The Heroes of Roma The Child Of Roma

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The First Book to the Heroes of Roma Series

Timeframe- Second book of the PJO Series

Main Charcaters- Sean, Hazel, Dakota, Bobby, Reyna, Jason, Shelby, Gwen,
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Book One
“The Child of Roma”
By Aphroditeskid21
Chapter 1
Birthday Party

I never wanted to be a hero or anyone with special powers or a exciting life I wanted a life that’s normal. But I always new that wasn’t my destiny my mother told me that. I’m Sean Rush and this is my story. I’m 16 and live in Arizona, my mother Kristina has raised me since my father left me when I was a baby. I never knew who he was or why he left me and mother, but I always wanted revenge on him or I resented him. That’s what my shrink says at least, oh did I forget to mention I go to a shrink every Friday after school, Great way to start the weekend, right. So right about the time when I turned 16, stuff started to be weird. I’ll start my story there I guess. It was August ninth my 16th birthday I was there with all my friends, we started the party off with swimming, I like swimming but I do like jumping in the air into the pool a lot more, then after that we ate pizza and drank Pepsi. Then Dancing we danced until like 11:30 at night until the girls went home my best guy friends stayed and chilled with me. Jason Grace he was a 11th grader, he was cool but always seemed odd, then there was Alex and Devon they were in my grade 10th. So we stayed up until 2am or so and played Halo ODST, I was killing them all, they all sucked because I was the only one with the game they all had halo 3 still. Then we Dosed off to sleep. My dream that night was very weird I was in front of this Giant white Cabin it had some weird writing on it Latin maybe, I could read it in my dream though it said B. U. N. K. E. R then write before what the Bunker number it was I was interrupted by a Wolf. It was a Reddish brown wolf looked like it wanted to eat me. Then it whispered.
“Prepare yourself, Everything is about to change. Jason will guide you through”
“ What? How in the hell can you talk to me?” the wolf turned around and started to walk away. Then out of know where it turned around so fast and snapped at me with it’s teeth right next to my face. I woke up screaming and everyone looked at me odd, except for Jason he looked like he knew what was going on.
“ Sorry sorry guys I’m okay just a bad dream” I looked at Jason when I said this with a glare like some how it was his fault and he look at me a apologize face. Odd so I went to bed and dreamed a normal dream, about girls and me with superpower. I woke up and saw that everyone but Jason and me were in the room my mother I guess went to work and Devon and the rest of the guys left early because there parents came and picked them up early. Jason was watching TV then turned to face me and said.
“morning sleepy head, how was your uh sleep” I grumbled out of my bed and yawn and responded.
“it was good after that bad dream” he looked at the TV when I said that.
“well that’s good” he fake smiled at me
“uh whatcha watching, the history channel” he smiled and looked at me.
“yea, there talking about when the Greeks were defeated by the Roman’s” he said with a huge grin. “what do you know about Roman Empire, Sean.” I thought what a odd question but okay.
“umm not that much” he looked down at me finally and said.
“Do you know of the Gods?” he said all seriously.
“uh not really I guess Neptune right and Pluto all the planets right.”
“some are names of Planets, the biggest planet it also the king of the gods”
“Jupiter? Really”
“indeed” he said then looked back at the TV. I always thought Jason was serious and weird but this was very weird so I got up and walked into my room alone. I started to get dressed for school then all of a sudden I heard Jason Scream, but like a battle cry and I heard another noise it was like a animal being killed so I hurried getting dressed and ran into the other room. I saw Jason with a golden sword fighting a dragon in my living room, he was elevating in midair and fighting the dragon. He stabbed it right in the chest and it fell down and turned into a golden dust. Jason ran to me and said.
“Hey you okay? I thought it might of hurt you, well that’s good Lupa would of killed me. He made a hand gesture where he put his hand and swiped it across his forehead. I was to in shock to speak, then like a little girl I pasted out.

Chapter 2
Mr. Browns Dog

When I came to I woke up in my sleeping bad and my house was back to normal and it was like nothing happened and there was Jason sitting on my couch watching, The history channel. Jason seemed like nothing happened, but that’s not possible I new it happened, Right? Yes right it happened so I pretended to not know anything.
“Hey Jason, Morning man I had the strangest dream.” he looked down and said.
“ I would imagine after last nights screams” then looked back up at the TV. He was actually trying to lie to my face about the Dragon thing breaking my house and almost killing us.
“uh right, well yea it was you and me I woke up and said to you the something and then I went to change and then a dragon attacked us and you killed it with your golden sword”. he smiled and then laughed and said
“uh a golden sword cool”
“yea, what you watching, History Channel.”
“yea, there talking about when the Greeks were defeated by the Roman’s” he said with a huge grin, this was exactly like it was before, there is no way it was a dream. I got up.
“I’m going to get dressed be right back, then we can head out for school.” I said and walked away. I actually go dressed this time, then something happened that didn’t happen last time, Devon was here. Devon stepped out of my bathroom in my room and I jumped.
“Devon, man Jason said you left already” he looked tired and out of energy.
“Naw man, I said I was going to take a shower” I looked at him, his hair wasn’t wet there was no indication that he had taken a shower. So I ignored it and got dressed and left with Jason and Devon to school. I lived two blocks from our high school, Phoenix High School was our school, the Phoenix was the mascot, we always lost our basketball games and football games, but we were good outdoors man like archers and fencing. Jason was the best at all these things. He was the best fencer and Archer and rock climber. I beat him in swim, but that’s it. We finally got to school, me and Devon went to Latin class with Mr. Brown and his pet dog that always sat in class. Jason went to gym and looked at me very worried or scared, then he left. That was weird I thought then Mr. B’s Dog barked at me and it never has before but It barked at me and then barked at Devon. I thought this Is a weird day. Then Suddenly the Dog Attacked me, I pasted out. I dreamed a Wolf and the same wolf from my dream last night. It turned into Mr. B’s dog then morphed back to the wolf. It spoke to me again. Trust your senses be good young one and trust Jason not Devon.”
“what are you taking about” I was so confused trust Jason not Devon why?
“you have to trust your sense’s you are one of the Big Three Sean” then the wolf charged towards me and tried to attack I charged instead of running away and let my instincts take over. I charge the wolf and THEN!

Chapter 3
Devon the Big Brown Furry Monster

I woke up to Devon leaning over me, I was in the middle of the football field now. Devon was different. Devon now had Fur like a Bigfoot creature or bear, he also had hooves instead of feet, his face was deformed now. In a dark voice he said.
“Get up Halfblood” I didn’t know what he meant by that but I complied.
“Umm Halfblood? What’s that suppose to mean” I said his face got amused.
“you don’t know HA HA” he started chuckling I interrupted his laughing.
“What don’t I know” he stopped laughing and looked at me.
“who your father is, you don’t know yet, And they thought you were a threat HA HA” I got furious, I was a threat to what I didn’t know but I’m threatening damn it.
“what are you?”
“I’m a Satyri Nesi” he said sternly
“Uh okay, what the hell is that and who am I threatening” he looked at me and got a Madding face.
“Wouldn’t you like to know, Soon Pandora will kill all of you Halfbloods.” Then suddenly he threw a punch at me I dodge rolling onto the ground and then saw a golden sword. It was Jason he busted through the door and pointed his sword at the beast. He stood still and Confident and said.
“ I am Jason Grace son of Jupiter, Prepare to be Monster Dust” Devon pulled out a branch sword, and Jason slashed at him then the monster was hit by the tip of Jason’s sword the monster was melting a gold dust, and the last words were.
“Soon The Box Shall be open” Adrenaline rush came to me I was about to tip over.
“What was That, why are you so calm and your son of Jupiter what’s that mean.” I was feeling overwhelmed, I couldn’t process it.
“That was a monster, my Father is Jupiter and because I have Trained for this” he said so seriously. “Follow me.” I followed him. “ How much do you know about Roman Mythology Sean” he asked this in my dream.
“The Roman gods like Neptune and Artemis and Juno I don’t know them all man” I complained.
“Artemis is Greek but yes Neptune, and Juno are Roman” Then it hit me, the biggest planet it also the king of the gods”
“Jupiter? Really”
“indeed” Jason and me had that conversation early he was son of Jupiter King of the Gods.
“Jupiter is Your dad? Then that means your dad’s a god” he looked at me like I just finished a giant puzzle.
“and soon we will find out who your father is but we have to go to your mother and tell her it’s time for you to go to The Eternal City”. I thought I’m not leaving my mother.
“The Eternal City? Where’s that?”
“can’t tell you yet but I can tell you this You are a Demigod, or oracle told us about you and said you will be a great hero” he grabbed my shoulder and gave me a brotherly feeling. He told me to go back home and talk to my mom about this, and said that she might know who my father is. We walked together down the block and enter my home to”.

Chapter 4
The Truth

I walked into my house with Jason to find my mom cooking in the kitchen. She was cooking eggs and bacon for her breakfast before work I was assuming. Jason asked my mom if there was enough for both of us and I slapped the back of his head, giving him a forget about the food, look.
“Mom, who was my father” she immediately stopped what she was doing and sat down on the kitchen table.
“Sean, your father was a great man but I don’t know where he is and who he was” the same answer as usually. But this time I wasn’t taking it.
“Mom, I know that my Father was a God” I said very quietly and lightly. Her eyes widened and she took a deep breath and said.
“How, Did you tell him Jason, Is it time?” time for what? I thought.
“Yes I told him two monster came after him today” he said like it was no big deal but my mom thought differently.
“WHAT!, when was this” my mother freaked out and stood up all dramatically. Jason told her about the Dragon and Devon. She was a little mad that Jason didn’t know about Devon sooner but Jason said he wasn’t a Protector he can’t sniff out monsters like regular Protectors which were supposed to be Fauns. When the Oracle told them that I was Special and was meant to be a Great Hero the sent the Best fighter to pick the Hero up, and that’s me.
“So why I am so Special” I said
“I don’t know, most likely you will have a quest soon or your Father could be very powerful, maybe both”
“hmm, so mom you really don’t know who my father is” she turned away and walked into the other room she said just a minute. She came back with a picture of me and my father and my mother I was a baby it was right after my birth. And in her other hand was a Coin with Latin on it, “Greatest Hero” it said with a Face on it and the other side a Man and his son with a lighting bolt down the middle. Jason looked at the picture more then the coin he look at the coin and quickly looked away, I think he knows something he doesn’t want to tell me.
“Sean this is a Picture of your father” she said lightly like she hoped this day wouldn’t come. The guy was tall, handsome, had a beard and a serious face. He was smiling and holding me happily, like he won the lottery.
“ I don’t know what his god name is but his name here on earth was Julius” my mother said.
“hmm, okay so when do I get to go to The Eternal City, Jason”.
“I’m not sure I guess I’ll be right back”

I walked away from Sean and his mother to Iris message Lupa and tell her to go the Wolf house to test Sean. I pulled out a printed picture of a Rainbow and tossed the drachma toward it and said.
“Lupa, The Eternal City” I waited patiently and saw the image appear and there Lupa was.
“Child what is it, is the package ready for delivery” she joked
“Yes Lupa, I’ll bring him to the wolf house right away”
“you have done well child, Bring him immediately, I will be waiting.” the image disappeared.


When Jason left my mother spoke.
“Sean, I know what happens next, you will be tested to see if you are strong” her face full of concern. I hugged her.
“I will make it mom and will be back here visiting, ill show you mom” I smiled, she fake smiled back at me and said
“Sean, your father gave this to me for you, it’s a powerful weapon he said and perfect for you” she pointed the coin and I thought what are you talking about it’s a coin. Jason came back into the room and said.
“We have to go, It’s time Tina” he said to my mom. She hugged me reassure and said
“Remember what I told you, trust your instincts.” and with that we Left and took Jason’s car and headed North.
Three hours later and we were pulling into a park walking up to a Huge Mansion, with a gateway in front that said in Latin “Wolf House”. I walked into the House and was ready for my test.

