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Could we be more? (chapter1)
So I’ve been Membaca GwenxDuncan fanfiction lately, and I decided to write one of my own! Basically, they’re 17, they’re in high school, and Total Drama never happened. I’m really excited about this, so I hope anda guys that are Membaca this enjoy it. I’ll probably continue, but not if I don’t get at least one review (so if anda like it, please write me a few nice words).


I awoke to a very annoying beep. I groaned groggily, still half asleep, and banged on my alarm clock until the beeping ceased. I literally rolled out of katil and fell...
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(Regular P.O.V. -no one's in particular, just narration :3 -)
Duncan sat with is team at one table, Gwen with her team at the other. Silently eating their crunchy eggs and soft toast. A bit ironic, I would have to say.
Suddenly, Chef sudah-sudah, hatchet burst through the mess hall door and shouted, "OUTSIDE NOW, MAGGOTS!!" so outside everyone went. "Oh great, what does he want now?" Duncan whispered to Gwen. "I have no idea," she replied. "but it can't be good."
All of the campers followed Chef outside. The cameras circled all of them. "Alright, maggots! DROP AND GIVE ME 50!!" Chef barked. They all dropped...
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Chapter 11
(Duncan's P.O.V.)
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Ohh, man! That was fun! Last night, I took Chef's electric razor, and shaved ALL of Chris's hair off!! Everyone was laughing hard, even Gwen!

Duncan: Gwen's been really ticked at me since yesterday, and seeing her laugh at what I did to Chris, oh, that just made my day. <:)
.::End Confessioncam::.

Chris snapped, "SHUT IT! It's challenge time!"
We all groaned, but I still snickered a little. "Today, we will be going back to Total Drama Island!" Chris said.
PERFECT! Before Gwen was ticked at me she said, "I can't believe I'm...
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It was cool this summer afternoon in the lush evergreen forest of Camp Wawanakwa, as the campers ran ramped on their hari off from Chris’s torturous challenges. Gwen was leaning under a tall oak tree, shaded from the suns intense gaze, expressing her well veiled joy onto the blank canvas of her sketchbook. She looked up for a moment to quickly glance at the very thing atau rather person that gave her such unexplainable cheerfulness, her boyfriend, Duncan.

Duncan was currently occupied with having Geoff in a headlock for saying something that involved her, but she didn’t quite catch the whole...
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Trent does not approve of this vid for it is over 9 minutes.XD
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Gwen:Meet me outside when everyone's asleep
Duncan:Why? So we can make out?
Gwen:I'm serious Duncan,we need to talk*walks off*
Duncan:*worried look*


Duncan:We need to talk? What is she talking about? *pause* oh no,she doesn't mean....

Gwen:It's just not the same as before,sure he's being sweet and patient with me,but... *sigh* I just can't do this anymore.

.*.End of Confessional.*.


(Duncan and Gwen are alone,in the place where they were in TDA)

Duncan:What's going on?
Gwen:*sighs*Remember when we kissed back in World Tour?
Duncan:*wraps arms around Gwen*How...
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The sun fades away letting in the darkness of the night.The clock ticks every second,nothing else but quietness.I get out from under my sheets and open the window.Breeze flowing through my hair,the coldness touching my skin.

I look at the moon admiring the the beautiful darkness,these are the only dark hours we have.The only light that shines upon us is moon in the sky,surrounded sejak smaller lights called stars.

Every night a serigala, wolf would howl from inside the deep dark forest,calling there family.I barley had a family.My mother,Rosalie,my brother,Jake...and me.I was known as the little Gothic ridinghood....
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Ha I finally thought of something, it's not great but it's something!XD

Summary: Gwen is someone who likes to take it slo in a relationship, where as Duncan's lebih fast-paced loving to live in the here and now, rough and loud! in the world did that bring them closer? Well, lets take it one step at a time.


Communication is key in a relationship

If anda can't stand each other for lebih that five minutes, maybe anda should rethink things. If anda can go to ten you're getting warmer. If anda can't stand each other...
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