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posted by flabaloobalah
The training isn't much to look at on the screen. Just a bunch of teenagers in black outfits throwing heavy objects around and playing with weapons, and most of them look bored. Three days of trying to get the Gamemakers' attention. Not much of it. They're feasting on buffets of extravagant meals and guzzling wine.
We don't get to see the private sessions, but later in the hari we get to see everyones' scores. I wait anxiously to see Peeta's. Eight! Peeta got an eight in his training! seterusnya is his coounterpart, Katniss. Everyone on screen, including Caesar Flickerman, who hosts the interviews,...
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posted by Blacklillium
Aries: the SCARIEST opponent, probably the most appealing person to team up with, they'd know how to use EVERY weapon, and could probably defeat anyone that stood in their way.

Taurus: very strong, very resourceful, knows how to get sejak in nature, probably wouldn't team up with anyone, would stick to the shadows and only fight if they had to.

Gemini: very quick witted, can act on a moments notice, can probably talk their opponents out of killing them, can and will fight, but look out if anda do pair up with them because if there is only a few people left they might backstab anda .

Cancer: the one...
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 24 kids. 12 districts. Only one will live. LET THE 47TH HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!
24 kids. 12 districts. Only one will live. LET THE 47TH HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!
Jay's costume is almost exactly like mine, but his scales are a soft golden color and the gauze fins down his spine are blue. His costume splits at his waist and, unlike mine, continues into knee-length pants. Our chariot has been decked out with festoons of seaweed-like cloth and shells of every type imaginable.

When we roll out along the pink-and-yellow road of the capitol, Our ears are assaulted sejak applause and cheers. jay smiles his crooked smile, glances my way, and waves at the crowd, indicating I should do the same, so I do. Glancing at Jay, I realize that his smile is a little fixed....
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Gale just shrugged his shoulders and moved towards the bottle. He spun it.

And it landed on…

Johanna Mason.

Johanna raised an eyebrow as she saw Gale's devilish look. Though his look wasn't directed at her.

"Truth atau dare?"

"Dare," Johanna said, not hesitating.

Gale smiled a oh-I-have-a-plan-forming-in-this-brilliant-mind-of-mine-and-oh-no-one-knows-what-I'm-planning-and-oh-I'm-so-freaking-awesome-and-smart smile.

"Come on, what take anda so long?" Cato yawned.

"I dare you… to give Peeta a lap dance."

Peeta paled immediately and looked at Johanna with terrified eyes.

Johanna smiled and got on her...
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posted by starxdreamerxo
The opinions of hunger games fan:

Peeta Side:
I knew Gale liked Katniss from the moment he was introduced. And it was awhile ago, but I'm pretty sure I thought it'd be cute if they got together at first. But the way she was around him, the way she thought of him and spoke to him, it just didn't seem like it was romantic. It seemed like really good friends. But when she was with Peeta, it seemed like she was always fighting with herself not to like him. Where as with Gale she seems to be fighting to like him. I honestly think that if Peeta wasn't in the mix, she still could not end up with Gale....
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posted by psychmacgyver
I lean against the pine pokok with my axe set beside me, and my pad and pencil in hand.
"Would anda hurry up with that, Dev?" my father Aaron exclaims.
"Let me just finish this stanza, and then I'll get choppin'," I shoot right back.
"And be quick about it!", my father exclaims yet again, unloading all of his body strength into his axe, hammering away at the pine. I, Devin Qurstil, being a 15 tahun old, from District 7, write puisi as a hobby and a sport. I have made several pieces, about differating themes. I am now qualified to start out at being a lumberjack, as anda start out after your fifteenth...
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 Willow Shields on Cover of Girls Life Magazine
Willow Shields on Cover of Girls Life Magazine
"The sweetest person ever." That's how Willow's castmates describe her. So it's no wonder Hunger Games director Gary Ross cast her on the spot as the caring, animal-loving Primrose Everdeen (the District 12 girl picked for the Hunger Games 'til big sis Katniss steps in.)
''[When I got the part], I was going crazy,'' Willow says. Like Prim, Willow wears her hati, tengah-tengah on her sleeve. The New Mexico native, who has a family of pets like Anjing and chickens, has been actively involved in shelters and charity work, like the Stomp Out Bullying campaign, her entire life. In fact, it was Willow's open heart...
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Peeta and Katniss's kids profil Page

Name: Peeta and Katniss's kids.

