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jamesleestanley posted on Oct 27, 2010 at 07:57PM
i'm james lee stanley and several years ago, i recorded a duet cd with my pal, john batdorf (batdorf & rodney) of classic rolling stones songs, rearranged for voices and acoustic guitars, bass and percussion. the recording was well received and even the stones seemed to like it.

last spring i had the opportunity to have lunch with john densmore, and the first words out of his mouth was how much he liked all wood and stones. later during the lunch he told me that if i ever did to the doors songs what i had done to the stones songs that he would play percussion on it. that was all the encouragement i needed.

this time i enlisted as my duet partner, cliff eberhardt (, and we proceeded to rearrange and record a dozen of our favorite doors songs.
then a couple of weeks ago, i got a post from robby krieger, who said the he also enjoyed the all wood and stones cd and he' be interested in hearing what we were doing to the doors songs. i sent him mp3's of all the tunes and he too liked what we were doing and offered to play on the CD. Both John and Robby played on three tunes each and the CD is almost done.

the CD is called all wood and doors and features twelve doors tunes, all done acoustically, with not only john and robby playing on various cuts, but there are guest appearances by timothy b schmit of the eagles, paul barrere of little feat, laurence juber of wings, peter tork of the monkees with scott breadman on percussion and chad watson on fretless bass.

we recorded touch me, people are strange, take it as it comes, love me two times, soul kitchen, crystal ship, strange days, break on thru, riders on the storm, moolight drive, light my fire and the end.

we are in the process of building the all wood and doors website and i wanted to give you all a heads up and invite you to go to the site and listen to the tunes and i sincerely hope that you all enjoy listening to the songs as much as cliff and i enjoyed recording them

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hampir setahun yang lalu HighwayCreature said…
That is fantastic. Best of luck to you and the sales of your album! Meeting John Densmore must of been f'n sweet.
By the by, you should attempt doing an acoustic version of "Not To Touch The Earth".