Superman Who was the Original Superman on the big screen?

FirstSuperman posted on Oct 09, 2010 at 09:10PM
Friday, Oct 8th, marks the 100th birthday of The Original Superman Kirk Alyn. America's favorite super hero was first brought to life on the big screen by veteran actor Kirk Alyn, in 1948's Superman and 1950's Superman vs. Atom Man. After starring (uncredited) as Superman and Clark Kent in these 2 very successful Superman Movie Serials, Kirk Alyn was offered the role on the TV series, but turned it down and the part went to George Reeves, who shared similar looks and the same talent agent.

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hampir setahun yang lalu Kryptonite1965 said…
On a related note I went to an auction recently and picked up an item from Kirk Alyns estate. Its 3 cassette tapes of the 1940's radio show. they appear to be all the same same. As read from the cassettes cover. "In this series we learn why and how the planet Krypton is destroyed,how superman eascapes from it,and howhe lands on earth. Superman saves the lives of a professor and his son,Jimmy and they become his first two friends on earth. He assumes the name of Clark Kent and becomes a reporter on the Daily Planet, under Perry White, managing editor. Here as Superman, and as Clark Kent the mild mannered reporter, he meets Lois Lane." Also three complete and exciting stories include 1. The Wolf 2. Yellow Mask and 3. The North Star Minng Company (with Frank Loverjoy). This is a 1940 premier radio broadcast.