Chapter 5
The Test

“Go in” Jason ordered with a very serious face, the most serious I’ve seen yet.
I walked into the Wolf House alone feeling confident and concerned. The first thing I saw what a picture of a Wolf with two baby’s sucking on the Wolf’s nipples. Weird was the first thing that came to mind. The a Growl came from nowhere I looked around looked up the stairs nothing so I walked around. I saw another statue of a goddess naked with a bow and arrow it was bronze and very well done. Then another Growl I followed It to another room where there was a Wolf, not a Wolf Statue a Wolf. The wolf was staring at me and growling silently.
“Child, Who am I” I immediately thought you’re the wolf that scared the crap out of me in my dreams. Then it came to me, Lupa the statue over there feeding the baby’s.
“Lupa” I said as confident as ever.
“hmm, interesting many don’t know of my name, impressive child but are you as strong as smart”
“Yes Lupa” I said with a military attitude I felt ready for my test, at least I thought I did.
“Goood, you will have three test here, Child. Test one face a easy monster alone” then in the corner of my eye I saw a door open. I saw a Lion with super sharp teeth and way bigger then a actually lion. So I pulled out my coin and flipped it. Then there was a Golden sword in midair, I caught it and waited. The lion came out and growled then spat out fire. Lupa then shouted “Fight!”. The Beast charge as soon as Lupa barked out her Order. I ran towards the Lion thing and it began. I ran towards the beast it shot fire right at me. I ran and slid right under the fire and was directly under the beast. I stabbed the beast right under it and ripped out it’s heart. The monster turned to dust.
“AHH! What’s next Lupa” I showed off the heart and smiled arrogantly. Lupa smiled in a amused way.
“the next Test child is going to be much of a challenge but I think only you can handle it” uh oh I thought. “send out the Hippoi Diomedios”. I knew what that was I learned it in mythology class. Four man-eating horses owned by the Thracian King Diomedes. Heracles was sent to fetch them as one of his twelve labors to the gods. I waited for it to appear. Then it came out and it looked mad it look at like a fat kid does with cake. Lupa Barked again “FIGHT!” it started again. I charged the beast, the horse flew up and shot back down towards me and kicked me right in the gut. I thought my rib was broke. I still charged it, it came down for another kick but I grabbed the leg as soon as it shot toward me. I climbed the top and screamed.
“FOR ROMA!!!” I stabbed the horse and it screamed in pain and fell to the ground and I fell with it. I fell right on the rib that was most likely broken and it hurt really bad. Lupa Growled, I thought she was saying stop whinnying baby.
“get up Child, one last test” I stood up strong.
“lets do this” I said weakly
“very well, your last test is me, you must defeat me.” she smiled amused
“Very well lets begin” I tried to sound confident but I was wounded and tired, there was no way I could win this.
“FIGHT!” she ran towards me and tackled me to the ground she tried to bit me but I punch her right in the snout, she whined in pain. I slashed at her but she jumped up and clawed my left she with three little cuts bleeding from my face.
“come on, hero haha” she was toying with me. But I heard a man’s voice in my head
“Sean, you must stab not slash son” I listened to my father and tricked Lupa. She came at me and I faked a slash and stabbed her right in her side. She whined again and then tackled me and bit my right hand, I dropped my sword.
“you are very strong, Son of the Elder three for certain, you are welcome into my army Child Haha” she got off me.” Come Jason will be happy you passed.
“where are we going, Lupa” I said very weakly.
“to the City of course you passed you are worthy” we walked out side and I saw Jason there sitting down waiting for Lupa and I.
“Jason, grab on we shall go to the city through me” he groaned and said
“what about the car Lupa” she smirked
“ I said grab on Jason, you to child” then we twisted through time and space and we were in front of a Giant Gateway. On top it said in Latin “The Eternal City” through the gateway was many children younger the oldest one I saw was about my age 16, 17. I saw 14 bunkers and a The Colosseum and a Leaning Tower of Pisa and much more I was excited to see it all.

Chapter 6
The Eternal City
When I first arrived at the City I thought it was cool. Jason showed me around he showed me the Rock Climbing wall that randomly shots arrows at you and spikes shoot out of the walls, it was sweet. Then there was the Arena, it was a exact replica of The Colosseum in Italy. Then there was a Mercury Store and Leaning Tower of Pisa like in Italy, that was the eating lounge I guess. Then Jason shoed me the 14 Bunkers, they were all colored and decorated differently and in a giant U shape. Jason said the 12 Olympians and 2 minor god bunkers one for girl, one for boys.
“Which one is mine man?” I said with excitement.
“Sorry man I’m not sure who your dad is but you can stay in my cabin if you like there’s lots of room, Bunker 1” he pointed towards his bunker. It was a huge temple it had a eagle in the dead center of the top. It was white and gold and Enormous, I’m sure there was room for me.
“Thanks man, so when do I find out who my daddy is?” I said Jokingly and then the sky Rumbled.
“Sorry dad, don’t joke around with the gods man they get mad sometimes” Jason said.
“oh my bad, so umm anyways, when do I get to know who my father is?”
“I would guess tonight around the camp fire man, if not soon”
“okay sweet, so can I put my stuff in your cabin now or later” he looked down and grabbed one of my bags for me and said.
“come on man lets go” he smiled and walked towards Bunker one, I followed. We walked up the stairs and into the bunker and first thing I saw was a statue of a man with a eagle on him it was also gold and white, It was cool looking. Two hours later. It was dinner time now and getting dark we walked up into the cafeteria (which was Leaning Tower of Pisa) and saw that it was Pizza night, SWEET!.

Chapter 7

Jason and I were in line for the Pizza, then I saw her. She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She had black hair, golden eyes and cute innocent face. Her eyes color would freak most out but I thought It was hot, she was in the other line for a salad, I wonder who she is. Jason saw me staring.
“that’s Hazel” He said amused at my staring.
“Ohhh, Hazel, Daughter of mmmmmmm…..”
“Daughter of Nox Goddess of the night” he said laughing as if I didn’t have a chance.
“why Is that funny” he smiled, then walked forward and grabbed his Pizza.
“Because Nyx girls rarely date, they like bad boys not umm preps, haha” I was angry but he was just busting my chain.
“we will see about that” I walked over to her, she looked at me like I was crazy.
“hi may I umm join you” I smiled, she smiled back and looked at her friends, her friends nodded in sync.
“sure why not, you are?”
“I’m Sean, nice to meet you
“I’m Hazel, Daughter of Nyx, you new here?”
“yea I umm don’t know who my dad is yet”
“oh so it’s your dad that’s the god, well do you like swimming?” she seemed interested I wondered why Jason laughed at the idea.
“umm yes I do, do you?”
“no no I’m not small talking I’m trying to figure out your God parent”
“oh umm okay then Swimming who’s that god”
“Neptune so not him, uh Flying sound cool”
“umm yes but I don’t see what that has to do with anything”
“Jupiter lord of the sky, Zombies cool?” she was trying desperately.
“Uh Lupa said I most be a child of the Elder Three, soooo” everyone Gasped.
“What, I was joking around with my friends you’re a child of the Elder three, Which one.”
“I Don’t know, Jason said I most likely will get claimed tonight at the camp fire.” the looked at Jason alone at Table one.
“hmm, maybe Jason knows” she was playing the idea with herself.
“no Jason came and got me out of school and brought me here, he’s my friend he would tell me” she seemed doubtful. But then they talked about troubling news.
“did you guys hear about Gwen, she went on the quest anyway” one of Hazels sisters said.
“what quest and who’s Gwen” they all looked at me like I was a ass for interrupting but Hazel looked at me with a gleaming eye.
“he’s curious is that a bad thing, Sean Gwen is daughter of Minerva goddess of Wisdom she snuck out of camp and went on a quest when Lupa said no to her” I thought not smart to get on Lupa’s bad side. “her boyfriend Bobby went with Reyna and she got jealous and left with them” she looked sad that her friends were gone. I didn’t really know this girl but I didn’t like seeing her upset.
“hey I’m going to talk to Jason and ill see you later at the Camp fire tonight” I could of swore I saw her eyes light up at the word “Night” in tonight. I walked over to Jason and sat down.
“So how’d it go” holding in a laugh
“it was great, I made a new Friend” he looked at me like I was crazy.
“well I never really talked to her, she always talked to my Gwen though, maybe she’s not so bad, I shouldn’t of judged sorry” he looked like he was seriously sorry so I didn’t nudge it.
“so when’s this campfire going to start” then we heard a Conch horn.
“right now come on lets see if we can figure out who you are” he smiled and we left the Pisa. We went out side first thing I see is ton of kids around this Giant fire pit and laughing and dancing to music, the guys playing the music were Fauns with pipes and drums like the ones on the discovery channel that old of Drums. Then Lupa came out.
“HEROS!” Everyone immediately shut up and listened. “I have a surprise for you tonight, we will have Capture the Flag tomorrow and for tonight entertainment we have Sean” everyone looked around and was wondering who I was. “SEAN COME!!!” I walked up to Lupa and then random people started shouting “Whos He?” “Whos Cabin does he Belong to?” Then Lupa gained back Control. “QUEIT!!!!, …. Sean here is a new camper, he has initiation tonight” she smiled. “in the Arena and we all will watch, I’m sure you love watching initiation since we all have went through it.” everyone Cheered and lifted me up into the crowd I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad initiation process.

Chapter 8
The Crowd carried me to The Colosseum for my initiation. Jason was in the back of the group and he wasn’t smiling he was emotionless, face of stone. I was scared looking at Jason that way.
“It will be Okay I promise” Jason mouthed at me. So I knew it was bad now I had to fight a bad monster I was guessing but what did I know. Then I noticed something on all of them, it was a Tattoo “SPQR” I had no idea what I meant, but I was guessing it was a honor code or something. Jason had “SPQR” and a eagle and lines below the eagle and letters. Lupa leaded me into the middle of the Arena and everyone was Cheering and Yelling.
“Child, You most Fight our 14 Praetors and last for 3 minutes without dying” I Flipped my Coin and turned it to a sword.
“BRING IT ON” I Shouted
“They Shall bring it” Lupa said amused of my slang. Then out of Nowhere I saw a 14 kids running towards me, including Jason.
“Jason, wait I can’t fight you” he swung at me with his sword, I deflect it.
“Sorry Sean, the only way I can help is if you were in my Cabin and well no one ever is” he said sadly I seemed like he wanted a brother or another sibling.
“I’m sleeping in you cabin does that count.” I joked. He slashed at me, I rolled over and got back up and then this bald dude tried to stab me and I deflected it and elbowed him in the face, he fell down unconscious. Then a girl lunged at me and I jumped over her sword and kicked her in the stomach, she fell over and I kicked her sword away. Right when I kicked her sword away from her, Jason Kicked me and I fell down. I slashed at him and he jumped over my sword and landed on it. He picked me up and then something Crazy happened. Lighting struck down on me and Jason and we both Flew. I landed on the dirt and I saw my sword was gone, it must of took flight when the lighting struck. I got up and ran and took that sword I kicked from the girl earlier. I charged Jason who was perfectly fine from the strike, DUH dad’s Jupiter. Then I got tackled by someone, Hazel she was smiling and tried to stab me.
“Hey, Sean sorry about trying to kill you and all.” she stabbed at me again. Man is she hott. Even when she was trying to kill me I still was attracted to her. Jason pointed his sword to my throat.
“GAME SET SEAN HAS WON” Lupa looked at me with worry and left immediately.

