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jodie96 posted on Oct 03, 2010 at 10:15AM
i would love some new best friends im an other huge fan of taylor lautner i even like him but if there ssome other fans on this fan club website and if you are like me i would love u to send a message back and be my best mate if u want and if u want to be my friends i would love to talk about taylor with u so if u would like to be my friends and talk about taylor with me send a message back thank u team taylor is awsome bye xxx

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hampir setahun yang lalu amzza said…
i would like to be your friend cause taylor is hot and u sound like a nice person
hampir setahun yang lalu jodie96 said…
thank u very much i would love to talk to u about taylor because i think hes hot 2 so u and me like him a lot and if u have other friends on this fan club could u let hem know about me because i would love some other friends but u are my best friend cos u were the first one to write back to me so if u do have other friends ask them if u dont mind thank you xx