The Doors The Doors Rekaan Contest !!!

acsummertime posted on Jan 14, 2010 at 11:24PM
Hey Everyone! I just read about these sweet design contests - and I thought I'd share them with you :) Here's the deets:

“It's time for Janis Joplin & The Doors to have their own iGoogle theme! We're offering YOU the opportunity to put your design skills to work and create what could become the official iGoogle theme for Janis Joplin & The Doors. If your layout is chosen anyone and everyone could make it their personalized Google home page!

All themes must be submitted as .zip files containing jpgs: by January 31, 2010, with information including your name, location, age, and best contact. All personal information will be kept private and not used for other purposes besides this contest. The selected theme will be announced February 14, 2010. The winning designer will be acknowledged and credited on the official site of the artist, but may not include a "signature" in the iGoogle theme itself.

Guidelines for designing your iGoogle theme are here: link

You may not, under any circumstances, submit your theme directly to Google.

Please refrain from using copyrighted images in your theme. You may incorporate the artists logo into the theme.

Good luck and happy designing!”

The Doors No balas