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posted by greasergirl96
ponyboy, i asked the nurse to give anda this book so anda could finish it. the doctor came in a while ago, but i already new it anyway. i keep getting tired and tired. listen, i dont mind dying now it was worth it, it was worth saving those little kids, their lives are worth lebih than mine, they have lebih to live for. some of their parents came sejak to think me and it was worth it. tell dally it was worth it. im just gona miss u guys and iv been thinking about it. that poem, the guy that wrote it. he ment your emas when your a kid, like green, when your a kid everything is new, dawn, its just,...
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Bam! anda hit the ground with a thud.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry!” A boy about your age says, truly apologetic. He grabs your hand and pulls anda up. anda find his eyes, and anda see how cute he is. He looks at you, stunned. “I’m… Really sorry.” He says as he stares into your eyes.

“It’s fine.” anda blush. “I would have fallen anyway, I’m clumsy.” anda say, brushing off your legs.

“Well if anda did, I’d catch you.” He grins. “Anyways, I’m Ponyboy. What about you?”

“(Y/N).” anda grin.

“I like that name. So.. Uh what brings anda to the camp?”’

“I Cinta the lake.”...
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I got utama from school and just lite up a ciggerete, when Darry walked in the room.
"Didn't I tell anda to do you'r homework before smoking any of that shit!" Darry berkata angrily to me.
"I will get right on it when i'm done Darry."
"Don't anda talk back to me boy! Get on it now." He emphasiezed on the word "now".
Now Sodapop walked into the room, and Darry walked out, grabbing my ciggerete and putting it in a ashtray before he left.
"Hey Pony. Do anda want to come to a party with me and Two-Bit?" Sodapop asked anxiously.
"No I have to do my homework. Darry's orders."
"Come on can't that wait?...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“I’m pregnant.” anda blurt out.

Darry looks at anda in complete shock. “What?”

“I’m pregnant, and I think we should put the baby up for adoption.” anda say in rushed words.

He just gives anda a funny look.

“Money’s tight…” anda continue. “It wouldn’t be fair to bring up a child like this… And I don’t know if anda even want it… I’d think it’d be best for him atau her.”

“What’s best for our baby is living with it’s parents who will work hard to make a good life for them.” He smiles at you.
I slowly maid my way into the local greaser hang out, I sat at the bar. I was new in town, and I didn't know anyone, I got a Dr. Pepper, and headed back out. I wasn't watching were I was going, and bumped into someone, I figured it was a Soc, so I jumped back up ready to fight.
"Watch it Soc!" I yelled, and the young boy I'd ran into stood.
"I ain't no Soc....Who are you?" He asked, I looked down. The boy looked about fourteen, and had dark brown-reddish hair, his eyes were green-gray. He wore a light blue hud, hood jacket, and blue jeans, he had a black tali pinggang on.
"I'm Babydoll Rose." I informed with...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
"Ponyyyyy" anda whined for the 6th time "No! (Y/n) I will not tell anda where we're going" anda to have been walking about 20 minutes. "Fine!" anda huff About 10 minit later y'all stove at a small steam behind some beautiful trees. It's compleatly hidden in them. "Pony- oh my gosh- how did anda find this, it's- it's beautiful" anda feel his arms bungkus, balut around your waist. "Not as beautiful as you" he whispers in your ear, then proceeds to Ciuman anda neck. The two of anda walk a little further and anda see a small checkered red and white blanket, with a wooden basket set up. "Oh pony, anda didn't" "Oh but...
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I heard the knock two times, and figured that it was just the wind, making a pokok branch blow and hit my window. I flipped through the channels, and turned on My Cousin Vinny. As the knocking grew faster, I knew that it wasn't the wind. I got myself out of bed, and threw the remote on my pillow. I walked over to the window, and pulled on the small, rusty latch. When I finally managed to pull the latch out, I slowly opened my window. "Two-Bit?" I asked in a confused voice. I was kneeling sejak the window, and my room was on the first floor, so Two-Bit and I were eye-level. I looked at Two-Bit's...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
All week anda where waiting for soda to ask anda to prom, which is tomorrow, and anda have telah diberi up on the thought that he might. Just as anda where about to leave for school anda opened your door and on the stoop there was a single red rose and a note attached that's said, "go to the place where we spend most our time at -S." A smile tugged at your lips while anda where on your way to the park, the place where anda and Soda spent most your time together. As soon as anda reached the park on the gate there was a not that read, "Go to the place where ducks waddle and ikan swim - S." And with that, you...
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 this is the back of the car we sit on to have a smoke
this is the back of the car we sit on to have a smoke
*My Crazy Friend Janes*

