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added by Fredericko007
The seterusnya morning, Dennis stopped sejak and noticed remnants of a bubble left behind in a foot print. He picked up some of the colorful liquid and blew a bubble. Hey! anda may not know it cowboy but we got a rule around here about blowing bubbles! yelled Black Dog. At his command, the other pirates recited the motto. All bubble blowing Bayi will be beaten sejak every....said Black Dog before getting punched sejak Dennis Able bodied patron in the bar. they finished After, Dennis left as quickly as he arrived.
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Spongebob and Patrick had been walking for miles and finally arrived at the The Thug Tug, where their car was parked, but the key was missing. The two peeked into the window of the tug and saw some of the roughest, toughest pirates they ever met. They saw the one who mencuri their key, Mad Monty. Spongebob and Patrick discussed how to get the key. Spongebob wanted to be the one who distracted the pirates, but Patrick already volunteered. Patrick walked in and the pirates ceased their fighting and surrounded Patrick. I have to use the bathroom. berkata Patrick It's uh right over there. berkata Mad Monty....
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