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posted by TDI_Angel
Genre: Filled with slashy Romance, glazed in Supernatural, and sprinkled with angst!


My breath is coming short and my hati, tengah-tengah is beating so fast, it should be screaming. Everything inside me yells-- "Get out! Get out! Get out!" I try to alih around, but the cast is holding me in place. I can't escape the wheel chair. I'm at the bottom of a lake in a wheel chair! I almost break free, but sea weed gets tied around my wrists and my left leg. Oh, I'm going to die! I'm thinking, This is how it ends! I never should have gone on this freaking reality show! I hold my breath, trying...
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Noah's POV

Noah had wondered when he'd see Cody. He'd been watching Total Drama Island every week and tonight Cody had been voted off.

Cody arrived at the Playa de Losers, and Noah had stood there like an idiot trying to get up the nerve to go talk to him. During the dodgeball game, back on the island, Noah had sort of developed a crush on the other boy when Cody threw that ball at the other team.

Noah had wanted to talk to him more, but then Noah had been voted off that night. He'd been furious at his teammates for voting him off and he was upset that he didn't get a chance to talk to Cody....
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posted by 666bloodwhore
I know I can be a little brainless. If it's not food, then it doesn't really catch my attention. I'm not so good at Membaca emotions; I can't see people inside and out like others can. I sometimes make matters worse because of my density and end up either hurting atau angering someone with my actions. So I'm not good at communicating and seeing how someone, mainly a girl, ticks.

But this is different… I can see it, when he looks at him, I can see it all. The longing, the love, the heartbreak, the jealousy, the anger, the pain, and everything else mixed into those dark Chocolate eyes. Like the...
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posted by nocofangirl218
Okay, so this is something I decided to randomly do one day. This is basically how Total Drama Island would've happened if NoCo was one of the canon couples. Also: there is no TxG, atau DxC in this story, so please don't read it if anda don't like the couple. One last thing: this was inspired sejak a DxG series titled: “Secrets”. If anda like DxG, please go check out the awesome story sejak starburst-rock. :3

Also, I don't own the TD series, so please don't think I do.

*Noah's P.O.V*

As the bot slowly approached an island...
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posted by TDI_Angel
Just a little NoCo I whipped up. My first fanfic in a while. Rated T for safety.

There he was, just laying there, sweet and innocent and completely unattainable. Noah thought he looked like an Angel when he slept. I sound like a ridiculous schoolgirl, Noah scolded himself, I know Cody's straight. Beside, I have a boyfrien back home, so why bother? As he lay there, he thought about Joey-- his boyfriend back home. Joey had been with him through so much, always there to help him and protect him. And Noah loved him. He didn't need some straight guy to ruin his relationship....
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posted by DxCForevs
Dear Diary

so today i was going on a tarikh with gwen, after her brake up with duncan i asked her out
when i got to the tarikh place she was Ciuman a girl.....
and it was leshawna!
i ran in fright, just to notice it was raining!
so i sat on the corner of the road dripping wet
crying, i looked a mess, then i saw noah
i shouted to him
he looked at me then he ran over
"are u ok" he berkata i shook my head
he sat seterusnya to me and smiled, then held my hand.

"lets get anda home" he said, i had never saw him like this....

atau holding my hand, so we walked home
then he........ kissed me

then i pushed him out the door in shock :\

from shocked
A – Again

It was late and the ex-contestants, plus Sierra, were settling down to fall asleep. Some of them had already gone to get for help while everyone else stayed sejak DJ and his mama's bus. A few were already asleep. Actually, only Cody, Sierra, Ezekiel, and Noah were asleep. There was a snicker. Everyone turned to look at Duncan, wondering what he was laughing about.

"Look at the two nerds," he said, still chuckling softly. He pointed to Noah and Cody. When everyone looked to where he was pointing, a few lebih people snickered.