Chapter 9
The Campfire

After I won the game, Jason came up to me and shook my hand.
“good job man not a lot of people can defend themselves and take offence without any training, sorry about your sword though.”. I forgot, my sword when lighting hit Jason and I it blast it and surd through the sky and was gone. I was walking out of the Arena, but I wasn’t done yet. I saw Lupa and Jason and some other guy holding wood and Jason holding a metal brand pole, Uh oh.
“Boy you are now one of us and get the Brand of the Roman’s, it truly is a Honor.” I pretend to be excited but I knew this was going to hurt like hell. I got on my knees and was getting ready for my burn. Jason was holding the pole next to the fire the just started. Then Jason was done he took it out of the fire.
“Sean, we mark thee a Brave a Powerful Warrior.” he pressed the pole against my shoulder and I screamed in pain. It was the most painful thing I ever went through.
“The Eternal City TAKES THEE!!!” Jason shouted and stopped pressing the pole to my skin. I looked at my shoulder I had the SPQR as the rest of them.
“Senatus Populusque Romanus” Jason shouted, and the crowd went crazy cheering. Lupa walked away and went to her Bunker I think. I got up and put my hands and the air and screamed in joy. I walked out of the Arena with Jason and went his Bunker and got ready for the fire. After I got dressed me and Jason went to the fire. I back there and there was Hazel that one guy that was holding the sticks, Lupa and Jason and I. most people went to bed. The fire was dying down and it was late.
“Hey, congrats on the victory” hazel said
“thanks for almost killing me” I said jokingly
“well I guess it is getting late, I guess we won’t know who dad is today” I was disappointed that my father still hasn’t claimed me, but he’s a god he must be busy.
“yea, I sure soon though” Hazel said very hopeful
“yea well I guess it’ll happen soon”
“yea sorry about your sword, it was cool”
“yea it was pretty cool, my dad gave it to my mom to give to me when I was ready, I’m sure going to miss it”
Then all of a sudden a lighting bolt shout down from the sky and into the fire pit. In the pit now was a letter and my Sword on top of the letter. The letter was a gold letter with a Lighting bolt stamp on it. Jason standing in shock, Hazel in a gaze as well, Lupa looked up to the sky and nodded whatever that meant. I walked up to my sword and grabbed it. The electrify from the sword went through my veins and surged around my body. I then picked up the letter and opened it.
“Do not lose this again my Son, Good luck on your quest and Be careful, P.S tell your brother Jason that I love him as well as yourself” is what the letter said. Jason is my brother?, my father is Jupiter? I handed the letter to Jason and stood still in shock. Jason handed the letter to Lupa and she spoke.
“Hail Sean, Child of Roma, Son of the King Jupiter” Lupa kneeled and so did everyone else in the area.
Chapter 10
Capture the Flag

A wave of Emotions came over me with this news. Jason was my brother, it was cool and weird. I have powers, well it’s cool but with great power comes great responsibility. Jason came over to me in shock still.
“Sean, were brothers” he hugged me. “that’s sweet man, good thing we packed you into our Bunker” it sounded weird for him to say “our Bunker”.
“Yea, right” still in shock. Me and him went to our Bunker and I dropped on my pillow and fell asleep right away. But my dream wasn’t exactly peaceful either. I was in this temple very old maybe 14th century or so not sure but there was a black box dead center and on a white column podium. I stood there just staring at the Black box with very weird writing at the side. I slowly creeped up to the box to get a better look at it, I was interrupted. When I was walking to the box a woman walked into the room. She was wearing a black dress and was pale blonde woman, maybe 58 in height.
“Very good Sean now just open the box” she said with a very convincing voice.
“what’s in it” she looked at me sweetly, trying to sway me into her biding.
“no one knows” she turned around and walked away. “Oooooppppennn Ittt” she said and walked away. I felt this urge to open it up that’s when my dream cut off. I woke up felling drained and in pain, most likely because I fought all day yesterday. I woke up seeing Jason kneeling and speaking to the statue of our father. He stood up and noticed I had woke up.
“hey bro, ha bro, but good morning” I think he was really happy to have a brother in this big cabin.
“hey man bro, haha what we doing today man” he smiled at bro.
“Capture the Flag since there’s two Jupiter kids now our team will win” I wondered what teams were.
“so umm who V.S who” he looked down
“our alliance is Jupiter, Mercury, Apollo, Vulcan, Hecate, then the opposing teams are Bacchus, Venus, Mars, Minerva, and the rest of the Minor Gods.” so I had to fight Hazel, man I wanted to be not trying to kill her.
“Sean your going to need a shield, come on lets head over to Vulcan’s Bunker and see what they got for you” I got up and got dressed and followed Jason to this Bunker made out of complete metal, it was Badass. They had a giant table out for people to stock up on there weapons. Jason went up to this kid, he was small had black hair and looked Polish Irish, he had Blonde hair and Justin Bieber face.
“Hey Scotty, you got something for my brother Sean, Were looking for a shield.
“Hey I’m Scotty, nice to meet you Sean, I think I can help you out” he seemed cool.
“Thanks man, I ah appreciate it” I could see myself being friends with this guy. Scotty and Jason and I followed him into this Metal shed next to the Bunker. He came out with this Beautiful Gold shield, it was Epic.
“This is a Golden shield forged a couple years ago, I think it would fit nice for you.” he handed it to me. I took it and It fit perfect and the weight wasn’t to much either. I shook Scotty’s hand.
“thanks man this will come in handy for today I think.” I smiled and so did he, we stopped shaking hands.
“Yea, Jason and I have been waiting for a win, Minerva always have plans and I’m sick of it, we need to win” I nodded in agreement
“Well I think that me and Jason can bust some heads and clear a path for someone to grab the flag and run like hell.”
“Good idea, we will bring it up at the meeting In 30 minutes, see you there Scotty” Jason said and we left.
“there’s a meeting in 30 minutes, who’s in charge of this meeting”
“Well me, it’s in our Cabin the Dinning room is where we have them” that’s why the dinning room table was enormous. “Oldest child of the most Powerful God and that’s me, but anyway lets go to Hecate’s Bunker and see if Jimmy can get that shield into a tattoo or something.” What is he talking about turning my Epic shield into a tattoo. We walked over to a Bunker that was plain no decorations or anything, guess that’s because it was the minor gods cabin.
“Hey Jimmy what’s up man” Jason and Jimmy hugged
“not much bro what can I do for you and ahh Sean right”
“Right” I nodded
“Well Sean here is my little bro and I was wondering if you could do a little magic for us and turn this shield into a object like our Coins” Jimmy nodded like no big deal.
“I got something better then a coin, I think ill turn it into a ring, put your shield here man: I put it on the table and he waved his hands around it and it turn into a small golden ring, I slipped it on and it fit perfect like magic, Ha like magic.
“ clench you fist and it should pop out” I did as he said and it worked my Epic shield was out and I un clenched my fist and it went away.
“Sweet man thanks” I hugged Jimmy.
“Have a good one Jimmy see ya in 10 Right?”
“Yea man I’ll be there” we walked away and entered our cabin and set up chairs for our meeting in now 5 minutes, Then people started arriving. First one here was a girl she had Blonde hair like the sun and her name was Dakota, Daughter of Apollo Jason told me. Then the next was bald dude from last night Son of Mercury and his name was Tommy. The next was Jimmy from Hecate Bunker. The last one was Scotty from the Vulcan Bunker. We then began the Assembly.
“This meeting is now assembled, now Praetors we can begin” Jason said with leadership in his tone of voice. “this is Sean Son of Jupiter and my Right hand man” some looked stunned at this news.
“Hello, I have a idea to pass through you guys” I said looked and Jason and he nodded for encouragement. “so me and Jason run in and bash heads straight for the flag” the looked at me like I was cocky. “while we distract them we have the Mercury guys come in from the sides and get the flag, while the Apollo people are in the back firing arrows at the enemy, while Vulcan you set up traps with Hecate and Hecate disguises the traps with some illusion magic, Do you think it will work” I was finished, and felt confident that they would agree with the plan. Everyone looked around and at each other.
“I think this plan is Worthy of Minerva herself” Dakota said
“so it is agreed” Jason said
“Agreed” they all said in unison.
“Great, meeting augured” they all left and prepared for the plan. Jason turned to me.
“Great job man, where did you pull that plan out of your head”
“I don’t know I’m smart to a point man”
We got our armor on and left our Bunker and Prepared for battle.

Chapter 11
Blitzkrieg CTF

After me and Jason were ready we headed outside. We saw both teams in front of Lupa who was on a stump in front of the woods. I was on the Red team and the Blue team was all dressed in blue and looked confident, to bad they aren’t prepared for me. Our team looked like weren’t that confident and was wearing all red and one of the Apollo girls had our flags and it looked like a Venus girl had there flag. our teams Trivia and Vulcan were already doing the traps for the game, it looked like a couple of people were gone on the other team to. Lupa Growled and got all of our attentions.
“Legions, huddle in” we all came in closer and listened to Lupa.
“The Rules as always are this, NO RULES!, all magic, all weapons, anything you got use it.” so I could use my powers, how do I do that again. I turned to Jason. He looked so excited and confident or cocky I didn’t know. I decide to not ask how to use my powers, ill figure it out on my own.
“RUN!” Jason ordered. Both teams ran in different directions of the woods, to our bases.
“3” as I was running I heard Lupa still growling out orders.
“come on Sean” Jason said while running in front of me
“1” we arrived at the base as she said it.
“BATTLE!!!” And that was it all hell broke lose. Me and Jason Charged in with full might I clenched my fist and my shield turned on. Let me describe the coming out feature. The shield first wraps itself around my arm perfectly and so I can’t drop it then the whole shield raptly turns itself into a shield like a clock telling time but super fast. Anyway back to the fight. Me and Jason ran toward the enemy. The front line was the Mars kids, for you that don’t know Mars is god of war so a great front line. Jason shot lighting out of the sky right into his Golden sword and shot it right at the enemy.
“Hey, that’s not fair” one of the Mars kids yelled.
“Nothings fair in war, get used to it” Jason sneered back
While Jason was shooting lighting I was charging and slicing the enemy up. I ran into this girl first she had black hair a gold breast plate armor and a gold helmet with a blue horse hair on top. She came at me with full force and stabbed at me I counter it and stomped on her foot and elbowed her in the gut she fell down on the ground and kicked her sword away from her. Then I ran towards the second line. Jason took all the other Mars kids when I was focused on that one. The next look like random minor gods, the boys. I prayed to my father.
“Father please show me the way”
“Focus all your energy on this one blast and it will happen my son” a voice in my head responded. I did so, I focused all my energy on this one blast, unfortunately that didn’t exactly happen. I shot 6 shots of lighting I shot them at the base at the 4th 3rd and 2nd line of the enemy and the enemy literal flew out of there. I fell to my news and felt completely drained of energy and relised why Jason didn’t shot lighting that often. I didn’t black out yet but I couldn’t fight. Then I saw someone get off the ground and charge at me, it was Hazel. That was the last image I saw before I blacked out.

While I was fighting Some Son of Bacchus out of nowhere 6 or 7 lighting strikes happened at once all across the enemy lines. Then I saw Sean fall on his knees and almost black out. How in the hell could he do that and not black out I tried to do three and I blacked right away. I started to run over to him then I saw Hazel run at him. I charged and while charging I saw Sean pass out, Hazel stopped and dropped her sword she wasn’t charging to strike she was charging to help, odd. She lifted up his head and started to carry him to the enemy base, I interfered.
“Give me my brother” Hazel stopped
“No were keeping him captive” she dropped him and grabbed her sword.
“You can’t be serious, you fighting me your no match” then arrows shot at me and she picked up Sean and ran towards her base, damn it I lost my brother in two days im a crappy big brother.

Chapter 11

I woke up in a wooden Bunker with Hazel and two other girls Guarding the exits. I looked around seeing no other exits so I pretend to be still asleep.
“Wow you could have expect another son of Jupiter and right when Bobby and Reyna and Gwen and went on a quest and are missing and stuff, weird.” the girl said to Hazel
“Shelby, your right I don’t know why I think this but, I think he might be the one” Hazel said glumly. What do you mean the one I’m 16 and not ready for true love stuff, then It came to me she meant it like someone that’s important not about love at all. I checked for my coin in my pocket and it wasn’t there. I looked around and finally BING GO there it was on the table next to Shelby. My ring shield was still on me so I was preparing to lunge then something stopped me. I saw the Flag literally right next to me was the blue teams flag. I had to think of something, then it came to me activate my shield then take out the guards before the call a single saying to the other team “hey badass is awake” so I had to be like a ninja. I slowly sat up and creped up on the guard that wasn’t talking and was guarding the back exit. She had black hair and a gothic look to her and had red eyes ,creepy. I unleashed my shield and knocked her out with it. I took her sword and started to do the same with the other guards. Then my brain said to me, “why don’t you take the flag and run out the back exit” not a bad thought but there’s a problem I need my sword which was right next to Hazel. So I creped up on Shelby and did the same thing knocked her out and Hazel sprinted for the alarm, I jumped and tackled her.
“you know your really beautiful” I said with a cute smile, she didn’t exactly have the same feelings, she smiled and then quickly got back focused.
“Get off, Please” she was trying to trick me I new it, like Jason said “Wars not fair, get used to it” advice from my big bro. I got off her and bear hugged her and put her in the prison bars in the back and ran and got my sword and ran back to her.
“Sorry I just want my bro’s team to win for once” I admitted “ I could care less but I want to show everyone here that I’m a threat not a wimp” she looked at me admirably and smiled.
“Well go” she smiled and I took the flag and ran off. I saw two girls with the red flag as I had the blue flag, they were smiling until the saw me. I sprinted towards my side and saw my brother fighting two big ass guys. I came in and knocked them out with my shield from behind.
“thanks bro, you got the flag great lets go” he smiling and ran with me, I saw Jimmy hippie dancing around in the middle of the field with some Vulcan guys. I ran to Jimmy and the guys.
“Jimmy, take the flag run to our base as fast as you can, Apollo should back you up, me and Jason need to get our flag back.” Jason nodded and we ran back towards their wooden base. I saw the red flag in a girl with blonde hair and grey eyes she was smiling and I think she said
“I told you my plan would work, it always does” but I was only reading her mouth I couldn’t be sure.
“Sean, I’m going to charge in while you get the flag from the back entrance Kay” I nodded and we charged. I let Jason distract then I moved in so they wouldn’t notice me coming in. I saw a 12 year old dude with buck teeth and dirty blonde hair guarding so I naturally charged in feeling all badassness and such. I climbed on top of the bunker and dived down and sneaked attacked the boy, he nearly pee his pants haha. I slowly walked in.
“What did you think you do Jason take us all and get the flag, haha” the blonde girl said
“Hey I can take you anyway smarts” she smiled and it was sort of a couple bickering not a war fight. I creeped from the corner and smiled at Jason, I held up a finger count down 3, 2, 1 and I clenched my fist. The sad thing about that was my shield came out and hit me in the face. I shook it off and grabbed the flag and ran for my life, when running out I heard Jason.
“RUN I GOT THIS” so I listened and ran for it. I saw arrows shooting at me but I high tailed out of there. I saw my team cheering when the saw me I guess they haven’t won in two years. This was a sweet victory. I saw Jimmy still with our flag and hippie dancing around it. I saw Scotty high fiveing his fellow Vulcan peps. Dakota was injured and was being attended to by her fellow Apollo people but she seemed happy. Then I saw Jason run up to me.
“WOOOOO!!! After two long YEARS!!! HAHA, Sean you did it” I smiled and hugged my bro.
“NAW MAN WE DID IT” I yell at our team and they picked me up in glory and carried me back to the city.

