself in the refresher's mirror.
"This doesn't look so good. What's going on with me?" She berkata as blood was starting to bead and her stomach turned.Turning her a very pale shade of green." Where's the patient private?" The resident doctor berkata making...
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This video is purely fan-made and has NO association with musical artist, Cartoon Network atau Lucasfilms company in any way. Everything belongs to their respective owners. My job is edition only. Purpose was to tunjuk action, mostly starfighter battles.