after Ponyboy and i finished our weeds off and talking we went on our way back to Dairy Hut. Dally and Johnny were waiting for us at the meja, jadual we had previously. "i thought i told anda two not run off," Dally berkata with a grin. "what happend to listening. Darry would kill me if i Lost anda in this bum state, Pony. what were guys doing anyway? anything i need to know?" i blushed and so did Ponyboy.

"aw, cut it out, Dal. we just met for pete's sake. whatdya think we were doing?" kuda, kuda kecil asked.

"i dont know. thats why im asking YOU, smarty."

"well, dont worry. Amber was just showing...
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posted by TomboyWriter
During filming, the actors playing the "soc"s were telah diberi leather-bound scripts and were put up in luxury accommodations, while the "greasers" were telah diberi battered paperback scripts and had to stay in the ground floor of the hotel, as director Francis Ford Coppola wanted to create tension between the two groups.

The letter jaket that the "soc" is wearing as he challenges Darrel is the letter jaket from the High School that penulis S.E. Hinton attended.

Over a half jam of the film was cut before release, due to movie executives fearing it to be too long and a chance of upsetting peminat-peminat of the...
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i felt like Penulisan a one-shot. i like them. maybe ill write more...

September, 1967

will anda blindly follow me
when im goin nowhere?
will anda keep your faith in me
when i dont have a prayer?

i stood on my front porch and waited. waited. waited for my Friends Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade, Two-Bit Mathews, and Steve Randle. we were going to school together. i impatiently tapped my foot. if they didnt hurry up, we were gonna be late. the cool, light, September breeze kicked my long, golden brown hair around. i pushed it outta my face. i looked at my watch. "damn anda guys!" we were definatley gonna be...
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 this is Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny (in order from left to right) i accidentaly meet them at Dairy Hut when i go and get an ice cream!
this is Ponyboy, Dally, and Johnny (in order from left to right) i accidentaly meet them at Dairy Hut when i go and get an ice cream!
intro thingy--this is going to be set in modern times and it has somethin to do with literary physics (which isnt real...i think). if youve ever read The Vampire Stalker sejak Allison van Diepen then u will know wat i'm talkin bout. if anda havent then READ THE BOOK. youll understand how most of this hapens. but literary physics is mostly like how...some authors write about other dimesions that they think r fake but r real which turn into their "fictional" books. and some "characters" menyeberang, cross over into the real world, which happens in The Vampire Stalker. its simple if u think about it :). but anyways...
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“Ponyboy, why are anda so-“

“I don’t like the way he looked at you.” He says as he puts his wallet in the nightstand.

You had gone out to bar, just to have a good time on a Friday night. anda saw an old friend from your hometown and got to talking. anda didn’t think anything really happened.

“Ponyboy, nothing-”

“You know what he was thinking. I mean, in that dress…” He says, eyes going over you. anda were wearing a tight black mini dress and heels.

“I don’t look that-“

“Yes anda do. anda look beautiful… And I know it’s wrong but fucking sexy.” He says, looking anda dead...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
 anda and Soda <3
you and Soda <3
anda run from a group of socs on the main jalan as they chase you. They berkata they wanted to give anda a good time, but this wasn’t your thought of a good time. anda could only think of one place where anda could run to, DX. That’s where your boyfriend, Sodapop, could keep anda safe. anda breathing was faster than your heartbeat and anda couldn’t make it all the way to the gasoline station. anda ran into the dark alley seterusnya to DX, hoping the socs wouldn’t find anda in the darkness; anda were wrong. They cornered anda against the brick walls; that’s when finally someone spoke up, “You shouldn’t...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“Ok, anda remember how to go, accelerate, slow down and brake, right?” I ask (Y/N).

