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posted by isabellarocks
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Duncan: I object
Trent: what!
Gwen: huh
Duncan: I object because I am in Cinta with Gwendolyn
Trent: Gwendolyn?
Duncan: anda don't know her name
Gwen: I Cinta anda duncan
Trent: I told anda never to say that anda fuckin retard!
Gwen: what did anda call me
Trent: um.....
Gwen punches trent
Gwen: don't call me that anda son of a bitch
Duncan and gwen share a kiss
Everyone: awwwwww
Duncan: will anda marry me gwen?
Trent: no
Gwen: yes
Trent: nooooo
Duncan kicks trent
Duncan: shut up
And gwen and duncan live happily ever after and if anda wonder what happened to Trent lets say i gave him the worst time of his life

Bye everyone
posted by gwenxduncanFAN
 the rock climbing challenge
the rock climbing challenge
Duncans POV
OK so it was like 6am and that bastard Chris comes along and screams into a bullhorn. i swear that dude is fucked up. even though we were still in our pajamas all the guys just stumbled out the cabin, it was amazing the girls were already dressed and everything. i tried my best to get near Gwen but Elvis, anda know who o mean, was bugging her. i could tell because i could see it in her eyes that she wasn't listening. then she saw me. her face lit up.
Chris: ok campers your challenge today is rock climbing...
Heather:whats so bad about that!?
Chris:ah anda didn't let me finish so shut...
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Gwens P.O.V.
"Wha-what?" I stuttered. What the heck did she mean? She was trying to stand to confront me. She stumbled, she was still weak from crying. "d-dont play d-d-d dumb!" She used the back of her hand to wipe her nose. She tried to punch my arm but her hand was weak. "Damn, why am i so weak?" Courtney asked. "Maybe bec-" Courtney cut me off "it was a stupid rhetorical (is that how anda spell it?) question!" She shouted. She started to calm down. She did a meditating symbol thing with her index finger and thumb. Then she took long breaths. "In, Out Court in, out. OK! I'll say it one more...
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posted by gwenxduncanFAN
so this is before tdi and gwen and trent are new to the school
gwens pov
me:mom im ready. Are anda sure they'll like me?
gwens mom: of course they'll like anda your nice, smart,artistic whats not to like about you?
me: uuummm im a goth im different.
gwens mom: lets just go!
we arrive at school and i get out of my car. I began to shake nobody here was like me. I waved sejak to my mom as she drove off, i felt like a little kid i didnt want her to leave.
me: uuummm hi.
???: im bridgette your new here right
gwen: yeh im gwen how did anda know i was new?
bridgette: oh well im quite popular so i can tell if...
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(Gwen's pov. )
Gwen:crying doorbell rings Gwen:c c c come in. Trent:Gwen I'm sorry. Gwen:Trent get out. Trent:I can't saw good sejak to my black angle. Gwen:Trent please leave now. Trent:but Gwen........ Gwen:LEAVE NOW!!!! Trent:fine but I'll be back. Gwen:sees Trent leave and continues crying. Hears door creek open Gwen:Trent leave me alone. Duncan:Gwen it's me Duncan are anda okay? Gwen:no I'm not okay Trent cheated on me with the dumb blond Lindsay. Duncan:HOLY CRAP!!!!! Gwen:w-w-what?!??! Duncan:your crying anda NEVER cry!! Gwen:why are anda here? Duncan:to support anda :). Gwen:Awww thanks Duncan...
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gwen pov:I instantly feel in Cinta with trent the minit i saw his face and guitar.He was a goody two shoes but i feel face over combat boots.But i also feel terible for cheating on him but it was only once and he dosn't know. I slept with duncan! And im not going to lie duncan was good.So it all happened at total drama island so i was in the girls alone when duncan came to my kabin with snacks edible snacks when we were talkin when i went over to get a tissue when i triped on heathers heels when my skirt blu up and duncan saw my panties so he laughed and we stared laughing when suddenly he...
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***This here is a collaboration fanfiction that will be done in parts sejak Gwentrend24 and me, Bakes2389. This first part is sejak me, Bakes2389. This is meant as a fanfiction from Duncan's point of view as he ventured into and out of TDWT and onto TDAS. We are trying to make this as accurate as possible with the dialogue and scenes from the show. Hope anda enjoy!***

