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I am just Penulisan for fun. So that means I am makeing this up as I go. Leave me comments!!!!

Oh my God. Why would the Gamemakers have done this? This is the first time, ever, they are doing this. I cant believe this. They are going to let two tributes, from the same distract win the game. Peeta! The last I seen him was when I cut down the tracker Jackets nest. Rue told me, before she died, that he leafted the Careers. I hope he didn't get hurt. I had to find him.

I thought. It was a couple of nights lalu I cut the nest...
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Peeta, age 5: FIRST hari OF SCHOOL:
There! There's that girl! That girl daddy pointed at. He was gonna marry her mommy. He berkata the reason he didn't was because her dad had a voice so pretty, the birds stopped to listen. What does that mean? I sit down with my friends. They play tag with me. The big lady stood up.
"who knows the valley song?"
The girl sticks her hand in the air. She starts singing. Now I know what daddy meant.

Peeta: AGE 11
I focus. Uh, that bunga is a weird shape. Oh well, it's just icing. It all ends up in the same place anyway. The cake is almost done. I tried to make this...
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posted by Fizzy-Izzy
We all Cinta the hunger games right? (duh! atau anda wouldn't be Membaca this)
But all of us have a different opinion of Twilight. Would the hunger games movie REALLY be the new twilight.
I doubt it very much.

For one thing, the hunger games is a completely different story (try as I might, I could not find a connection between 'vegetarian' Vampires and teenagers being forced to kill each other).
For another thing, the hunger games doesn't have the right elements to generate the same crazy hype that twilight created.

Now sejak the right elements, I mean:

1. A boneless doormat of a female lead with about...
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posted by huddy_aimee
AN: I keep forgetting to write these damn things. Well, thanks to the two who rated and commented. I am so used to having lots of komen-komen on my fanfiction that this is a bit of a shock. But anyway, thank anda still.
Reviews that I do get are like drugs and any critique I get is MUCHLY appreciated! Sorry my chapters are so long. As I berkata in my first one, I haven't written fanfiction in a LONG time.
Read, review and RATE!!

Chapter 2

My name was pulled from the bowl. It had lain undisturbed for 3 years to now be chosen. As I stood on the steps of the Justice building, I looked around at the citizens...
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I was on and saw picture of someone with the mockingjay book and it wasn't an advance copy.
apparently, it was being sold at Wal-Mart. i think this is Wal-mart's cheap strategy on getting a lot of money. They released the book 3 days ahead of schedule.
So annoyed that Wal-mart would do that and what ever anda do, please don't buy it, it would kill everything!!!

Can people check at there local Wal-mart to see if they already released the book and if they are, can anda please tell them to stop the sale of the book.
 picture is not mines. i did not take it. But this is the picture of mockingjay being sold at walmart.
picture is not mines. i did not take it. But this is the picture of mockingjay being sold at walmart.
posted by pasdoll
FoxFace profil page

Name: Sha'Nay Nay Shataniana.

Age: 16.

Home: District Five.

Current location: seterusnya to the computer.

Interested in: Reading, being smart and intelligent, outsmart the other tributes, dancing between mines.

In a relationship: No :(


WALL dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding WALL

Katniss Everdeen: 18th May 14:59PM

Wow. Sha'Nay Nay… It's just… Wow. I did not know this was your name.

FoxFace: 18th May 14:59PM

Yeah, well anda never bothered learning it, ha, Girl on Fire? Because of you, now everyone will remember...
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posted by pasdoll
Finnick Odair profil Page

Name: Finnick Odair, but anda can all call me "The sex god of panem".

Age: 24.

Home: District Four.

Current location: In front of a mirror.

Interested in: Swimming, using my trident, tying knots, taking my baju off, winking, smirking, and being irresistibly beautiful.

In a relationship: Yes. Yes I am. Annie, anda are the Cinta of my life! *heart*


WALL dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding WALL

Annie Cresta: January 12th 15:42PM

Finnick? Are anda there? Why can't I see you?

Finnick Odair: January 12th...
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posted by pasdoll
Primrose Everdeen profil Page

Name: Primrose Everdeen.

Age: 12 :)

Home: District Twelve – The Seam.

Current location: seterusnya to Buttercup *heart*

Interested in: Healing, smiling, caring and loving :)

In a relationship: Twelve tahun old, guys…


WALL dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding WALL

Primrose Everdeen: November 29th 17:29PM

Buttercup is the best cat in the whole wide world! *a drawing of a heart*

Katniss Everdeen: November 29th 17:32PM

Yeah, but I still think it could've been better as dinner.

Primrose Everdeen: November...
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posted by pasdoll
Gale Hawthorne profil Page

Name: Gale Hawthorne

Age: 18

Home: District Twelve, the seam.

Current location: seterusnya to the computer, obviously.

Interested in: Hunting, Katniss and destroying the Capitol.

In a relationship: Not at the moment, but I have a forty-eight steps plan to win Katniss's heart.


WALL dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding dinding WALL

Peeta Mellark: November 14th 19:37PM

What do anda mean sejak forty-eight steps plan to win Katniss's heart? She's mine! I loaf her!

Katniss Everdeen: November 14th 19:37PM

Peeta, what did...
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posted by marvel-glimmer
Although Hunger Games is amazingly good, and I encourage everyone to watch/read it and like it, there are a lot of things that annoy me.
For example, it is only natural to ask if anda are on Team Peeta atau Gale, but now it is getting a bit annoying. One of the main reasons I like Hunger Games is that it is nothing like Twilight. Now, everyday people are asking what team are anda on? There shouldn't be teams! If anda like Peeta anda don't have to hate Gale. Katniss got Peeta in the end, but she still liked Gale. anda can like Peeta and Gale and all the other guys in Hunger Games.
Another thing that...
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posted by DominateEarth
A film company called Color Force has acquired film rights to the Hunger Games. According to the International Movie Database, the film is projected to be released in 2011.