Cody had his arms behind his head and was leaning against the...
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Sierra and Noah are fighting
sierra: NO U DIE!
cody: STOP IT
sierra and noah: yes sir!
cody: O.o
cody: noah im not gay so plz dont Ciuman me, sierra ur a werido leave me alone!
noah runs off
cody: noah i didnt mean i didnt want to be friends
everyone: hes gay
-------------- with noah and cody ----------------
cody: noah i like u as a friend u have to understand that!
noah: i know but it was like so-
cody kisses noah
noah: u berkata ur not gay
cody: i was cheering u up now come in partys on!
noah thinking: i Cinta u 2
-------------- at night --------------------------
They had a party and noah went to katil in codys bed(they are roommates)
cody: noah?
noah didnt wae up
cody: noah?!?
cody: ok then
cody gets in katil with noah
After Izzy had berkata the immature thing she berkata and after Noah and Cody blushed and all that
Izzy said: “Anyway’s! anda guy’s need to come see this! I caught a squirrle! “
Noah was pissed now: “Get out Izzy!!!”
Izzy: “Bu-“
Noah and Cody yelled: “Get out!!!”
Izzy: “Fine! You’re loss!” Izzy then closed the door and ran out.
Noah sighed and kept looking at the ground: “Well…you want some music?”
Cody: “Noah. Answer my question, who was the person that anda were in Cinta with?”
Noah paused: “…Like anda care…” He stood up but Cody grabbed his wrist making Noah look...
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posted by Dramatic-Teller
Noah finally woke up from A LOT of hours of sleep, he looked at the clock: 3:04 P.M.
He looked to his left…Cody was still sleeping…Noah thought: “I should wake him up…neh. I’m gonna take a shower.”
Noah got up and passed Cody’s katil then walked into the bathroom which was attached to his room.
About 24 minit later Cody was rested enough to hear the pancuran, pancuran mandian running, Cody yawned and sat up on his katil then stretched. Then the pancuran, pancuran mandian shut off. Cody stood up from his katil in his ice-blue pajamas and walked into the bathroom and brushed his teeth and gargled. After he was done he looked...
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posted by DxCForevs
Cody: ZzZz.......ZzZz.
Athena: CODY!!!!!
Athena: Get yo lazy butt up!
Cody: Its a saturday.
Athena: Yeah but, Dont anda wanna clean up, Noah's coming over right?
Cody: I tiyded up yestruday.
Athena: O.o
Athena: O.O
Cody: Ok over the top..............
Ding Dong!! Ping Pong!!
Athena & Cody: I'll Get It!
Courtney: Oh dont worry its open!
Cody: Huh??????????????????????????
Courtney: CODY!?!?!?!?
Athena: Yar
Courntey: Bloomin hell??!!
Athena: Ok
Ping Dong!! Ding Pong!!
Noah: Why is it open??
Cody: Errm, Athena.

posted by Raven9087
Codys Prov:

I was so glad I was off that island and Im glad Noah lived right down the jalan from me cuz we were really close and all and we gaved each other our addresses and cell numbers. Now tht school was starting I could call him to ask him wat classes he got
Cody:Hey Noah its Cody did u get ur classes yet??
Noah:Yah My homeroom teacher is Mr.Martenez
Cody:Me to
Noah:So tht must mean were in the same classes then huh
Cody:Yepp I g2g cloths shopping txt u l8er
Noah:K bye

Noah Prov:

Im so glad me and Cody are in the same classes cuz I like him but I couldnt tell him tht atau else he will...
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posted by nocolover4evr
“Then, we’re all gonna party,” Geoff told all of the ex-contestants, and Sierra.
“I’ll go with anda Geoff,” Justin berkata to him.
“Are anda going to go?” Cody asked his best friend (and boyfriend) Noah, but everyone was focused on Katie, Sadie, and Geoff asking Bridgette to come with him, so they didn’t hear Cody’s question, and better, Noah’s response.
“No, are you?”
“I was thinking about it-,” but he was cut off sejak Noah grabbing his arm, as if he was afraid that Cody would leave him.
“Don’t go Cody. Don’t leave,” Noah stared Cody right in the eyes, and anda could...
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Noah was Membaca his book on the plane as they flew to wherever Chris decided to take them today He coulden't get into his book to much because of everyone yelling and making alot of noise. Chris decided that everyone would get to sit in first class today just because he felt like it. Personally he would have rather been sitting anywhere but where he was because of all the noise But at least he got to be in the same room as Cody. Noah always had a thing for Cody but never told him because that just wasn't how he was he never spoke of his feelings. Now everyone was just annoying him especially...
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Warning: RATED T for Sexuality/Romance and Angst