Part 1:

    A few months had passed since the end of Total Drama Action, the reality tunjuk that had been sweeping the nation for two consecutive seasons. The show's juvenile delinquent had taken the win, and for his...
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Gwens P.O.V.
I wake up in Jamaica and im rushed into the plane. Apparently the Aftermath tunjuk had a telethon. Somehow i got this bad sunburn. I was thinking about New fond land when i saw "Duncan" I got out of that daydream when Courtney sat on my hand! "OUCH!"I grabbed my hand in pain "oops sorry! how do anda get sunburn on one hand anyway?" i kept blowing on my hand "I dont know!" After a while Chris announced we had to jump out of the plane. And he miscounted parachutes. After all of my team had landed a double decker bus pulled up. Everyone except Alejandro walked in. Heather was the first...
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posted by FearlessSinger
(Gwen's POV)

So, school was over and there was this big announcement in the cafeteria. I sat seterusnya to Trent and my close friend Bridget as this guy I have never heard of before came to speak. I think his name was Chris McLean atau something like that.

"Hey guys! I'm Chris McLean. And if anda didn't signed up for the new reality tunjuk called Total Drama Island, then get your butts out of here and go home." Right after he berkata that, about 50 kids walked out. "Okay then. Now lets see if I got all your names right. If I call your name stand up. Tyler, Lindsey, DJ, Geoff, Ezekiel, Katie, Sadie, Heather,...
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posted by tdacrazy6
Gwen’s P.O.V
I woke up in a very uncomfortable position. I lifted my head off what I was leaning against. I rubbed my eyes and saw Duncan. I smirked remembering we were too tired from climbing the tree, to go walk home. I sat up and stretched my arms and legs. I stood and started walking around the huge tree. Just walking around in circles, knowing Izzy was dying to tell someone that I like Duncan. Then my phone started vibrating in my pocket. It was a text from Bridgette
Why is she texting me at this time? I texted her back
Whoa lots of exclamation...
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I woke up the seterusnya morning rather groggy. I rubbed my forehead and looked out the window to see that we were still in Drumheller. Now that confused me. Along with the fact that I didn't remember my own birthday yesterday. I mean, I turned eighteen. That's big. I'm an adult. Technically speaking. But it's like Sixteen Candles. Biologically, I'm eighteen. But physically, I still look sixteen. Sixteen. I don't feel different, and I don't look different. I was expecting some huge overnight change, but I wanted to at least feel older.

Okay, now I'm just whining.

Back to the outside, I was so confused....
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posted by colecutegirl
ok i know bad tajuk but yakno had to think of somethinng

duncans pov: *yeah yeah bye dude* i berkata walking out of my Friends house sure i had a place of my n but it was no fun i was lonley my moter died in a carcrash my dad in prison atau domstic abuse. i was alone my Friends told me to get a grp and find a girl but they were all too well just not my type ii had a girl called coutney once but she stated dressing in red leather miniskirts and biker jackets i mean what is up with them. so i was walking down the jalan when i heard crying in the ally across the road i don't kow why but something pulled...
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(I know I shouldnt start a new story till I finish my other one but I don't really like how it's turning out. Well anyways here's my new story. I got the idea from seeing a 1 tahun old with a faux-hawk become Friends with a 1 tahun old little girl wearing dark clothes at church. Hope anda like it.)

(Normal P.O.V)

A small girl walked hand-in-hand with her mother and father entering the catholic church. The little girl wore a black dress with midnight blue hearts on it. She had black hair and dark blue eyes. Her father looked just like her while her mother had brown hair and black eyes.
The mothers...
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posted by thegothchick
 Say that again,I dare you.
Say that again,I dare you.
Duncan:why do the four of us have to stay back here?
Chris:because we don't want u and heather bothering AxG.
Duncan:*eye twitches* say that again I dare anda *pulls out pocket knife*.
Chris:I have to go check on the Cinta birds *walks off*.
*with Alejandro & Gwen*
Gwen:*running & trips* AHHH!!!!
Alejandro:*kneels down sejak Gwen* were does it hurt?
Gwen:my ankle I think it's broken.
Alejandro:don't alih it.
Gwen:o-okay *starts to tear up*.
Alejandro:it will be okay I'm here. I'll get anda help.
Gwen:don't leave me here alone.
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Gwen:Meet me outside when everyone's asleep
Duncan:Why? So we can make out?
Gwen:I'm serious Duncan,we need to talk*walks off*
Duncan:*worried look*


Duncan:We need to talk? What is she talking about? *pause* oh no,she doesn't mean....

