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The Eleventh Doctor What are your feelings about Matt's departure?

12 fans picked:
I am devastated- i cried loads when i found out!
Very sad.
A little bit upset, that's all.
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I'm ok about it- it's time for a change!
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Over the moon- i can't wait!
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So excited to see that man disappear- i hate him!
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 DW_girl posted hampir setahun yang lalu
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bluehue picked Very sad.:
Matt Smith has been pure joy to behold..magical.
In some ways..this is "devastating," because (gulp) now..won't get to see more of Clara & 11's travels..adventures together. JUST when they were beginning to create their own special dynamic.
I SO looked forward to Matt Smith..each episode..and his ability to make the viewer laugh & cry at the
same time. Mostly good scripts..and stories, but HE & the colorful companions & characters brought them to LIFE. (Thanks for the Pick).
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.
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Amberla picked I am devastated- i cried loads when i found out!:
I broke down in tears when I found out. It's just not what a young woman with insecurity wants to hear about her most trusted hero. The Eleventh Doctor was and still is what colors my day. Ever since I watched the episode where he regenerated, I've died inside because it feels like everything has turned grey-scale. I wouldn't say a depression but it has certainly hit hard. The Twelfth Doctor has been quite a different Doctor. He is good in his own way but I just don't trust him. Maybe I will eventually but for now, I'm waiting for my dear Eleventh... Or should I say Matt Smith... Returns on-screen somewhere else :)
posted hampir setahun yang lalu.