“Yes I do.” She says in that you’ve-told-me-a-million-times voice.

“Ok… Well are anda sure anda want to do this?” I ask nervously.

“I’m positive.” She says as she gives me a quick Ciuman on the lips.

“I swear, if anda hurt yourself…” I shake my head.

The motorcycle starts, and goes forward. Instead of going with the motorcycle., she flips off backwards from it.

I immediately rush to (Y/N).

“Oh my god, (Y/N), are anda ok? Are anda hurt? Where are anda hurt?” I say, head spinning. If she’s hurt badly I’ll just…

“Dally I’m fine.. The motorcycle-“

“Steve can fix the motorcycle. Are anda ok? Where are anda hurt? Do we need to go to the hospital?”

“Dally I’m fine!” She laughs.

“You worry me,” I say, as I scoop her into a hug.
This is a poem I wrote for Ponyboy. I needed a way to express myself. I'm also planning on Penulisan a song for him. I've already done it for Johnny, Dally, and the outsiders. I just haven't thot of any good words for it yet. But anyway if u r goin to post this anywhere else just remember to give all credit to me. I wrote it. I deserve the credit don't I? U dig? Anyways, enjoy:

Whenever I close my eyes
I always see your face
Whenever I read your lines
I always wanna change my fate

I'm stuck in a world that duznt hold u
A world that will never know u
I daydream my hati, tengah-tengah away
Wishin anda were with...
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✨Two-Bit's P.O.V:✨
Mary and I raced each other to the couch, and she won sejak a perpecahan, berpecah second. "I beat ya!" She exclaimed as I jumped onto the sofa, kerusi panjang seterusnya to her. We were both facing each other, and I was gazing into her blue eyes, and she was gazing into mine back. This was it. I had to tell her that I liked her. But instead of telling her, I decided that I was going to Ciuman her. I leaned closer to her very slowly, and put my hand on her cheek. I didn't know how she felt about me, but as Soda would always tell me, "Just Go For It." And so I did. I felt my lips brush up against hers, and I...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
"Would anda leave me if I got fat?" anda asked. anda and Dallas were on the hud, hood of his truck, looking up at the stars. Dallas tightened his grip on anda hand just a little, but not too much. He didn't want to hurt you. "I'd get fat with you." He said. anda looked from the sky to him. He was already looking at you. "What if I was huge? Like an elephant... atau a whale?" anda asked. Dallas chuckled. "I'd be twice the size and I'd make sure anda felt beautiful no matter what." He said. anda scooted even closer to him-if that was even possible. He wrapped his arm around anda and kissed your forehead. "I'll...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
“Hey.” anda call to your bestfriend.

As soon as he hears your voice, he turns around, and stomps off in the other direction.

“What the hell?” anda call after him, running to catch up. He was a lot bigger than you, his strides were longer, but anda caught up to him.

“Hey.” anda try again. No answer. He just stares ahead of him.

You step in front of him. “What the fuck is going on?” anda ask, eyebrows raised.

He stops, kinda looking around, as if to find the words to say.

“Can anda please move?” He finally decides.

“Please? You, Dallas Winston, just berkata please. Obviously something is...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Ponyboy’s Perspective

“Dad, why does Jesus have a scary beard?” My eight tahun old Rhett whispers.

“I don’t know…Maybe they couldn’t shave back then.” I whisper back.

“Oh,” he nods. It seemed to make sense to him.

Twelve tahun old Scarlett looked over at us, trying to see what all the whispering was about. I waved my hand at her to tell her it wasn’t important.

Charlie had crawled into my lap halfway through the sermon. He was five now, but still my little man. He was half asleep sejak now.

(Y/N) was at home, on katil rest. Ella atau Robert could be born any hari now. I would be a dad to four. That would be scary. Horrifying.

But I was happy.