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posted by bubbles12320
Narrator: The city of Townsville,is sleeping but it looks like someone isnt tucked in katil yet.....

(Bubbles and Buttercup are sleeping but then Buttercup awakes when she hears something)

Buttercup: What was that?? I better go see...

(Buttercup goes quietly down the stairs and sees Blossom coming in)

Buttercup: Well Well Well! Look who decided to sneak out to see her dumb boyfriend!

Blossom: Quiet! I dont wanna get in trouble!... and hes not dumb!!

Buttercup: Whatever!! What happened to the stupid Brick who almost killed us last time! huh HUH!!

Blossom: Shut up! and hes changed! All of the rowdyruff...
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posted by boomerlover
 Brick interview.
Brick interview.
Narrator: So Brick, what's it like being the leader?

Brick: Oh... I personally think it's a great honor.

Narrator: There has been rumors that anda are the brains behind the plans of the Rowdyruff Boys. Is that correct?

Brick: Precisely. I come up with all of our plans of attack as anda have seen...

Boomer and Butch: (from the background) Liar!

Brick: As I was saying before I was *RUDELY* interrupted... *I* come up with all of our plans whether the boys want to admit it atau not.

Narrator: I see... so I want to ask you... I hear that Butch likes to call anda "Mr Mom". What is that about?

Brick: Oh that......
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(So the Powerpuff Girls and the RowdyRuff Boys are now 16 and in high school and are now dating)
Brick:So Bloss anda going to the dance tonight?
(Buttercup and Butch walk in)
Buttercup:Hey Brickleberry
Butch:Hey Blossoy

Brick:Didn't I tell anda to stop calling me Brickleberry?
Blossom:Didn't I tell anda to stop calling me Blossy?
Buttercup:Aww come on those are anda nick names
Butch:Ya dude

(Bell rings)

Blossom:We better get going to class

(All walk to class and sit down in seat)

Boomer:Hey Butterscotch
Bubbles:Hey Butcharo
Butch:-thinks-why does she keep callin me Butcharo

Teacher:Ok class we have...
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 What Is Going On?
What Is Going On?
hei guys, Boomer here again. So continuing on... The class heard a beeping sound. It seen to be coming from underground. It seemed sorta like a nuke atau nuclear bomb. The beeping sound sorta seemed like a breach instead of an actual bomb. Either way these things are used for breaking down doors and stuff. Either way, It was RIGHT seterusnya to me. I really had nothing to do but stand back. I was gonna tell the others. But seeing how they were always jerks, I decided to run outside the building. When I did, five teachers and two classes followed. They most likely was smart. I stood behind a building....
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 Me Exhausted From A Horrible hari At School...
Me Exhausted From A Horrible Day At School...
Hello, my name is Boomer. I am a victim of the Townsville Middle School Massacre. Now your maybe wondering what that is. atau how It happened. Well, I'll tell you.

It was Tuesday at the school 8:00 and I was late. (Like Always) I had to comb my hair a little bit lebih since I forgot my hair gel. But when I got to school, I saw a kid who actually look a lebih fatter than usual. He seemed to also have a concerned look on his face, which I couldn't see why he had such a look. So I just ignored It and continued to class. I had to run of course. When I got to class, the teacher Mr. Hankman was furious....
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 hei Bubbz!
Hey Bubbz!
NARRATOR: Aw, isn't that sweet?

(Professor comes out and sees the 2 sleeping in a heap, he decides to carry them inside and set them on Buttercup's bed.)

PROFESSOR*whispering to himself*: That is so sweet.

(He walks downstairs and sees the other 2 boys wrestling and playing.)

PROFESSOR: Hey, calm down before anda break something.

BRICK: Sure sure. Boomer stop.

BOOMER: Come on! We was just having a little anjing, anak anjing play!

BRICK: We was? anda mean we were.

BOOMER: Sure...

(Bubbles then paws at Boomer softly to get his attention.)


BUBBLES: Heeeeeloo!



BOOMER: What'r anda doin'...
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--where we were last at--
brick:how can i save her though :/
isabelle:you can do it with my help!duh!!
brick:ya lets go!!--flies off--
---with blake,blain,blade--
blade:what time did anda say again?
blake:you idiot!!--slaps him-- midnight!!
blade:freak!! um dont anda know that hurts!
blain:duh! thats why were doin it!
--brick bust in--
brick:give me blossom...NOW!
blake:aww anda gonna save your poor lil' crush well guess what..shes mine now!!
brick:ahh!! no shes not!
--clock hits midnight--
brick:oh no im to late!
blake:sure are!
blossom:huh?buttercup.bubbles..WAKE UP!look..
--buttercup and bubbles wake up--
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posted by boomerlover
Once upon a time there was a very conservative knight named Sir Brick. He was the most chivalrous in the land; he was always fighting for his country, he was respectful to women and he was loyal. He was every girl's dream; smarts, look and attitude. However, Sir Brick was not the hookup type atau the type that goes for a girl just for her beauty. He was the get-to-know-you type. Most girls in the land wanted his love, but one sejak one, he's turned them down.

One day, he decided to let four princesses compete for his love. The four princesses were Princess Blossom, Princess Berserk, Princess Brat...
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posted by boomerlover
 Interview with Butch
Interview with Butch
Narrator: So Butch, being the tough one, what's it like?

Butch: Fun. I can kick butt, but I think titles are stupid. Like, who made Brick the "smart one"? I'm smart! I get a C in school. I just prefer to play video games instead of doing my homework and I am not some bookworm atau some geek that studies like 100 hours a day. I always say Brick studies too much. And who made Boomer the "cute one"? I'm cute! Look at this hair sticking out of my head! Look at these facial expressions! I just don't have some stupid cutesy voice nor do I pick Bunga and watch soap operas and whatever sissy stuff Boomer...
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posted by boomerlover
 Butch and his video games...(of course.)
Butch and his video games...(of course.)

Role: Butch is the toughest of the Rowdyruff Boys.

Personality: Butch's personality puts the "rowdy" in Rowdyruff. His personality is like that of a typical little boy. Like Buttercup, he likes to play rough and fight. He also is mostly the bully of the group. Because of that, Butch is the sumber of the arguments he has with his brothers. But don't let the spikes and nails fool you! Butch actually has lebih of a soft side lebih than Buttercup does. Like Brick, he prefers to bottle it rather than tunjuk it most of the time. Butch is also a very jealous boy.

Intelligence: Butch is the least intelligent...
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posted by Butterscotch000
Well, it came faster then when i telah diposkan loceng as kitty. Who ever whants me to make them a kat atau a dog just tell me the deitails. thanx again people!
oh yea, the picture will maybe not tunjuk up. sorry about that.

I will make lebih soon guys. their is something wrong with my computer. i am trying to fix it as soon as i can. no bad komen-komen plz.

what anda need to do to have anda own cat atau dog.

gender:M atau F

hair color:

Tail type:

Dog atau cat.
now i will make your cat atau dog. no bad komen-komen again.
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[ lets start with the greens]

bc; that jackass butch made go on adate with him
butch;ready kauro
bc;yes to die
butch; why babe
bc; toget away form anda
butch;if u dont want to go on a tarikh then we can go to the park
bc;thanks i guess
butch;come down
[in the park]
bc;so butch not to be noise but why did u ask me out
butch; well bc i guess i like u
bc; but u should know that were enimies
butch;we use to be
bc;soo wat do we do know
butch;one to get an ice cream
bc;ok race u there
butch;fine but lets make it intresting if i win u have to pay and if u win ill be ur servent for a week
bc; deal
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