Chapter 12

After the victory our blue team had a party in the Jupiter Bunker it was the nicest and most biggest it made sense to have it at our Bunker. The red team was invited to come of course. Jason and I got offers to join our alliance against Minerva for the next CTF game. Nox, and other minor gods not like Mars or Olympian Gods. Jason and I told them later we shall discus the matter, I felt cool talking like that haha. WE had dancing in the living room, we had our training room as the fighting space, figures. The kitchen held all the food, and me and Jason’s rooms OFF LIMITS, but not for long. I saw Hazel there in the living room dancing to “Party in the USA, Miley Cyrus” I’ve heard of her but never really liked her. I went over and started dancing with her then the song shifted as soon as we started dancing together. The song change into the slow song by Aerosmith “I don’t wanna miss a thing” so naturally I am a credible dancer, not I sucked I started to walk away, But hazel was the leader in this fight, she grabbed my arms and put them around her waist.
“What, your not afraid of arrows and swords but girls” she teased. So with that I stayed with Hazel. I decide to move my hands my on her back right above her butt instead of the hips. She blushed and smiled as we danced. It was cool I liked Hazel a lot and I could see us going somewhere but not now not the second day of me being at this uh Camp I guess that’s what you call it. I Stared at her Tattoo it had half of the moon and the SPQR logo below it, but she was different it wasn’t on her shoulder it was on her back right below the shoulder, she noticed me looking.
“it’s on my back because I don’t like to remember” I think I knew what she meant the pain was so unbearable when you get the Tattoo. But here I quickly understood the weak aren’t here all of these people are strong. The song ended and we just stood there awkwardly.
“Soooo, umm I’ll be right back” I said very awkwardly, I was nervous give me a break.
“Okay hurry up though” I went up to my room to think this over. Do I really want to have a Girlfriend and have all this already. I was never really into dating and girls at school I would joke around with my friends and take girls to dances but that’s about it. I was lying in my bed when I heard someone walking up stairs which of course was our only rule for people not to do. So I walked out side of my door and there stood a figure a dark figure. It came at me like a hawk and a mouse and tackled me into my bed I reached in my pocket For (GH) but no luck it was on my night stand and my Ring was with Jimmy to fix it after I hit myself in the face. The dark figure was a girl with black hair but I couldn’t see her face I could just tell it was a girl and black hair was falling from the sides of her robe.
“Who are you, What do you want” I said with shaky but Angry voice
“I am The Oracle I need to see you alone.”
“Why did you tackle me, then why not tell me we need to talk like civil people” I said pissed off and very aggressive.
“I see you and another boy being important in a War against the Lord of Time” WHAT! The lord of time and some chick with a black box.
“You and your friends here have a Great Role to play I don’t know what it is but I had to come tell you I don’t know what it means I just get random vibes at times you see” she got off of me and I jump and got my coin and flipped it and this time it was a spear not a sword, CRAP.
“I shall see you after this Party, I will tell you everything I know, Agreed?”
“Yes but-
“No buts after this party come to the cave Next to Neptune’s Bunker under the waterfall and we shall discuss this matter” she walked out and left our Bunker. I went down stairs and trying to find Hazel. I Finally found her, IN MY ROOM! She was talking to a girl with brown hair and was so beautiful.
“Reyna, what’s going on over there” Hazel said. Wait this was one of those campers that went on the quest or whatever.
“Gwen and Bobby are gone I don’t know where they are, I thought they might of gone back to camp”
“No word here since Gwen left to come along, Lupa is Pissed about that By the way”
“Well you get back here and, and well I think there’s this new boy here and he’s so CUTE!” I blushed
“is that so who’s he son of Venus or something”
“NO, he’s son of Jupiter”
“Yea and he’s very cute and sweet and funny and Strong”
“Wow your acting like a total Venus”
“Shut up” she blushed
“Well I go to go good luck on that and tell Lupa everything I told you and well I’m on my way too” she sounded and looked mad when she new she had to come back. I saw her getting up but this was my opportunity to get her not as a girlfriend but we could go on dates and see what happens, Right. She was facing the opposite sight of the door so I ran in and took my blankets and hid myself. I grabbed her
“Wait” I said in a deeper voice
“Sean?” Damn it failed. But I said screw it and kissed her she kissed me back but she was in shock, SWEET I PUT GIRL IN SHOCK WITH MY KISSING HAHA!!!

Chapter 13
Peruses? Peruses Who?

“What was that” Hazel said in shock
“A felling, I can see you didn’t mind” she blushed then punched my arm
“what was that for”
“For scarying me”
“You were in my room without my permission”
“Well I was curious on what the top floor looked like then ahh umm”
“then Reyna called you or hologram you I should say well what was that”
“Iris message, the goddess of Rainbows send messages for gods and demigods”
“Ooohh Kaaayy” I said like really how werid does this Demigod thing get, I had know idea.
“So should we go down stairs” she asked like she didn’t want to, but I had to go meet with the oracle, Hazel looked at me like she new I wasn’t excited for something.
“What’s wrong” she asked me
“I have to go meet with the oracle”
“WAIT, What”
“What’s the Problem”
“well umm nothing just that why do you say that” I told what happened in my room before we kissed.
“Oh I see” like it was a bad thing
“Well it’s just the oracle refused to give Bobby and Reyna a prophecy why you”
“I don’t know but I have to find out” she looked curious and concered
“Okay well just come talk to me after, Promise?” man I hate Promises
“Promise” I said and walked out. I followed the Oracles directions next to the Neptune Bunker and under the waterfall is a cave. I entered the cave and saw candles all around and a bed and purple cloth all around the cave walls.
“Welcome Hero” she said very creepy like
“Hi, so um whats this all about” I sounded weak, not good
“ I have for seen you and another”
“Another?” her eyes began to glow gold like the sun and she spoke like three girls at once
“Yes, Persues and Sean the great Heroes of the gods, they shall over come and Defeat the lord of Times forces” Man this is creep I wanted to leave but I had to be strong and get used to this sort of thing.
“The lord of time?”
“He who is Father to all Gods”
“The Titan King?”
“Yesssss” she said like a snake and her eyes had turn from gold to green to back to normal. She fell.
“ What was that?”
“that wasn’t a Prophecy that was vibe or a feeling or the future just in rymes” she explained
“well who’s Percues”
“I don’t know but it doesn’t matter he shall play his role you play yours and this Lord of Time shall fall I know it” she said like a build up to a basketball game.
“Well what is my Prophecy, what is my Quest” Her eyes turned green again then she took a deep breath and spoke.
“Son of the Sky beware of Hope
The messager’s son will have the boar and the thief
The sun shall light and the doorway will be shown
Arriving in the City with despair and hope”
“Well that sounds Peachy, beware of hope seriously”
“You have heard enough go”
“But wait-”
“NO, Go NOW” she stumbled over like she was out of breath but I left. As soon as I exited the cave Lupa was waiting for me.
“Woah!, hi Lupa how are you”
“Sean, liking it here so far”
“Yes, very much so”
“So, what was the Prophecy and when are you leaving” I told Lupa the Prophecy.
“but I don’t know when I’m leaving” she nodded.
“You leave Wenesday”
“Okay three days”
“And you must pick your two Allies for this quest”
“What do you mean”
“ you must be accomibed by at least two Campers, I recommed a Apollo Son or Daughter”
“ the sun shall light and the doorway will be shown, The Sun”
“Oh Duh” I hit myself in the head. “Well I take Dakota and umm”
“Chose wisely”
“I chose Hazel”
“very well, let them know and report back to me in the morning for now go back to your Bunker and rest, tomorrow we have Legion training, very difficult for a New Solider” she smiled with all her super sharp teeth showing.
“Okay then, Good night” I went to my Bunker and went to sleep, sadly I had my worst dream yet.
I was in a moutain and I saw a guy that was bald and a girl that had blonde hair tied up together on the floor and a blonde hair teenager holding a sword that looked very evil or wrong not natural.
“let us go” the bald dude said like he had the situation under control.
“NO, you will pledge your alligence to Kronos”
“WHY, WHY US” the girl screamed
“You are halfbloods with swords and training very worthy of being in the Army of Time”
“What are you talking about”
“You two need too join Kronos he will kill the gods and take everything back from those greedy punks”
“How Dare you, how can you betray your own parent” the girl said like she was disgusted.
“who’s your dad” the bald kid said still like he was in charge
“HERMES that DISGRASS OF A MAN!!!” he looked like he was going to cry but then he slowly cut the dudes arm, ouch! My dreamed ended with Jason waking me up.
“Dude we got Legion Trianing come on”
“Alright just a sec” Who the hell were those kids and who was that blonde teenage boy.

