Superman Hi / Hello . . . . .

andgandjandGod posted on Jan 04, 2023 at 04:22AM

idea for a story . . . . .

lex luthor gets super man conned / trapped into a horrible game Owned by God of and g and j and God

super man has to go and get injected with cry p to night or get arrested and get into worse trouble for the whole of Creation of and g and j and God to be dealing with

what superman might do in that situation might be to pray to God of and g and j and God

choice that the whole of Creation and g and j and God might have is lex luthor or superman and santa claus and peter pan and tinkerbell and g and j and God

happy ending to story = law courts of and g and j and God and rule books of and g and j and God say . . . . . lex luthor is not to in j ect super - man with kry peter pan type boy to night 'cause super man might un - well / well have a job to do to look after earth and help all people continue to get to an eternal future of nice and sunny days

lex luthor type of boy : chas / charles john o'brien / c is to stop injecting and g and j and God

night = bad = 7 and day = good = 41

lex luthor = bad = 7 and superman = good = 41

should there / thair be a fight . . . . . lex luther loses to superman eternally into the eternal future of hook loses to peter pan eterrnally into the eternal future

might un - well / well figure out and Create more in the future

hope you have a happy wednesday

Superman No balas