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posted by Will_NolanLover
Personaly, I think Ted Drews Is AWESOME!!!!!!! I LOve It sooooooooo much thats why I created this spot! I always get the chocolate! its my fave ice cream!!!!! It was a Rawak pcture of chesse that i put. I Cinta Chesse!!! From Fosters utama For Imaginary Friends!!!!!! And I Cinta chesse too!!!! My fave is chedder chesse!!!!!! I hope anda have a great time here!!!! What is your fave ted drews ice cream, atau fave kind of ice ceream? What is your fave kind of chesse??? Do any of anda like Avatar?? I Cinta IT!!!!!! SO COOL!!! IT'S ,LIKE, MY FAVE TV SHOW!!!!! sooooo please COMMENT!!!! : )