Chapter 14
Legion Training

I went off with Jason were we went into the Arena.
“Go see Lupa, she will assign you a Legion”
“Alright, what Legion are you in”
“Legion one, I’m kind of the Praetor”
“what is that? And what are we training for”
“Well that means like General or Leader, I’m the Praetor to all Demigods”
“Hmm cool but what are we training for”
“Well, really self defense to protect ourselves from monsters and stuff”
“There’s not a war going on or anything right?” he looked at me like I was crazy or like what the hell are you smoking dude?
“Umm no, there’s no war going on” Lupa walked over to us.
“Umm, see ya you’ll do great bro” he ran over to his Legion
“Sean, I will put you in the ring to see how strong you are”
“Umm what do I do exactly”
“You will fight every Praetor until you lose, and when you lose the person you were defeated by you will be in his or her Legion, Understand”
“Yea I guess so how many Legions are there”
“10, One for each Bunker, including the Fauns Place”
“So whos Legion number 10” she Growled and then everyone lined up and held up there flags that had there legion number on it. I saw 10 and walked over to them.
“Heroes!, Sean needs a Legion so he will face Every Praetor until he loses lowest to highest Legion, Understand”
“YES,SIR!” All the campers said in unison. I pulled out GH and flipped it and it was a sword, Sweet. The Faun was the first I was facing he looked like Devon but less big and didn’t look at me like he was going to kill me. He ran at me and I did something that shocked everyone. I Lighting Strike him and he fell right away and pasted out. Doing one lighting strike didn’t really drain me.
“NEXT!” Lupa Screamed and this girl came out and had a bow and arrow.
“Fight!” Lupa Barked and she pulled out her arrows and started shooting. I fell down and rolled and then I thought of something, Jason could fly he could control winds maybe I can make the arrows go off track. I swerved my hands like I was Anag in Avatar air bender. I Did it I swerved my hand and made the arrow circle around and hit her right in her chest and she fell down and I ran and put my sword to her throat.
“NEXT” a guy came out brown hair and buck teeth and had a sword
“Fight!” We ran at each other and I decide to actually fight without powers. I slashed at him and he deflected he stabbed I stepped back and slammed my foot on his foot and elbowed him in the face he fell over and I put my sword on his throat.
“NEXT” another boy came out I new who he was though it was jimmy, he had nothing in his hand.
“FIGHT” I ran at him with my sword and he spoke in Latin and something tripped me. I fell and the grass was wrapping around me.
“CRAP” I screamed and jimmy start to speak more and It was wrapping around my other leg and growing faster. I had no other option I used Lighting to kill the planets and attack Jimmy. I did so and it worked I ran up to Jimmy Pushed him down and put my sword up to his throat.
“NEXT” Some guy I haven’t seen around the city step forward, he had grape vines around him like his amour was made out of vines.
“FIGHT” He ran at me when I just stood there waiting, honestly I was getting cocky. He was now 2 feet away and last second I side stepped and elbowed him right in the kidney he fell I pointed my sword at him I thought I won, he hit my sword away with his and rolled away. I controlled the winds and made myself elevate in midair about 2 feet off the ground and I flew at him, he ran away and I hit him on the head with the butt of my sword. He fell and I picked him and he was out cold.
“Bring him to the Infirmary, NEXT” it was the one girl guard that kept me captive during CTF.
“FIGHT” she charge at me and I followed she stopped in mid sprint and slid under me and cut my leg. I staggered and still charged. She stood there confident. Last second between us she stepped forward right under my legs and hit me in the Groan, Damn that hurt even with a cup on. I charged her again and waited for her to do the same type of move. She did it she slid under me again with incredible speed and I did something different when she slid I Pushed the wind against her and slammed her into the wall on the other side.
“YEA!!!” I screamed. She got up and put her hands up, she surrendered
“NEXT, Sean this is very impressive.” Lupa said
“Thanks” I saw this Girl stepped forward.
“We surrender” she said and stepped back
“very well Next” I saw Scotty step forward with a grin and had a Hammer in his hand.
“FIGHT” He ran at me with his hammer
“TEMPLUM!” he screamed I don’t know how I new but he said “Open” in Latin. I saw his hammer that was a regular sized hammer turn into a gold sledge hammer with a sword handle, Ah Crap. He charged at me and sung for my knees and I jumped up and flew in the air. I flew at him with full force and speed of the wind. It failed. He swung and hit me right in the stomach I fell down and lost my power. I slowly staggered up and he was pointing his sword at me, I lost.
“AHHH” I shot down TWO Lighting Bolts at him one at his hammer since it was gold it will do double the effect and one at him. HE FLEW at the wall knocking him out and almost me. I have been using to much power.
“Wow, very Good, NEXT UP I think is
“Legion 4” Dakota said and walked forward, Damn it I know she might when this
“FIGHT” she pulled out her bow and arrows and started shooting. She actually hit me right above my tattoo, flesh wound. I was now angry, I charged anyway with a hold in my arm and raised my arm up and it hurt so much but I swung. It was pathetic she dodged and kicked me in the side.
“Come on, Get up” she teased
“AHH!” I screamed and unleased the wind, she jumped in the air and jumped and tried to avoid it but you can’t avoid the wind. She slammed onto the ground next to me and quickly rolled back onto her stomach and started to get up, but I was standing above her pointing GH at her.
“Match”she said sadly
“NEXT” Lupa said a girl came out she had brown hair super long and had a electric spear, doesn’t hurt me I can take lighting, BAM!
“FIGHT” she ran at me and did something I didn’t expect she stabbed her spear into the ground and cabulted herself at me and kicked me into the chest. I fell over and groaned, she pulled out a dagger and came at me. She tried to grab me from behind and put the dagger to my throat but I rolled away quickly.
“STOP MOVING”she complained. I came around and stabbed at her. She defeclted and stumbled back. I took it as a advantage and overwhelmed her with so much offence, she fell over and I pointed my sword at her throat.
“NEXT” Shelby walked forward
“My mother is goddess of Wisdom I know hundreds of ways to kill you Son of Jupiter”
“Well pull em out” I smiled
“I shall”
“FIGHT” she walked towards me and I did the thing that would most likely hurt me, I shot lighting at her. I shot it down and fell down to my knees. I don’t know how but she knew it was coming and rolled away at the perfect moment and kicked me in my stomach and I fell down so tired I couldn’t fight I was Done.
“DONE” Lupa barked and she walked over to me. “Shelby take him to the infirmary he has done well for today he needs rest.” she nodded and pulled me up and dragged me to the Infirmary.
“Well done by the way” she said randomly
“I’m proud for you to be apart of the Second Legion”
“Why is the Minerva Bunker the 2nd Legion shouldn’t be Juno”
“Juno doesn’t have any kids and neither does Diana and Neptune and Pluto, so we don’t count them”
“ oh that that makes since” I said I was falling asleep or dying
“You, okay?”
“Yessss…..” I blacked out
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Chapter 15
The Lord of Time Speaks

My Dream wasn’t much better then before, I was on a boat with the same kids tied up again. This time the guys arm had at least 20 long deep cuts, they were torturing them to Join the Lord of times army, whatever the hell that means. The girl was also different she looked like she had beaten with a club she had bruises all across her face and arms, Big black bruises.
“Gwen” his voice sounded weak, like final breath
“yea” she wasn’t as bad as him but she sounded dead to
“We need to escape, he works for Saturn”
“What, what are you talking about” she sounded like she was a million miles away
“No, no damn it stay with me” he wiggled over to her
“I’m, I’m here” she said very doubtful she was staying awake much longer
“When this Luke guy comes back we will say were joining him but were not, got it”
“that’s your master plan” she teased
“Yea, what you got” he protested
“No, no I’ll stick with your plan, good thing your cute” she mumbled the last line
“Ha ha, very funny” she rested her head on his shoulder and fell asleep
My dream shifted, I was on that same boat but it was with passengers, there was a boy around 12-13 years old and a blonde girl around the same age and a white kid with one eye, sucks to be that kid.
“Percy, I don’t like this”
“Neither do I”
“I’ll be in my room you two go in your’s lets rest up and come get me if there’s anything wrong, Okay?”
“Okay” he nodded
My Dream shifted again, I was on the same boat but looking at the boy with blonde hair, I guess his name was Luke.
“Sir, there a board”
“Make sure they don’t notice the other captives, understand” he sound like a jerk
“Sir I understand”
“Good for you, you want a cookie or something, GO!” the monster walked away and mumbled to himself
“well I would like a cookie but I know you won’t give one” I felt bad for the monster, it was a cookie Monsters, haha I gotta write that one down.
My Dream shifted one last time. There was a giant man standing with a Jar in his hands. In the Jar was a white figure trying to break free, I had hope to at least.
“Soon I will free you my daughter and unleash the hell onto the gods, soon they will have punishment for what they have done” the sky rumbled and he stood like it didn’t happen.
I woke up to me in this tent with the same people that I beat earlier in matches I saw Jimmy and Scotty and the others I fought. Hazel walked in with a huge smile.
“Sean I can’t believe you picked me to go on your quest with you”
“Yea, I was going to tell you but I kinda blacked out”
“Eh happens, so we leave in a couple hours right?”
“Uh no, more like tomorrow like noon”
“Lupa, said Wednesday”
“Right, it’s Tuesday”
“No Sean it’s Wednesday, you slept super long because you used so much energy”
Holy Crap I slept through all day yesterday, well I guess I’m going to try to find this boat with a little help from my friends.

Chapter 16
My new Cousin

After I realized I’m leaving on my quest I got out of my bed and left for my Bunker to get ready. I walked in and saw Jason packing stuff into my backpack.
“Hey bro how you feeling” Jason said
“Great, I can’t believe I drained my energy so much I had to sleep a whole day”
“Yea our power as children of Jupiter are very strong, but they take are energy away”
“I can see that now” he punched me in the arm
“I packed a couple of things for you”
“Oh really thanks man, what did you pack me”
“some Ambrosia and Nectar, healing stuff, basically like first aid to demigods, give it to Dakota and she’ll do the rest”
“Okay, wish me luck bro” I hugged him and he slipped me something in my pocket and said
“here Jimmy gave me your ring while you were asleep, if you say Open or in Latin Templum it will open up, cool”
“Yea thanks what did you put in my pocket”
“it‘s a immediate escape route, you press the button and the winds will take you all the way back to the city or you can request somewhere else”
“Really, Thanks man, but I wanna go talk to Dakota and Hazel” He nodded and I hugged him and left. I walked over to Bunker 7 to talk to Dakota. I knocked and one of her sisters welcomed me in. I saw Dakota packing for our journey to.
“hey, you almost ready” she smiled
“Yea, I’m stoked to I’ve never went on a quest”
“yea usually it’s Minerva or Jason or Mars kids”
“Hmm well I thought you were a cool great fighter and can heal me when I do stuff stupid” I kidded
“Who else is going with”
“Hazel daughter of Nox” she made a face
“what is it”
“Nothing I just don’t get alone with Nox girls, but I’ve never talked to Hazel just her sisters”
“Oh well don’t judge her, yet” I smiled
“so what’s her strengths, why did you pick her”
“Honestly, she befriended me when I first got here and I thought she was cool”
“Hmm okay, hopefully she can fight well or shoot arrows well or something” she sounded doubtful
“well she seemed happy and I think she has something to offer to this umm team”
“Team?” she giggled
“Whatever so I’ll meet you at Lupa’s Bunker in one hour then we leave” she smiled
“You got it” I left and went over to the Minor Gods Bunker the girls one. I knocked and a girl with big arms like a body builder opened the door, weird. She let me in and I walked over to Hazel she was talking to another girl she was blonde like strawberry blonde with glasses and a cute baby face. She had a black backpack on her back. I walked over and the blonde haired girls narrowed her eyes at the sight at me.
“Hazel” She turned around and smiled
“Sean, umm is it time to go” she looked Peppy
“No, were leaving in a hour I was just coming over to let you know that you have a hour, so meet me at Lupa’s Bunker, Kay”
“Okay, I’ll see you in a hour” she kissed me on the cheek, it was a little awkward since I really never had anything like a girlfriend so it was a little different, especially her kissing me in public. I walked out hadn’t eaten today so I went over to the Pisa to eat some food, I got pizza the always had pizza. I sat alone at the Jupiter Bunker table, you weren’t allowed to go to others tables unless you were undetermined by your parent, Lupa’s orders. I walked out and noticed 20 minutes left until I left. I walked around the City and noticed things I didn’t before, there was a path down to the ocean right next to Neptune’s Bunker. I walked down and something caught me off guard, it was a girl crying. She looked 11 years old she had brown hair and sea green eyes. I walked over to her.
“Hey, are you okay?” I sat down next to her, she was cradled up into herself, so she didn’t look me into the eye.
“NO!, my stupid Father doesn’t even love me enough to Claim me” she sounded hurt betrayed in away
“I’m sorry, how long have you been here”
“a week, still nothing from him!”
“I’m sure he has his reason’s” I tried to sound hopeful
“NO, I know all about you, you have been claimed, and you’ve been here 5 days”
“So I should have been claimed by now”
“I agree, I think your dad should of claimed you by now to”
“Well thanks” she stopped crying
“Yea, I’ll be here for you okay”
“Okay, you wanna see something I haven’t shown anyone”
“Sure, what” she started to get up
“Follow me” she ran towards the beach
“Give me your sword” she ordered to me
“Umm okay” I gave her the sword. She did something completely off guard she cut her hand, It was gushing out blood and was super deep.
“WHAT THE HELL” I screamed in shock
“Hold on” she said like it’s okay. She dipped her hand into the water and the water crawled up her hand right into the wound and it was completely gone, she could heal herself with water.
“WOA!, that’s Sweet”
“Right, My dad has something to do with water I think” it hit me, her father didn’t need us to tell her who her dad was she already claimed herself. She had to be a Daughter of Neptune. I told her to come with me to Lupa’s Bunker and she followed. We walked up and I saw Hazel and Dakota waiting with me, they were talking with each other and Lupa was at there side.
“Lupa, I think I have a new little cousin here” her eye brow went up
“What do you mean child”
“Umm, wait what’s your name” I asked the girl
“Sally, my mother said my father named me that”
“Sally here is I think Daughter of Neptune” Lupa’s eyes widened
“Why do you say this child” I told Lupa what Sally should me at the beach
“Indeed, Well All Hail Sally Daughter of Neptune God of the Sea’s” we all kneeled to her and she smiled, she finally felt accepted and wanted by her father.