Color Force seems to be a relatively new company, and little to no information is available.

It seems that Nina Jacobsen, former president of the Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group, is either working with atau owns Color Force. Jacobsen has an extensive history as a film executive, overseeing projects for films such as Pearl harbor, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Pirates of the Caribbean, Signs, and the Princess Diaries, among others.

Update: Lionsgate will be working with Colorforce on this film.
posted by jaimiejo128
sir are anda ok?
get off me snow berkata get me an escort
ok sir right away sir
an avox escorted him right away. I want her found right ayway snow yelled.
i will send someone right away
katniss is at utama with peeta and the kid are playing in the woods and peeta is cooking katniss siting in the her bedroom looking out the window looking at the kids but some how she knows that something is wrong but what is it
the seterusnya hari she knows something is wrong it smells like death like snow she wake's peeta up and ask him to wake up the kids she walks down stairs and snow is in the liveing room peeta run's down stairs "the kid are gone"
"what did anda do with them"
"well that's for me to know and anda to worry about"
"tell me what anda did with them"

to be countinued ...
Madge Undersee: First choice Annasophia Robb (bridge to teribithia, because of winn dixie)
She's got the Berlakon skills and the looks!

Second choice: Ayla Kell (make it atau break it)

Rue: First choice: Yara Shahidi (Imagine That)

No saat choice.

Finnick Odair First choice: Yes, I know he's too popular, but Zac Efron (a little taller, and short hair)

Second choice: Jude Law (if he was a little younger, and tanner) (sherlock holmes)

President Snow First choice: Zeljko Ivanek (True Blood)

Second Choice: Ed O'Neill

Cinna: First choice: Hugh Dancy (Ella Enchanted)

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posted by TJoshifer

Life is difficult in The Ruins of District Thirteen. There is a low supply of Makanan and water, there is not that much shelter and everyone was for themselves and their family. Since this epidemic hit thirteen, there was only one person to blame it on; President Snow and his leading rise over Panem. The cause of this epidemic was a war; that set Panem into these Districts which are known as today. Snow decided to tunjuk Panem a piece of his mind so he decided to bomb and destroy District thirteen.

The war started off with a few shootings but then Snow got down to business and decided to...
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anda know now that I think about my life before the games I realize how much I hate myself then and now know who I’ve killed and what I could have done to save them.

In district one we’re known as the careers, I guess because we’re built up to fight in the games unlike the districts far below us.

The hari of the reaping is the worst, people panic and forget to train, I don’t take my chances, and dad complains that I practice too much, that the mayor’s daughter should be doing other things, mayor’s daughter duties.

But honestly I’d rather fight to the death than wear a dress and stand...
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Katniss everdeen the girl on api, kebakaran is now going to fight till shes dead but has seriuos compitition and may not make it out but with her guts she'll make it throw.Even when peeta turns his back on her completly she still fits and ends up Ciuman him anyway.Katniss has made two promises for prim and rue and did not fail them.rues soul still belives in katniss and hopes she has good luck in tje future but she wont in catching fire. Losing means certain death,wining means fame and furtune,the hunger games has began.
Other tributes
posted by xbloodystarx
So i just finish Membaca Mockingjay and i have to say it was amazing. Not completely what i wanted but amazing in its own way.
I would like to say that i talked to my grandpa about World War 2 right before i finish the book so that might have had an affect on my opinion a little.

But anyways, I really liked this book because i'm really into war and stuff and this book pretty much reveled what war is like without sugar coating it a lot. And i know some people didn't like it because they would have wanted the book to be lebih focused on Katniss choosing Peeta atau Gale, but this is not Twilight....
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Chapter two
A/N Sorry for taking so long, I procrastinate quite a lot… Please Review.

Losing my virginity was defiantly not how I imagined it when I was a young teenager, it was even better. Everything felt right, and it flowed perfectly in motivation between us, just like waves, he moved I moved. Peeta went the extra mile to make it memorable for me, but I suppose that could also be due to the fact that he has waited for that night for what seems like a very long time.
Peeta is my security blanket, he makes everything better, he understands, and I could not have wished for someone better to...
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"Peeta Mellark!"
What?! How?! My name was only in there once!!! I'm gonna die, and even worse, I'm gonna die in a fight with my true love! As I walk up to the stage, I look at my Friends as I pass. I can tell what that look on there faces mean. "Tough luck, bud."
I remember my family. My brothers. My dad. My mom. And Katniss.
Effie is saying something. I'm not listening. Then I hear Effie say something about shaking hands. I turn to Katniss, and as our hands touch, all I can think is "this is the closest im ever gonna get to romance with you."
Everything is a whirlwind after that, my families...
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posted by EastPwincess
I was gonna post this as a link but it keep going on about 'not accepting any pautan from this domain'.

The Hunger Games movie rights have been acquired sejak Lionsgate per their announcement on March 18, 2009. The Hunger Games is the first book in a trilogy sejak penulis Suzanne Collins, who will also be adapting the
Plot Synopsis
The Hunger Games movie is based on Suzanne Collin's best-selling young adult novel of the same name.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic America that has been divided into 12 districts and is run sejak the Capitol. Each tahun the Capitol holds a survival...
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