Tekken Tekken 30 hari Challenge!

nagato821 posted on Jul 20, 2013 at 01:01PM
Do it by Days!

Day 1: Most Favorite Character
Day 2: Favorite Male Character
Day 3: Favorite Female Character
Day 4: Favorite Tekken
Day 5: Favorite Stage
Day 6: Favorite King of an Iron Fist Tournament
Day 7: Favorite Ending Movie
Day 8: Favorite Move
Day 9: Favorite Unique Mode (ex: Devil Within)
Day 10: Sexiest Female Character
Day 11: Sexiest Male Character
Day 12: Favorite Default Outfit
Day 13: Favorite Fighting Style
Day 14: Favorite Costumization
Day 15: Favorite Animal Character
Day 16: Favorite Soundtrack
Day 17: Own Combo of your most Favorite Character
Day 18: Favorite Grabbing Move
Day 19: Favorite Intro
Day 20: Favorite Winpose
Day 21: Favorite Special Tag Winpose
Day 22: Favorite Character Image from Tekken Games
Day 23: Favorite Big Blow (ex: "Avenger" Move from Jin)
Day 24: Favorite 1P Model
Day 25: Favorite 2P Model
Day 26: Favorite Fan Art
Day 27: Favorite Kazama/Mishima
Day 28: Coolest Attitude Character
Day 29: Favorite Devil Character
Day 30: What is the First Tekken you ever played?
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hampir setahun yang lalu nagato821 said…
Day 1: Most Favorite Character

Devil Jin!
 hari 1: Most kegemaran Character Devil Jin!