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(Vera's house)
Vera: Victor!
Victor: excuse me Vera. (pushes her aside and enters house)
Vera: what are anda doing?
Victor: trying to find the cup of ankh anda stoled when anda lived in the attic.
Vera: What are anda talking about?
Victor: DONT anda LIE!!!

Mick: (enters)
Trudy: (Dusting) Did anda find it Mick?
Mick: nope. Wasn't there. Ether someone took it atau it's at the movies.
Trudy: I'll call and see if it's there. (exits)
Mara: (walks down stairs) Mick!
Mick: Not now Mara.
Mara: Mick, I need to tunjuk anda something.
Mick: What?
(Mara shows Mick his phone)
Mick: my phone? Where did anda find...
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KT : Guys, tell me! What's going on around here?
Amber : Sibuna?
Nina : Sibuna!
Amber : KT, Victor has a elixir that keeps him from growing old. The elixir contains dark magic until a ghost name Senkhara appears.
Nina : But then Senkhara went to hell, and her sister, Sankara who puts us in here wants to seek revenge.
KT : This place is.. haunted?
Nina : A bit.
KT : How do we get out of here?
Amber : We need help from someone who's good a digging!
KT : Someone who can jump far and high, someone--
Amber : Someone who can help us.
Nina : For crying out loud, me! My grandma has a garden....
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