Age: Between one to three years old.

Home: With our awesome parents.

Current location: In the garden, playing.

Interested in: Drooling, drinking milk, sleeping and burping.

In a relationship: What is a relationship?


WALL dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding WALL

Peeta Mellark: February 14th 13:04PM

O. M. G. I KNEW Katniss loves me too, and here's the proof! We have KIDS! YAY YAY YAY! :D

Katniss Everdeen: February 14th 13:06PM

Is this some kind of a joke?

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Cato The Sexy Buffalo profil Page

Name: Cato The Sexy Buffalo :)

Age: Eighteen.

Home: District Two, the utama of the killing machines! *yay*

Current location: In my home.

Interested in: Killing, fencing, winning.

In a relationship: No.


WALL dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding WALL

Cato The Sexy Buffalo: February 21st 14:52PM

Yeah, that's right ladies – I'm single. anda can fight over me any minute. Preferable, wearing bikinis. And in a puding pool. atau a mud pool. Really, it's up to you. Be creative as anda like. Last one...
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Here's Parody I wrote ! (:

Today, I don't feel like doing anything.
I just wanna sit in my tree.
Don't feel like picking up my bow,
Or rebeling against president snow,
Cause today I am not playing the hunger games.

I'm goona pick up some arrows and sit on a branch
Stay away from the careers, eat a green plant.
No gamemaker's goona tell me I can't.


I will walk around the arena, do nothing at all.
And I know this will anger, the capitol
Cause right now I know im really dull.

Oh yes I berkata it,
I can say it,
Cause Im the mockingjay

Today, I don't feel like doing anything.
I just wanna sit in my tree.
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posted by cartooncudly999
Okay so this artikel is going to be about Katniss and Peeta's daughter. This is my first hunger games peminat fiction so please be nice.

My name is Fiona Marie Mellark. I am 12 years old. They still have the hunger games and today is the hari of the reaping. I get out of katil and I got to the dapur where I found my Mom and Dad waiting for me. " Here's an outfit to wear at the reaping, go get ready" berkata my mom. That is exactly what I did and then before I knew it I had to go to the reaping. We walked over and got through the part...
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Here's a parody I wrote! (:


Hey I heard anda were a tribute
Peeta, I'll take anda home, I swear to you.
In the cave I'll Ciuman you.
I wanna live through these games,
with you.
Hey I heard anda like me too

2 to 1 lets do it.
Hunger games, let's best not lose it.
Sick of waiting, let's just choose it.
Here with Katniss - She's the coolest.
I don't care, if the rest are right there.
Throw your arrows up in the air.
Aint no surprise she can climb so high,
touching the sky, hope ill be her guy.
Girl on api, kebakaran - boy with bread.
Commiting suicide instead.
Districts watching? we don't care.
throw them...
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Used to be your, tribute.
Used to live for you,
thought that I'd be selamat, peti deposit keselamatan forever.

Now the quarter quells here,
Districts gone to hell here,
And anda bring me back for another?

Now you're talking crazy,
Saying the games made me,
Like I was your capital smile
Let's see how these games go
Right hand on my big bow,

Imma do it Mocking jay Style(x2)

Back in district 12 , when it was reaping time. They called my sister prim, they pulled her out of line.

Momma always berkata she should never go away,
prim was way too young for these hunger games.

