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 Fedorable... Utterly.
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Source: Viria for the art, my editing.
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This The Heroes of Olympus foto contains anime, komik, manga, kartun, and buku komik.

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This is just a part I've always wondered how the chracters of CHB would react to in Son of Neptune so I'm just Penulisan this part....

A perpustakaan wouldn’t have been Percy’s first choice for someplace to visit.

"and anda thought anda had grown on him." Nico snorted looking at Annabeth.

With his dyslexia, he had enough trouble Membaca signs. A whole building full of books? That sounded about as much fun as Chinese water torture atau getting his teeth extracted.

"EXCUSE ME!" Annabeth said.
"All guys are disappointing" Thalia berkata smiling

As they jogged through the lobby, Percy figured Annabeth would...
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