Chapter 17
The Quest Begins with a little surprise

After I told Lupa about my new Cousin she told Sally to go to Jason to take her to the Neptune Bunker. Hazel, Gwen and me were standing in front of Lupa’s Bunker it was like the forest it had tree’s and on it and Wolfs running around, it was a woodsy cool Bunker.
“Are, you ready children” Lupa said
“Yes, I believe that we should leave by Pegasus”
“NO!, I hate Pegasus” said Hazel
“Why not”
“I just don’t like Heights”
“Fine! Then we need a car, who can drive”
“I can, I’ll drive us” I said
“You can drive, Sean?” Hazel said and had a gleam in her eye
“Anyway, where are we going, we don’t know where Gwen is or Bobby” Dakota said
“Sean, Tell them your Dreams” Lupa Ordered. How did she know about those. But I listened and told Lupa, hazel and Dakota my dreams about the box and Gwen and Bobby and this Luke guy.
“Son of Hermes” Lupa said quietly
“Hmm, odd why does he use the Greek terminology” Dakota said
“Does it matter, lets go find this boat and free our friends” Hazel said
“I agree, this doesn’t matter” I spoke up
“What’s our Prophecy again Sean”
“Son of the Sky beware of Hope
The messager’s son will have the boar and the thief
The sun shall light and the doorway will be shown
Arriving in the City with despair and hope” I repeated to them
“Hmm, I see, well this Luke has Bobby and Gwen for sure, that’s what the second line means” Said Dakota
“How do you know” said Hazel
“Well a gut feeling, my father is the God of Prophecy’s so I don’t know, it’s just a gut feeling”
“Duh, my bad, sorry for questioning you”
“Not a big deal”
“Anyway, so we shall head west towards the ocean and try to find this boat”
“Well maybe I can pray to my dad for a boat, his brother is Neptune right”
“Yes, but I don’t think that’ll happen” Dakota said
“Something will happen okay”
“Okay fine”
“Children, you have a lead, Sean will lead this quest and drive you west to find this boat and bring back our fellow campers, Now Get a Move on”
“Yes, Maim” we said in unison. Then Jason drove up in the car he had before in Arizona. He pulled up with a smile and came out of the car and gave me the keys.
“Sean, don’t crash my ride, alright”
“Shut up” he smiled and punched my arm
“Hey, Sally where’s Sally man”
“She’s in her Bunker getting settled”
“Oh okay, thanks for the car and wish us luck”
“God Luck man, Peace out”
“Peace, well come on guys” the girls put there stuff in the trunk and Hazel took shotgun and Dakota the back, I turned on the car and put on my seatbelt, we were going to crash eventually I thought.
“Let the Gods be with you, Children” Lupa said and waved her paw goodbye and I pulled out and went towards the beach. I pulled out of the City and the Magic border was right next to the highway, so I pulled onto the highway and headed towards the beach. 1 hour later, Then Something Already Threw us off Guard, We Heard a Giant Bang in the Trunk. Hazel pulled out her glowing black sword, called Nightshade apparently. I pulled out GH Sword form and opened the trunk, and what I saw shocked us. It was little Sally in the Trunk unconscious, she must of gasped from air, I took her body and ran for the beach. I ran and finally I reached the ocean, I threw her in and instantly she awoke and stood strong with her Green eyes glowing as if she just became strong as Popeye the Sailor.
“Hey Guys” Sally said with a smile

Chapter 18
Catching the Princesses

“Sally, What are you doing here” I said she looked sad immediately when I said it.
“You, you don’t want me to be here” she said quietly
“Yea, well I mean I want you hear but it’s to dangerous, you haven’t trained”
“I’ve trained more then you” well she got me there, Hazel jumped in
“Well, you can’t just sneak out of Camp”
“your right but I felt like I needed to come” Uh, Why I thought
“Why, have you been dreaming” I asked
“Yea, how did you know”
“I had a feeling, what was your dream”
“I was Dreaming last night that I found this girl with black hair and red eyes she was tan to she was on a boat, she was trapped and was looking for a way off the boat and I thought I could help since I could move water and stuff, so I wanted to help her and when I heard you guys were going on a quest after a boat, I had to come”
“A girl with black hair and red eyes and is tan, hmm this should be fun”
“Wait, there’s going to be 7 of us then”
“When we go back to the City there’s there’s us 4 and Gwen and Bobby and this other girl”
“You really think were meant to find this girl with red eyes” I said like are you kidding me RED EYES
“It sounds bad but I think sally is meant to come”
“Okay, if you say so” I let sally join us
“Okay were at the beach now how do we catch up to this boat”
“I know” Sally screamed in joy
“In my dream, I prayed to my father and he sent a water ponies”
“Uh, Water ponies” Sally kneeled down and prayed to herself quietly, after 50 seconds or so I saw something in the ocean, it was Horses but they were purple and blue, they also had scales and Giles and noses it was confusing but it’s the demigod lifestyle I guess. Sally ran into the water and ran toward the horse and she parted the waves like Moses and the red sea. We swam over to the horses and there was a chariot so we hopped on and went off. Two hours later Sally kept talking to the horses, I had my arm over Hazel and she was Asleep and her head on my chest, Dakota was talk to me about Jason, I guess she had a thing for him.
“So, how is your new life” Dakota asked me
‘It’s cool, I have powers and stuff, but I will miss my mom”
“yea it’s hard to let your family go”
“Hmm, do you have a family, well you have to, you know cuzz sexxx and babies and stuff” she laughed at how uncomfortable I was saying that
“Yea, I know and yes my mother is back in Michigan”
“Michigan, I never been”
“It’s not to great, its always cold”
“Yea? What about summer time, isn’t cool at the beach”
“Yea, summer is pretty sweet but spring fall and winter, Uh Winter sucks”
“I see, well Arizona is always hot” she smiled
“Oh, I wish it was always summer there, but I always miss summer because I’m at the city in the summer. So I never get to enjoy it”
“Oh, why don’t you stay at the city year round like Jason”
“Jason and your Blood is more sensitive to monsters, mine isn’t that potent to them”
“What you mean, my blood is like a flare to monsters”
“Umm in a way yes, your blood attracts monsters the most, you have the blood of Jupiter the King of the Gods”
“Makes sense, so how long do you think Until we find this boat”
“I don’t know, but when we do rescue Gwen and Bobby and the red eyed girl, if there’s one, what about the box and Pandora”
“I don’t know I’m thinking this Luke guy will know” then we suddenly stopped. Sally stood up
“Were here” she announced
“Where’s here, where’s the ship”
“ were actually 100 miles off of Hawaii, The boat will be passing through the ponies said in 1 minute we got right in front of there path way, so what’s the plan boss man” she was talking to me I guess
“Well, Hazel and me will sneak get on the boat while you and Dakota shoot arrows and sally you do your cool water powers and attack the boat to and listen to Dakota, she’s smart she won’t lead you in the wrong direction”
“Okay” she sound excited
“So, are we ready” hazel finally woke up
“What did I miss” then the boat finally showed up.
“No time to tell you the plan, GET OUT YOUR WEAPONS”
“WHAT” Hazel screamed and saw the boat and listened, she pulled out nightshade
“REMEMBER THE PLAN” I told Hazel. “DISERCT THEM” she nodded and started shooting arrows, sally pushed the waves so the water made a boat made out of water and swerved around so that Dakota could shoot and that they wouldn’t get hit by any arrows.
“WHAT PLAN” Hazel Asked
“NO TIME HANG ON” I grabbed her waist and lifted off into the sky towards the boat
“AHHHH!!!” Hazel complained, “WERE GONA GET SHOT”
“NO WERE NOT” I zipped forward toward the boat on the top deck and landed on a 12 or 13 year old boy that had a sword and Greek body armor, I landed on him and hit him over the head with my butt of my sword.
“Well lets find Them” I ordered to Hazel and she nodded and we ran.

Chapter 19
Gwen and Booby and My Worst Nightmare

The boy that I just knocked out was lying on the ground unconscious. The plan was too blow up the ship, I couldn’t just leave him here I had to help him. He had brown or black hair or in between those colors, he had a type of bronze sword in his hands it was really cool looking. I recognized the boy before but I didn’t know where I have seen him before.
“PERCY!” this blonde girl ran towards the boy through the hallway and looked down at him and then she looked up at me and Hazel.
“What did you do to him” she said stern and angry. When I stepped forward to explain she pulled out her knife and started to swing at me, she was pretty good. I didn’t notice but Hazel had Nightshade out and blocked her attack, I interrupted the fight and grabbed Hazel and Flew away to the other side of the boat. We landed next to a staircase that goes down to the other floors, we headed down the stairs.
“Do you know what your looking for”
“That’s reassuring”
“Well what, I have to know everything”
“Your right, I’m sorry”
“Thanks” I held her hand and she smiled
We headed down to the second to the bottom floor and went into the hallway inside the boat. Then there was a boy around 14-15 years old waiting, he had a dark hood on and had black hair and red eyes, creepy.
“Hello, I’ve been excepting you”
“Hi, umm we don’t want any trouble”
“Well that’s unfortunate, because you have it”
“Right who are you”
“Benjamin, your Worst Nightmare”
“Right, you believe this guy”
“Sean Rush, the Fates have your Destiny and I will take it, when you take what’s mine” he smashed the ground and faded into the shadow.
“Well that’s odd” Hazel said
“Yea but no time to dwell on it, come on lets go find your friends”
We ran down the hallway and soon found two halfbloods in Roman armor guarding a prison cage.
“Look it’s a trick, they want you to join Saturn, we can’t let him come back and destroy the gods, our family” a female voice said
“Shut Up” the guard said annoyed
“When I get out, I’m going to kill you myself” a male voice said
“I said SHUT UP”
“That’s them” Hazel said to me
“Gwen and Bobby”
“Yea, I regoize there voices”
“Okay, I’ll pose as Saturn’s minions and talk to the guards and then sneak attack them”
“Okay but be careful”
“Ha, your worried about me” she blushed
“Shut up” she kissed me. “Now go, and that was for good luck
“Rigggghhhtttt” I walked up to the guards all casual they looked confused, one guard pointed there swords at me.
“Who are you” the guard said
“New Recruit”
“Why are you here”
“Luke order’s said I need to meet my allies and stuff”
“Hmm, so who’s your god parent”
“Jupiter king of the gods”
“Impressive, Cassie Daughter of Mars”
“Who are they” I pointed at Gwen and Bobby
“There nothing”
“NOTHING!!!” the guard screamed
“I think there something” I Flipped GH and grabbed my sword and attacked Cassie, I slashed at her stomach and she wasn’t fast enough to defend herself she fell down, dead or unconscious I didn’t know. Then the other guard slashed at me and cut my sword hand and I dropped my sword. Then Hazel morphed out of the dark and sneak attacked the guard she slammed her onto the ground and then Bobby grabbed her neck and squeezed so hard I heard the neck Snap
“I told you I was going to kill you myself”
“No, were here to free you guys and get you back to the City”
“Thank the Gods” Gwen said happily
“Step back Hazel, You two don’t touch the cage”
“Who is this guy”
“Sean Son of Jupiter” I said, I forced my energy to strike the cage doors with a Lighting Bolt, I did it, it came down and through the top deck to the cage doors, there was a giant hole, haha I bet Luke’s Pissed.
“Woe, Son of Jupiter”
“Yea, well lets go” I picked her up and noticed Hazel leaning against a wall almost passing out. I gave Gwen to Bobby.
“Hey, Hazel we have to go”
“Crap, we can’t leave yet, Sally’s Vision the girl with red eyes”
“Red eyes?” Gwen said confused
“Hazel you okay”
“Yea, yea I’m, I’m okay”
“What’s wrong”
“I Shadow traveled it’s hard and makes you really tired”
“Explain later we go to go can you move”
“No I used all my energy to save you, when I turned into the dark and attack the girl that’s shadow travel”
“Oh I see, well thanks”
“Don’t mention it”
“Well come on” I picked her up and cradled her
“thanks” she kissed me again and she fell asleep in my arms
“I guess Hazel has a boyfriend” bobby said to Gwen
“YAY!, Double dates” Great I thought, not really sarcastic Great
“Yea if we get off this boat and back to the city then I will pay for it, come on”