You bet that I believed her, every word she said. I volunteered for prim,...
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 Willow Smith as Rue
Willow Smith as Rue
Okay, so I just read Hunger Games and Catching api, kebakaran a few months ago. I immediately fell in Cinta with both buku and the characters in it. I am team gale.. But unfortunately I couldn't find anyone who I thought could play him, Katniss, atau Peeta. So If any of anda have an Idea for who should, tell me. Also Tell me which team your on Thanks (:

(Rue) Willow Smith

(Haymitch) Rupert Boneham

(Cinna) jay Manuel

(Thresh) Stanislav Ianevski

(Glimmer) Hayden Panittere

(FoxFace) Emma Stone

(Avox Girl) Rose Mcgowan

(Katnisses Mom- holly Marie Combs
 Rupert Boneham as Haymitch
Rupert Boneham as Haymitch
 jay Manuel as Cinna
Jay Manuel as Cinna
 Stanislav Ianevski as Thresh
Stanislav Ianevski as Thresh
 Hayden Panittere as Glimmer
Hayden Panittere as Glimmer
 Emma Stone as FoxFace
Emma Stone as FoxFace
 Rose Mcgowan as Avox Girl
Rose Mcgowan as Avox Girl
"So, my turn?" Cato asked and moved to the middle of the circle.

He spun the bottle and returned to his seat.

And it landed on…


Thresh looked indifferent. Cato smirked.

"Truth atau dare?" Cato asked the indifferent looking Thresh.

"Dare," Thresh replied indifferently.

"Ooh, I have a nice dare for you!" Cato declared.

He got an indifferent look from Thresh.

Which freaked him out a bit. Didn't Thresh have any other face expressions? Was he just indifferent all the time?


"Come on Cato, say the dare already!" Katniss urged him, looking actually quite excited.

Cato shot Katniss a look, then turned...
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posted by Berenice910
It's a girl ! anda have a very healthy baby Ms.Everdeen . Tomorrow it's Mrs. Malarg . I'm getting married tomorrow . Katniss was nervous since she was three months pregent and the wedding was tomorrow . Mom i'm utama . Is it a boy
atau a girl ! It's a girl ! anda should go to sleep the wedding is tomorrow . the seterusnya morning she put on
her dress and went to the wedding . Katniss do
anda take Peeta as your husband I do . do anda Peeta I do . anda may Ciuman the bride .then they went
on there honey moon.
posted by pasdoll
Thresh profil page

Name: Thresh.

Age: Eighteen.

Home: Eleven.

Current location: Home.

Interested in: Nothing.

In a relationship: No.


WALL dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding WALL

President Snow The Sexy Rooster: 18th March 14:26PM

That's it? A single word for every soalan in your profile? Spice it up a little! Have longer answers! Make it interesting for the readers!

Thresh: 18th March 14:28PM


President Snow The Sexy Rooster: 18th March 14:29PM

…or not. Whatever. Stay cool.

- President Snow The Sexy Rooster has left...
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To take the quiz, put an x seterusnya to every statement about each character that applies to you, then add them up, and you're whichever character anda checked off the most statements for.

[ ] anda would do anything to protect your family.
[ ] anda have good aim.
[ ] anda hate cats.
[ ] anda like to wear your hair in a braid.
[ ] anda find sticking to instructions tough.
[ ] anda aren’t too fond of people in general.
[ ] anda hate being indebted to people.
[ ]You hold grudges.
[ ] anda wouldn’t describe yourself as a warm, friendly person—you’ve got about as much charm as a dead slug.
[ ] When you...
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posted by Glimmer101

I looked to my right and to my left. The Cornucopia was in the center of the pantai we were on. In front of us was a vast, beautiful, ocean. To my left was a giant crater, and to my right a tropical jungle. anda could almost hear the cries of the tributes erupting from there. The thought satisfied me. I looked towards the crater again... there was something there. There were multiple somethings's there.

A very loud noise suddenly attacked my ears, and then I heard the cannon. BOOM! But it hadn't been 60 saat yet. I whipped my head around to the other tributes. I saw one of the platforms,...
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District 1 (luxury items): Well, being in the games is a huge honor here in District 1!

District 2 (masonry): Are anda kidding me?! THE GAMES ARE HUGE FOR US!!!!! We always want to win, always known and feared for our bloodlust!

District 3 (electronics): *prior to bloodbath* okay, so the speed it'll take me to get into there and get the pisau and back out again is approximately a minute, compared to the speedier 20-second tributes, but what about getting out? And the probability...what did they say about that again? Oh, right, about 22% of tributes die in the first quarter in the bloodbath...then...
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