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Source: i downloaded it on my computer it's not really fine but is a kegemaran
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 Stormstars returned! Strong as ever and fully healed!
Stormstars returned! Strong as ever and fully healed!
I walk calmly through the forest, my pads brushing lightly against the smooth leaves. Leafbare had recently came to an end and new leaf had already showed signs of its new life. I could hear birds Singing in the trees, mice scuffling under the leaves, squirrels leaping through the trees-
Then i heard a "hiss" behind me.
I glanced back and saw four Kucing glaring at me, there bulu bristling, and there claws unsheathered. Two were warriors, while the other two were apprentaces, i guessed they were mentors with there apprentaces.
I barley reacted, just lifted my paw and gave it a couple of licks....
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Weaselscuffle looked around the clearing. It was a bright moonlit night. The starshine was lighting the clearing and a soft breeze murmured the air. The brown warrior sat in the center of a large sandy bulatan and was surrounded sejak what appeared to be ranks of StarClan cats.

But this was not StarClan. This was a very different Clan of stars. This was SoulClan, the beloved ancestors of what Clans? He looked around.

In front of him sat a large white she-cat with ice blue eyes. Beside her on her right was a small brown and white tom. seterusnya to her on her left was a large brown tom. On his left was...
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Alternate titles:Conversations that Prove Thorntail is a Prick and Blackpelt has the Most Patience // Conversations that Prove Blackpelt Deserves All the Cinta // Conversations that Prove Thorntail is the Most Sarcastic // Conversations that Prove Thorntail's Crusing for a Bruising


"Wait, where's Crowpaw?!" - Thornpaw

He's fine. My brother is his new mentor so they're out training. - Blackpelt

"Crowpaw's new mentor is your gay excuse for a brother. Brilliant" - Thornpaw (StormClan's Reborn, page 116)


"Sorry, I forgot we've already established that YOU'RE the gay one" - Thornpaw

"I'm not gay!"...
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So, yes. This is my story. Almost forgot. I'm Midnight, AKA Midnightstars, sejak the way.
Here's my story.....

It was a perfect hari in Riverclan.
Kits playing in the camp.
Warriors eating and chatting.
Queens gossiping.
Apprentices playing.
My mate and I decided to take a walk in a nearby forest (West of Riverclan camp.) In the afternoon, we shared tongues. We went hunting, different directions. I caught a mouse, when suddenly I heard his yowl. A dropped the dead tetikus and ran over. A two-leg kit (teenager) had my mate in his hand. He ran on a stick monster (motorcycle) with my...
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