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Super Generation: Super Junior & Girls' Generation Which among these Disney Classics would anda like to have a Korean live-action remake starring SJ and SNSD?

103 fans picked:
Sleeping Beauty
Beauty and the Beast
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
The Little Mermaid
The Princess and the Frog
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 CondeVergonze posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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Ednogs picked Beauty and the Beast:
Although I like Pearly Yuri and Fishy Donghae act in The Little Mermaid, I want my fave Disney Classic to be put in reality with Beautiful Tiffany and Beastly Siwon.

posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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Haesica22 picked Sleeping Beauty:
Sleeping Beauty.... with Donghae & Jessica...
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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MaxLee picked Sleeping Beauty:
For me :Sleeping Beauty with Seohyun as Aurora & Kyuhyun as Prince Philip. Cinderella will be Yuri as Cinderella & Siwon as Prince Charming.Princess & the Frog will be Hyoyeon as Princess Tiana & Eunhyuk. The Little Mermaid with Yoona as Ariel & Kibum as Prince Eric.I'm a fan Disney princesses before k-pop.
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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shimaRY98 picked Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs:
i want snow white !!
i don't want they act in sleeping beauty !! fans and me will gonna be jealous because the story has kiss scene
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
last edited hampir setahun yang lalu
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alfiah picked Cinderella:
Yoona is cinderella n siwon is prince
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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Miyuki-hime picked Sleeping Beauty:
Yoona as the princess and Donghae as the prince :)
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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seokyuluv picked Cinderella:
Cinderella taeteuk
Sleeping beauty haesica
Beauty and the beast sifany
Little mermaid or snow white or Pocahontas or Aladdin seokyu
Princess and the frog yulsung
Snow white yoonbum
Princess and the frog sunsun
Aladdin soowook
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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RenxFabia4Ever picked Beauty and the Beast:
Little Mermaid: TaeTeuk
Sleeping Beauty: HaeSica
Princess and the Frog: SunSun
Beauty and the Beast: SiFany
Cinderella: HyoHyuk
Alaaddin: YulSung
Mulan: SooWook
Snow White: YoonBum
Pocahontas: SeoKyu
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.