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Story Time! :D Duncan and Gwen are dating, as Courtney gets jealous. She kisses Duncan in front of Gwen. Gwen breaks up with Duncan for cheated (he didn't) DXC hooks up but start to fight, Duncan and Gwen miss each other so they get back together
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posted by NeonInfernoLord
The room was quiet, other than the ticking of the clock that seemed to taunt them with its noise. Cody, Sierra, and Gwen sat around a meja, jadual in the middle of the dapur silently. Noah’s body had already been taken to the morgue back at the library.

“So what do we do now?” Cody asks looking up from his arms and breaking the silence.

It took a while for Gwen to respond as she was almost in another trance. “I-I don’t know…I’m not sure if we can even stop this anymore.”

“Of course we can, anda berkata it yourself, we just have to intervene, that’s all right?” Sierra says with a...
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posted by colecutegirl
 gwens new lok(umm 1st ever makeovr sejak me)
gwens new lok(umm 1st ever makeovr by me)
ok my first artikel ever tell me if its sh!t LOL so this is duncan gwens and trents pov spz all u dxc peminat-peminat lolz plz komen f i should make more

dunans p.o.v

'dunkie!!' courtney sreeched and ran to me.'hey princess' i replied god she had to
make me call her that >:(First hari of school would probably suck as usual atau so i thought.
(wow ducan thinks!!)Then over courtneys
shoulder i saw the hottest goth chic ever.
she was wearing a black skirt with a dak purple spaghettisrap bahagian, atas and stdded boots her hair was down to her waist and had 2 purple streaks in she had a nose stud too. wow!

gwens pov

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posted by NeonInfernoLord
Gwen searched through her drawer for something, she tossed bras, panties, all personal items out the way as she soon pulled out a small square piece of paper. On the front cover were the words ‘HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION EXTRAVAGANZA!’ She held it as she then closed her eyes. Her mascara was running all down her face, her midnight blue streaked hair looked as if rats had been sucking on the strands, and her face was even paler than usual, if that was possible. She kept her eyes closed as soon imej of bright light flooded her mind, she saw what looked like a gun being shot but it was interrupted...
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