Chapter 20
The Red eyed girl

We ran down the hallway, it sign early said “Prisoner wing” so it was a great section to look. The first couple of cages I saw were nothing but some of them were sleeping 10 year olds or younger. Then I saw something that made me sick to my stomach, I saw Sally. She was bruised head to toe and had cuts on her arms from swords she had a bad cut on her right leg and she had a HUGE black eye on her right eye.
“Sally” I said so quietly, I was shocked, how could someone fight and beat up a little 10 year old.
“Oh Gods” Gwen said
“Who’s is she” Booby asked
“Sally a new camper she’s daughter of Neptune”
“SEAN!” I heard down the hall I ran to the noise with Hazel still in my arms. I saw Dakota stuck in a cage to, she didn’t look better then Sally, she looked worse. She had bruise all over her arms and legs, the thing that stuck out the most was she had a 3rd degree burn on her left arm, it was Huge and Blistering.
“Dakota, Gods what happened”
“Sally, she wanted to go find that girl that she dreamed about, but I told her no and she refused to listen she saw a spot to land and without my permission she shot us out of the water towards the boat, we fought at least 10 monsters and 6 halfbloods, Sally is a great fighter but” she began to cry “She was taken from me and I fought them alone until I killed all the monsters and 4 halfbloods and then the last two took me prisoner, they said they were going to force Sally into Joining Saturn” she was sobbing, she felt terrible that she left me down and that she failed to protect Sally.
“That’s not going to happen” I was Pissed off now “I know what’s going to happen though I’m going to free you and your going to heal Sally”
“Okay, Lets do it”
“Okay step back don’t touch the Cage” I did the exact same thing with the other cage I shot it with lighting, the doors melted and Dakota ran out and ran to Sally’s Cage. Man now I got to open this one. I opened that one Dakota ran in with my backpack, I gave it to her like Jason said, it had a first aid kit. Sally awoke.
“OW!, That hurts” she complained
“Yea, sorry sit still and eat some Ambrosia”
“Okay” Hazel just woke up in my arms, she looked up at me and didn’t notice the others
“Hi” I couldn’t help but smile
“So we still alive” she teased
“Kinda of” I sounded worried
“What do you mea-” she looked at Dakota and Sally “Oh Gods Sally you okay”
“Yea, whatever”
“How old are you” Gwen asked
“10, Why”
“Your one tough 10 year old”
“Thanks” she smiled
“Sally, never do that again, especially worry the crap out of me”
“Okay, I won’t” she winked at me, I thought this is only the beginning
“Can you stand” she got up
“Yup, I’m fine” she started walking and winced on her left foot
“You sure?”
“Yea, don’t worry about it”
“Okay, Hazel and me will go this way to find this girl, Gwen, Bobby go this way, Sally, Dakota go this way, Got It” everyone nodded
We all went different directions down are hallways, I was worried about Bobby and Gwen they had no Weapons no way to defend themselves, but Bobby said it’s cool.
We walked down this hallway way and saw no one all the cages were empty.
“Do you think we will actually find this Girl”
“I’m debating with my self, I’m more on the No side”
“ I mean how often does someone have red eyes” a idea popped into mind it was the kid earlier with red eyes and said to me “I am your worst Nightmare.”

Chapter 21

When I thought of that boy from early I thought he might of put that nightmare of the girl with red eyes into Sally’s dreams, could he do that. If that boy did do that then well lets just say that’ll I’ll do worse thing to him then what Bobby did to that Guard.
“Hazel, that boy with red eyes earlier, do you think he has something to do with Sally’s Nightmare”
“What do you mean”
“Well what if it was a trap to get us on the boat”
“Hmm, interesting theory but I don’t think so”
“alright” I wasn’t so sure, but I didn’t say that out loud
We were now in the same hallway but the lights turned off, it was pitch black. Then all of a sudden I tripped over something and Hazel caught me.
“Watch out, there’s chains on the floor”
“How can you see that”
“Nox children can see through the dark like it’s daylight”
“Woa, that’s sweet”
“Thanks, he Sean, there’s a sign ahead that says Monsters hallway”
“That’s not good” we started to hear growling and then some footsteps
“SEAN!, that boy you saw Luke he’s walking right towards us”
“Allow me, LUKE!, this is your Finally warning, LEAVE OR DIE” the footsteps still came at us.
“hahah, Sean is it?” Luke said
“Why do you think you’re a threat to me”
“Because you’re father is the Messenger god, my Father is the KING”
“Ahh Son of Zeus”
“Very rare indeed, you most be a deadly warrior”
“That’s why your going to lose this fight and die”
“I don’t think so” the footsteps became a sprint toward me, then I realized something, I can’t see a thing how am I supposed to fight. I grabbed Hazel and whispered in her ear.
“Hazel, don’t let go, no matter what don’t let go of me”
I Blasted the boat with lighting, I know what your thinking, why are you using lighting a lot it will just make you weak and pass out but I shot lighting in the hallway and made a giant hole and it showed me where Luke.
“hahaha, you missed”
My plan was simple, shot him in the sky. From the hole I just created I could fell the wind currents, I bended them to my will and sent a Tornado of winds at Luke through the hole, he literally flew threw the sky. Right when he was in mid air I shot him with lighting and finish this battle, Luke was hit and fell into the water, I never saw him come up. I fell to my knees.
“You okay” Hazel asked me
“ Yea, yea I’m okay”
“Sean you look awful, eat some ambrosia” I did as she asked and ate some
“Okay, I feel a lot better, thanks”
“So, what do you want me to do”
“Help me up please” she helped me up
“Lets find the others and get out of here” I didn’t care anymore about this girl, I thought it was a trap
“ what about the girl” she seemed to care a lot about helping this girl, so I ended up agreeing.
“Okay, fine lets find this girl and get the hell of this boat”
We contuied down the monster hallway and 5 minutes later we heard our names, it was directly behind us so we ran the opposite was and I noticed something, a puddle of water, LUKE SURIVED. Know time to deal with it though
“HAZEL, SEAN!!!” we kept hearing, finally we found Sally and Dakota and Gwen and Bobby in front of a cage with a girl with black hair and red eyes, her eyes were wide open but it looked like she was dead
“We were to late” I said
“No she’s just sleeping, she has a pulse, I can sense her body’s in water and stuff chorusing through her veins”
“Well lets grab her and go”
“Okay Lighting strike the cage master Rush” master rush, really?
“Master Rush is out of energy and can barley walk without Hazel’s help, maybe Hazel can shadow travel in the cage and then travel back to us with her”
“No I would faint in the cage”
“Great, well Hazel get ready to catch me because I’m going to pass out”
“Sean, no it’s to dumb, how will we get out of here if your uncurious and then have another unanimous person to carry” I smiled and I handed her the box Jason gave me, he told me it was a wind box and can carry you and anyone that’s touching you anywhere, carried by the winds.
“that’s a wind box it will send us anywhere we want by pulling us in the wind currents, it’s set to camp right now and all you do is push this button to make it work and these numbers on the side are the Corrientes you would like to go to, but it’s set for camp so don’t worry about it”
“So you pass out, we carry you and this girl to the deck, everyone grabs on to me, I push the button and we fly all the way to camp”
“Basically, now get ready I’m going out with a bang”
“What” she looked mad
“I’m going to hit the cage and the boats engine, that should piss that Luke kid off.
“I guess, just don’t kill yourself” she looked really worried and for the first time I thought I might not make this one, so I said something to Hazel very Corny.
“Hazel, just in case I don’t survive this I just wanted to say that these last couple of weeks have been the highlight of my life, especially you” She grabbed me and kissed me very Romantic like in movies and stuff, we heard someone cough.
I focused on the boat’s engines and BOOM! We heard and then I focused on the Cage and Crack I heard, I blew up the Boat’s engines and melted the cage doors like before. I fell to the ground dace first and had no control over my body moving, I was a paralyzed.
“SEAN, SEAN” I heard Hazel scream, I was guessing I didn’t look so good
The last words before passing out to everyone was.
“GO, GO!!!” then I passed out and wait for my awake, it was taking forever.

Chapter 22
A Month

I woke up next to Hazel, except for she was on the ground and I was 2 feet high in some kind of bed. I looked at the ceiling and it was a tent I was in a tent, I thought I was in the infirmary at camp but nope to small. Then I looked to my right and there was this girl with red eyes with black hair, that looked dead in a bed like mine. I made my hand go to Hazels and I grabbed her hand, she didn’t notice at first but then she slowly realized I was awake. Then she slowly got up and noticed my hand holding hers.
“SEAN, thank gods your awake”
“What, why, where am I”
“Well cuz I missed you silly, and a mile off of mount saint Helens”
“Why are we a mile away from there and what time is it”
“When you past out Bobby carried the girl and I carried you to the deck, but we didn’t head to camp, on our way up we ran into this boy and made him tell us where Pandora was and he said Mount Saint Helen’s”
“What day is it”
“So I changed the coordinates on the knob and I kinda screwed up and sent us to Arizona, so we have been hitchhiking all the way here and a month later”
“Don’t ignore the question what day is it” She looked scared
“Saturday” she still looked worried
“Oh only a day thank gods”
“Umm more like a month and one day”
“you basically used all your energy to destroy the cage and the Engines, Dakota estimated 6 months you’d wake up”
“well that’s good I guess”
“Well, I’ve missed you”
“I’m sure you did” I joked and smiled at her
“Shut up”
“Haha, so why did it take a month to get to Arizona to Mount Saint Helen’s”
“Well when you carry two unconuious body’s around it’s kinda hard for people not to freak out, especially the red eyed sleeping beauty over there”
“Yea I bet, why is she still asleep, do you know”
“Dakota thinks she did what you did”
“Used all your energy and it could take months to come back”
“Oh well I’m going back to sleep, okay”
“Okay, I’m going to go in my tent”
“What tent am I in”
“ the Health center tent”
“Oh well I’ll see you in the morning”
I pasted out even though I have been in a coma for a month. When I woke up it wasn’t so pleasant.
“No, she’s asleep”
“she’s dead”
“let me say it louder and slower for you, SHHHHEEE ISSSS DEEAADD!” sally grabbed her palm and annoced.
“She has a pulse”
“Really” he felt for him self
“Yes, really”
“Wow, didn’t expect that”
“Told you”
“Okay, so what’s wrong with her”
“She’s like Sean, she used all of her energy and is slowly gaining back her strength”
Dakota and Hazel and Gwen entered, to many people here, so I started to get up.
“WOA!” Sally screamed
“What” I asked
“Your awake”
“Yea I woke up last night”
“Oh felling better”
“Yes thank you, staying out of trouble”
“Kinda” she winked at me
“okay I see your healed” she looked like her normal self, everyone did, except for Dakota now she had a huge burn scar on her arm from the battle on the Boat.
“Everyone I have annocement” I stated
“What” Hazel asked first
“ Pandora’s box Is ahead and I most go alone and get it back to the city by myself
“WHAT!” everyone screamed
“Look the prophecy states that child of lighting will bring despair or hope”
“So” Sally said
“So I think I must go alone and come back with the box or go with others and come back with Despair news and the box”
“ he might me right” Dakota agreed
“What, no I have to go” Hazel said
“Hazel, I care to much to let anyone of you guys go, especially you”
“But it’s not your chose”
“Hazel please for me” she looked at me like not cool man, but I had to go alone it was my gut feeling. She nodded and asked everyone to leave real quick and they left.
“Sean, if you don’t come back alive I swear I will go to the Underworld and free you and then kill you again” she looked super worried and that made me happy that she cared so much for me.
“Hazel, I will make it out alive, with the box I promise, I can’t let that box be open, I can’t” she nodded
“when do you leave”
“in three hours so how about me and you go out on a date, is there a town near by” she smiled
“Yea, two miles away”
“I can fly us there”
“Okay it’s a plan” she smiled and I anticipated the dangerous journey I had in store for me.

