Summer Now that summer is almost ending, does that make anda sad?

jarellano1992 posted on Aug 31, 2014 at 12:17AM
It's hard to believe summer is almost over! I'm sad about that. Summer is the season of joy. I can't find much that i don't liek about it. It is joyful, full of fun, swimming, sun, green trees, palm trees, full of life, lots to do, activities, carefree time, travel time, with no gloom like the winter, nature to enjoy, camping, hiking, fresh fruits and vegetables, spend time with loved ones, breeze, lots of light, with blackouts not much of a problem, may be more active than in the rest of the year, and days don't seem to go too fast. I will miss everything, pretty much, about the summer. In four more months, for those living int he southern hemisphere, you guys will have summer! Of course, summer lovers will be happy about that while anyone who lives in the Northern Hempishere (like me) will have winter and is not good news for any winter dislikers. I don't like winter a lot either. I am very happy for the beginning and end of the year because it's also a joyful time of year. But while winter has some fun too like skiing and playing in the snow, it comes with so much gloom. Hard to travel, not a lot of green trees, a blackout may be some major inconvenience, it's hard on some people (fortunately not me, btw), sad panorama, beauty doesn't look as good, one can be stranded in the road if there's lots of snow, it's too dark (which doesn't imply I'm afraid of the dark - I'm 22 and therefore mature), and there's not much to do. I don't mind a snow day, even though I don't live where you would normally get snow, but not a severe blizzard. I don't mind the cold, despite my sensitveness to it, nor do I mind the heat (I'm not sensitive to the heat), or in between, or just enough hail, rain, ice, sleet, freezing rain, or ice storm. I love just about any weather, because any weather is beautiful in some whay or another. But because summer has so much good stuff in it, I am having it preferred over 10,000,000,000 times more than the winter. I don't like much about the winter, with just the weather, hot drinks and food to enjoy, warm and cozy, and the lower risk of wildfires at the top likes of the winter for me. The rest of stuff, almost all of it, I dislike about winter. However, for summer I have a long list of likes and very few dislikes. I will miss the summer and am looking forward to welcoming it on June 21, 2015 again. I love fall too and am waiting for it, too. For me winter is like the king or father of gloom. Summer is like the father or king of happiness for me. As one song called "wake me up when September ends" by Green Day says, "summer has come and passed the innocent can never last". I'm not a gloomy person and don't want to be one. I know all four seasons are wonderful. My favorites of the seasons are summer and fall. Well, who here is sad like me to say goodbye to summer? Bye summer, I will miss you. :( I can't wait for summer 2015 though.

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