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posted by flowergirl19
berrykit sat up and looked around startled sejak the many Kucing in the clearing around her. 'hello, berrykit,' says one. she stares at him. 'hello,' she answers. another of the big Kucing come up and sniff her and she is soon surrounded sejak them. 'you have to take word back' berkata a big brown tom berrykit didn't know. 'yes' berkata another. 'there is danger on the loose. only one with gray eyes can save us!' and berrykit spiraled into a deep slumber.

when she awoke, berrykit was in the center of the clearing with bigger Kucing looking down on her again. 'berrykit!' lynxfur was wailing. other Kucing were looking down on her. then, drgonstar appeared before her. 'little kit, anda scared us all. why did anda do this?' berrykit sat up. 'there is danger on the loose, and only the one with gray eyes can save us!'
posted by Bluefire7777
There was once a time where this was all unknown territory known as Hidden Valley due to its harsh rocky landscape that no cat dared to climb until a gruop of Kucing did the unthinkable. To climb the mountains in cari of a home. Those Kucing where the following: Summit my father and leader of the group, magnolia my mom and his wife, Dusk and Dawn my twin brothers, and ceri, cherry my one and only sister, Summit's best friend Rocky, his mate Tigerlily, and his newborn son Hero. They were a small group compared to the clans that surrounded them. There utama had been takin from them sejak the clans so they...
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