Chapter 23
First Date

Right after my announcement I had to get ready for Pandora and I had to get ready for this date. I got my stuff ready for the fight soon to come and then got dressed for my date. I got Jeans and a T-shirt, it was red and said Hollister on it. I looked at myself in the bed pan in the medical center and I looked goodish haha, I had a couple of cuts and stuff and my scar on my forehead since I was a baby but whatever, I looked good. I walked outside and saw Hazel waiting for me she was wearing jeans had her hair down and straight and had a low cut black top that had the moon on it. She blushed as I stared in a gaze.
“Hey, you look, ummm”
“umm what”
“Sexy, beautiful, astonishing”
“haha, I like the first one, Sexyyy, haha”
“Shut up”
“Well I’m not the one who said it”
“haha, good point so ready to go”
“Yea, but one question, where are we going, like a movie, dinner”
“Both, I called and reserved us for Burger King” she laughed
“right, that place is always busy” she played along
“Right, no lets go out to both I have a few bucks to spend”
“Okay” I grabbed her waist and flew into the sky
While flying in midair it was suddenly a realization of how can I flew two miles to a city and not waste a lot of energy, then it hit me Use the box. I flew down and landed.
“What’s the matter” Hazel asked
“I feel kinda weak to fly for that long”
“Oh, I didn’t think about it”
“So I’m going to use the box”
“You sure?”
“Yea will be fine” I changed the dial and hit the button and Bam we flew threw the sky. About 5 minutes later we landed in the middle of a parking lot of a Olive Garden, she smiled
“How did you know I love Olive Garden”
“I kinda guessed” she smiled and we walked inside, we saw this skiny blonde guy at the podium to check in guess, I went up to him and told him party of two. She nodded and lead us to a table in the back of the restaurant. She grabbed a menu and looked for two seconds and was done, she most know the menu I thought. I looked for 5-6 minutes and got a chicken parmesan. The waitress came over and we told or meals to her, she had chocolate brown hair and had braids, she looked to young to have a job she was like 12 maybe younger.
“How do you have a Job here”
“Excuse me sir”
“Umm, no need for sir but aren’t you like 12, no offence”
“I’m 11 and my dad is kinda famous so I told the boss that and he gave me the Job”
“Who’s your Dad”
“Mr. Mclean”
“Oh the Spartan dude”
“Yes the sparten dude”
“Why do you want a job if your dad’s rich”
“Because I want to make my own money so what I buy means something to me, you know what I mean”
“Well thanks for understanding, I’ll get your oders right on that”
“Thanks” I looked at her name tag. “Piper”
She walked away and looked at Hazel.
“Sean, I was thinking”
“What” I was worried
“That how are you going to make it back to the city after you get Pandora’s box” I didn’t really think about it.
“Umm I don’t know, why”
“Well I’m worried that’s why”
“Don’t be, I’ll be fine”
“So when did you know you were a Halfblood”
“I was 9, I ran away from home”
“Where did you leave before”
“Where did you live”
“Hot, desert place right” I laughed
“I was wondering do you think Saturn is actually back”
“To be honest, I’m still new to this stuff I don’t know the story’s of the gods I don’t know who Saturn is”
“He is the Titan lord of time, he is Jupiter and Neptune and Pluto’s father, the big three free defeated Saturn and freed the other gods and defeated the Titans in the Titan war, three thousand years ago”
“How I think I’ve heard it before”
“Yea, it’s sorta famous”
“Right, I guess I’ve just been living under a rock” she laughed
Then the waitress came over and we small talked and ate our dinner together, then headed out and I left a 20 dollor tip for Piper she was a nice girl. I flew us to the movies it wasn’t that far and I could use some energy without being tired. We walked in and there was Open Seanson and Twlight New moon, she wanted to watch twilight so we watched twilgiht, let me tell you something, VAMPIRES CAN’T WALK THROUGH THE SUN, IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN. So we walked out and I opened the box and flew us back to the tent grounds, 5 minutes we were back and landed outside in the forest near the the tent site.
“are you going to go now” Hazel asked
“Yea I think I should, here take the box, pack up and go back to camp and tell Lupa the report” she looked broken
“Okay, Just Be careful”
“Like I told you earlier I promise” she looked still worried I kissed her before I walked away and then I left into the woods towards Mount Saint Helen’s.

Chapter 24

As I walked away from Hazel I felt like I wouldn’t see her again and that sucked, I wanted her to come but if she got hurt or worse I wouldn’t know what to do, I just new I had to do this one on my own. I walked for miles up the hill and I was tired to I said screw it, I flew up the mountain and used somewhat of my energy to do it but I felt fine. I touched down on the ground and I was on top of Mount Saint Helens, I noticed there was a cave a little downs way. I flipped GH and Got my shield out, GH was in Sword form so that was good and my shield wasn’t hitting me in the face. I walked down to the cave entrance and walked in. it smelled weird, like a beer or some kinda drunk person. I walked in to see it was a monster bar. It looked like a old saloon that you see in cowboy movies, I put away the shield and GH and sat down and ordered a drink.
“Hey bartender, You got Nectar” he nodded poured some and slid it down the bar table.
“Thanks” I put down a gold drachmae Jason gave me, he took the gold coin. I sat there and drank the nectar and felt great I drank some because I need some energy to fight this Pandora lady. I waved and headed down the cave deeper in and waited to see what I’d fine next. Nothing for at least 20 minutes of walking, then Finally I saw what I came for.
It was a Giant temple, like the Aztecs temple and the very top of the stairs was this black box, the one I saw in my dreams, I slowly approached it. Spring!, I fell down in a hole that had death spikes, good thing I could fly though, right when it sprang I fell maybe three inches then flew up and looked down to my almost death, so I learned something, it was bobby trapped, Perfect. I decide to not walk up the steps and fly to the top. In midair I grabbed the box and flew away. I was hoping for no Indian jones trap going to happen, thank gods, nothing. Then I heard something. People whispering.
“Oooooopppppeeeeennnn” a female voice whispered
“Coommee onnnnnn youuuuu noooooo you wantttt toooooo” it whispered
“OPEN THE BOX” one shouted
I flew back down into the entrance and started to walk back to the tent site, turns out I didn’t have anything to worry about.
“AHHHHHHHHH” I heard way back at the temple
“WHERE IS IT” crap It knows it’s gone, I sprinted for the exit
“I SMELL YOU DEMIGOD” crap crap I thought
I enter the bar and the monsters were all looking at me. I flipped GH and opened my shield and then BAM! The monsters went crazy, the started hissing and then shouting and then had a look of disgust that I was a Demigod. It was sad to think they don’t like me because I’m a Demigod. I ran out of the mountain and then BOOM! A giant came out of nowhere and charged after me.
“GIVE IT BACK DEMIGOD” I sprint and then I flew into the sky, I thought I got away. I was wrong. The giant grabbed me and threw me back on the ground. The box was still closed and I dropped it and it fell down the mountain.
“I am Epimetheus I demand you give me back my daughter” he demanded
“NO, I am Sean, Son of Jupiter I would rather die then to give you back this box”
“Yes, really”
“Why do you care so much to free my daughter”
“I’m not going to free her”
“What is your plan then”
“To keep her contained and to keep her in a safe Prison so she can’t spread hell on earth”
“Silly, halfblood my daughter created a Box for that and it is kept away on Olympus”
“Well till I know that for a fact I’m kepping this”
“I will not fight you Demigod, but if you do this a conquence will happen”
“Okay, I accept it”
“Farewell, I will see you in a couple of years”
I Flew away and got on a train head for San Francisco, I hope I was doing the right thing.

Chapter 25

I was on a Train to San Francisco, it was long and boring, I wondered what Lupa was going to tell me. Would she be mad that I got the box from that Giant, or would she be happy that I got the box away from him. But why didn’t he try to stop. It seemed to easy, like there was no epic battle, and then I thought what was the double meaning to the promise of a consequence if I took the box, what’s going to happen. A couple of Years, how long till this Giant came after me. Then a girl came up to me.
“Sean?” it was a old class night of mine
“Abby?” she smiled and sat next to me
“What are you doing here”
“What do you mean”
“Everyone is talking, like where did he go, did he run away”
“Rumors typical”
“So what are you doing here”
“Umm, just umm running away”
“I figured”
“You never really liked a normal life, you always wanted a Adventure, or wanted something bigger then a regular life” she was right in a way, I never wanted a boring life, but I wanted a normal life
“I guess, so what are you doing here”
“I’m with my family its Summer”
“Right” she said it like I didn’t know that it was summer
“So where you headed”
“San Francisco, You?”
“Same, where are you going when you arrive”
“I don’t really plan that much ahead” she laughed
“Well do you mind if I take a nap I’m kind of tired”
“Go ahead”
“Thanks” she laid down and fell asleep. Two hours later I was so BORED, I said Screw it. I was near the camp and I wanted to fly, the wind currents outside were teasing me. I walked out and stepped out on the back of the train’s balcony. I saw Abby get up and look at me, right when I was at the rail to jump. She stared at me like scared, I waved and jumped, her eyes widened and she screamed. I flew straight into the air and headed towards camp. Flying really didn’t drain your energy it was pretty much easy, I basically asked the wind to do what I say and It does it and takes small ammounts of my energy. So I was okay. I flew for three hours staright and man I was tired, I finally got to the City and I saw all the campers awaiting my arrival. I flew straight down and landed. All the campers stared at me like I was suppose to be dead or something. Then finally someone ran up to me, it was Sally. She ran up and hugged me and screamed.
“SEAN, IT”S HAZEL” I stared at her she was scrared. Now I got it everyone was scared that I would be upset. They were right. Jason ran up to me he saw that I was angry.
“SEAN, YOU NEED TO COME DOWN” Jason was trying to calm me down
“WHAT HAPPENED” I screamed
“She, she‘s in a coma”
“WHAT HAPPENED” I was trying to control myself
“Hazel arrived with everyone but a mile off of Camp and monsters were waiting for them” then I got what the consequence was, he tried to kill my friends
“She gave all her energy to shadow travel in camp borders, they were to hurt, Dakota’s in rough shape to” I was so angry, I knew something bad was going to happen, so did Jason
“EVERYONE, RUN!!!!” Jason Screamed and grabbed me and Flew me away from camp and brought me up on a Mountain then Suddenly it Happened. BOOM!!!!
I was so angry that I screwed up the coordinates, if I set them correctly then she wouldn’t be in a coma and Dakota wouldn’t be hurt either and neither Bobby. So I couldn’t control this angry I literally exploded. Apparently the children of Jupiter can send a Atomic Shockwave and obliterates everything in there path but it kills everything, but children of Jupiter. Jason told me after this event, apparently he never could do it, but he said he was never wanted to, but came close when he first arrived and was told his entire family was dead, apparently he had a sister. But back to the story, BOOM!!! It exploded I blew the hole mountain and then I fell down. Barley awake Jason fed me Ambrosia and Nectar to keep me awake, and I’m guessing alive.
“Jason, how did you know”
“Sean, we all have angry sometimes and I new you would be mad at yourself when you realized that she was hurt”
“It was my fault” I told him I set the coordinates that made Hazel and the rest of them not land on camp grounds completely. He picked me up and brought me back to our Bunker and I went to bed.

TWO Days Later

I went straight to the Infirmary, Hazel was there lying asleep and then so was Dakota and Bobby and The Red eyed girl, just like the Prophecy said
Arriving in the City with despair and hope.
They were right on the dot, there was hope that Hazel would wake up and I got the box that contained hope, then there was despair news of Hazel and Bobby and Dakota and the Red eyed Girl. I went to Lupa’s Bunker to talk to her. I entered her Bunker.
“Child what is it that you want”
“Lupa I wanted to report on the quest, I retrieved the box and returned Bobby and Gwen” I held up the box. Lupa grabbed it and pat me on the head.
“Very well, this was successful Quest even though you came here with half of your team Unconscious” that one hurt
“But child know one else could have led with such leadership and heroics, very well done”
“Lupa, will she live”
“Her Aura says different but I believe that she will come through”
“So do you want me to stay here all year”
“Yes Summer is will end in a couple of weeks and I suppose you have the skills to defend one’s self, You have a choice to make, stay here and train here with your brother or go to school and be with your mother.” I thought about it and I came up with something
“What if Jason comes with me, he can live with me”
“that is up to him, I gave him the right to leave here years ago”
“Great, so me and Jason will leave back for Arizona”
“Good, but Child, the next years are going to be rough, be prepared”
“Okay” I walked out confused. I walked back to my Bunker and went up to Jason, who was planning on the next CTF assault.
“Jason, do you want to live with me back at my house”
“You heard me, do you want to go to regualar school”
“umm I guess”
“Yea sure why not, if I’m not liking it I can always come back here”
“Deal” I shake his hand and we Prepared to leave camp, we were going to ride his horse Tempest, it was a storm sprit I guess, he was cool. Then Sally ran up to me and hugged me goodbye. Then something surprised me, I saw a boy in the distance, he was waving at me, Oh Gods. It was the Boy from the boat the one with red eyes. He waved at me smashed the ground and disappeared, then a Appollo camper came out of the infirmary running towards me.
Me and Jason and Sally ran towards the Tent and the girl was sitting up now, she was looking around confused. I walked up to her.
“Hi I’m Sean, your safe now”
“Hi I’m Elizabeth”

The End of Book one The Child Of Roma
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