Gwen:It's just not the same as before,sure he's being sweet and patient with me,but... *sigh* I just can't do this anymore.

.*.End of Confessional.*.


(Duncan and Gwen are alone,in the place where they were in TDA)

Duncan:What's going on?
Gwen:*sighs*Remember when we kissed back in World Tour?
Duncan:*wraps arms around Gwen*How...
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posted by xRainbowNinjax
Duncans POV
OK so last night Courtney got me to sing. Luckily all it was was, "This SUCKSSSSS". Courtneys A Pretty Wicked Singer, Gwens voice is unique, *Thought* OMG DUNCAN, anda DO NOT LIKE GWEN, Gwen is your BEST FRIEND!!!- I cant believe i just berkata that. -_-.
Chris-"Ok kiddies, Lets go to the Pie,er rah meds..."
"You Mean Pyramids right?"Gwen Asked
"Dontttt Interrupt me!!! Anyways lets a go!"
So we got to the pyramids and he told us are first challenge is to either go over the pyramid atau through the pyramid to get to the finish line to decide are teams.
"Duncan, Lets walk together!!!"Said Courtney...
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posted by gwenxduncanFAN
 sejak courtney
by courtney
gwens pov
(crying with Bridgette patting her back)
"why, why would he do this to me!!!" i yelled
"i...i dont know i just know anda need a new man."
Bridgette berkata trying to comfort me.
"b-but ...but i dont want anyone else i want DUNCAN!"
"LISTEN TO ME DUNCAN DIDN'T COME. anda HAVE TO FORGET HIM, remember he left anda waiting at the alter, he hasn't spoke to anda in 3 days do anda even know where he is!?" she shouted
"no" i whispered.
"well call him and ask him why"
"great idea bridgette thanks" (we hug)
i take out my phone and dial duncans number.
" hello, duncan listen i...."
"oh hi gwen." berkata the voice...
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Sorry I haven't updated but I have three chapters for anda today so I hope anda enjoy!

Gwen's POV:

The bullhorn actually awoke me this time. Thankful that I hadn't been awoken sejak an argument, I hopped off the bahagian, atas bunk and proceeded to dress. While putting my clothes on, I realized that neither Heather atau Courtney was on the laptop. Instead Sierra was typing on it, probably posting a real Tweeder update for once. We all walked out to the clearing and was greeted sejak a smiling DJ.

"Hey Deej." I greeted happily.

"Feeling better, man?" Duncan asked him. DJ nodded.

"Yeah. I called Mama yesterday, and she...
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(this ones short but it kinda get everything out of the way, and has DxGness! :D Soooo enjoy!)

The last part of the challenge was to make commercials for some kind of... er... I think it was candy. All I know is that we won, and Team Victory. From what Bridgette told me, it's either going to be Harold atau DJ. I can't say for sure though.

During dinner, I was looking for Duncan. He was sitting alone, mainly because Courtney was too busy arguing with Heather about who team leader was. Why didn't I see him before? I walked over to him and sat seterusnya to him.

"Weren't anda going to tell me who anda were...
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posted by TaintedArtist
It was cool this summer afternoon in the lush evergreen forest of Camp Wawanakwa, as the campers ran ramped on their hari off from Chris’s torturous challenges. Gwen was leaning under a tall oak tree, shaded from the suns intense gaze, expressing her well veiled joy onto the blank canvas of her sketchbook. She looked up for a moment to quickly glance at the very thing atau rather person that gave her such unexplainable cheerfulness, her boyfriend, Duncan.

Duncan was currently occupied with having Geoff in a headlock for saying something that involved her, but she didn’t quite catch the whole...
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