Noah just sat there, on his katil looking at the covers...confused. 'What the hell happened last night?' He thought to himself.

Cody and Noah were both sitting on Cody's katil in his suite, watching the movie 'Far From Heaven' on the T.V.
Noah reached for the popcorn in the bowl on Cody's lap, at the same time that Cody was doing as well. Noah accidently grabbed Cody's hand...he couldn't let go...
They looked at each-other, their faces were just inches away.
Noah started to lean forward, so was Cody.
Noah turned his head slowly to the left,...
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PART 7!!!! So, I Cinta making these! ^u^ I kinda think that school might not keep me from updating this after all! Then again....I could be terribly wrong. o_o Anyway, I'm gonna stick with Noah's P.O.V. sor a bit, but then I'm gonna switch to Cody's....maybe. Anyway, please enjoy!

Warning: This has mention of drug abuse. It may frighten the kiddes, so please be careful.


*Noah's P.O.V.*

I actually stayed asleep in the quiet cabin, that is, until I heard the kabin door open and close. I opened my eyes slightly to see only...
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posted by koalagirl9
Written in Noah Pov
I sit in central park alone on a cool spring day.When i here a voice.
Hi Noah. The voice says.
Cody looked so good..I really liked him but i couldn't let him know.He's no homo. I stare at him hes not even wearing shirt.I go over to the wishing well grab some spare change and hope my wish comes true as it falls.

I threw a wish in the well.Don't ask me i'll never tell i looked to anda as it fell and now your in my way.I'll trade my soul for a wish pennys and dimes for a Ciuman i was'nt looking for this but know your in my way.
Your stare was holding ripped jeans skin was menunjukkan hot...
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posted by neonwalflower
Cody's P.O.V

Today's the day...

Today's the day...

"Ok Cody get your act together! It's been 3 years already. Now I think it's the right time to tell Gwen anda Cinta her. Yeah ok."

I started to pace back and forth in my hotel room. Chris had us stay 4 lebih days in Hawaii for reasons unknown but I think it was just so he could film us before we left for good. Yup that's right the old cast is being booted for the newbies! I couldn't be lebih pysched. Tomarrow was the hari we were leaving and tonight was a dumb dance Chris was forcing us to attend and it's the last time I would...
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posted by ilovevladimir
noah pov:so we had to stay awake for a challenge but on the upside cody was here i couldnt help thinking[i]omg he is so adorable[i]but i couldnt really be with him like i wanted to..."noah ur staring at me again" "oh sorry" but i couldnt help blushing,then i noticed cody was falling asleep [i]he looked like little angel[i] so i went to go lay seterusnya to him and put my arm around him then i smelled his hair[i]he smells so sweet like strawberries[i]he started to cuddle closer to me and then out of nowhere i start Ciuman him!!!i just couldnt control myself!!![i]he even tastes like strawberries[i]...
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The seterusnya morning I woke up to noah in my face just staring at me."uh how long have anda been here"I berkata in a moning voice."Right when everyone feel asleep"noah berkata in a stalkerish kind of voice."Ok bye"I berkata in fear.Well that was the scariest morning ever!All he ever did was stare and talk and finally it happened we had to stay up for ever and ever. When I fell asleep of course Owen farts on me and I wake up confused and stinky why not just put a hefty bag over me! I wake up again in fear.

THIS TIME IT WAS NOAH Ciuman ME but wait I sort of enjoyed it "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH we both screamed. TO BE CONTINUED................