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Elena was eating puding when the door opened and Katherine appeared.
“Katherine!” Elena exclaimed shocked. “You can’t just barge in here. I could’ve been naked for all I know”
Katherine raised her eyebrows and smirked. “Nothing I haven’t seen before” Elena thought about that. “Eww, gross” she commented.
“So” Katherine said, sitting down on the bed. “How’s my doppelganger doing?”
“Why do anda care?” Elena asked curious.
“I don’t” Katherine berkata bluntly. “I’m just trying to get in your good grades so you’d give me the rest of your pudding”
Elena gave...
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Caroline and Tyler were sitting at the table. Caroline was taxing. “I’ve been trying to call Bonnie all day. Do anda have any idea where she could be?” Tyler didn’t answer and so Caroline looked up, seeing him staring at the red-haired girl that was walking out the bar. Caroline pushed Tyler’s arm and he looked back front. “What?” he asked pulling his shoulders.
“I asked if anda knew where Bonnie is” she berkata a little grumpy, though Tyler not responding right away was not the reason for her sudden change of mood.
“No” Tyler said. “I thought anda berkata she was on a vacation...
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Cas’ phone rang as he walked slowly towards the other two men. Without looking he picked up. “Meg”
“Where are you?” Meg asked a little hysterical. She was standing sejak the table, holding Cas’ note in her hand.
“I believe I left anda a piece of paper with my whereabouts” Cas replied.
“Yeah. Dear Meg, I have some unfinished business I have to deal with. I’ll be back tomorrow” Meg read from the note. “What unfinished business? Where are you?” she repeated a little angry.
Cas didn’t answer immediately. He had spotted his targets and caught up with them. “Do anda remember...
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Heather walked inside the police station. She was going to talk to inspector Roberts. Maybe she could help her find that Kevin guy.
“Can I help you?” a woman asked. Heather turned around and frowned confused. She had spent a lot of days at the station, but this woman she had never seen before.
“I’m looking for inspector Roberts” Heather said.
“Inspector Roberts?” the woman repeated with raised eyebrows. “Who’s asking?”
“I’m her cousin” Heather confessed.
“I see” the woman nodded in understanding. “Why don’t anda follow me?” She led Heather to her office.
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“Miss Masters?”
Meg looked up and saw Doctor Spencer came her way. She scribbled up.
“Can I talk with anda for a moment?” he asked and he sounded deadly serious. Meg followed him to an empty room and he waved at a chair. Meg sat down and so did Doctor Spencer.
“We checked Mr. Novak’s blood. The sample I took last week. We couldn’t find anything” Doctor Spencer began. Meg knew there was lebih to come, atau else he wouldn’t have taken her apart. “However, the lab has examined his blood again after he was brought in last week. And this time they found a small amount of heroin in...
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The seterusnya morning.
Cas woke up on the sofa, kerusi panjang of Meg’s motel. He slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes. Light shone through the curtains and Cas stood up and walked to them to open them. Dean’s Impala was parked across the street.
Meg ticked on the side windows of Dean’s car and Dean jumped up. He frowned and blinked to remember where he was. When he did, he turned the window down.
“What are anda doing here so early?” Meg asked.
“What’s in the bag?” Dean nodded at the small paper bag Meg was holding in her right hand.
“Breakfast” Meg replied short.
“Thanks, anda shouldn’t have”...
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Jeremy ran to the backdoor, which was the closest from the basement. He opened it and limped outside.
Veronica was furious. She hysterically banged the door and screamed for Jeremy to let her out. She conjured her phone and dialed a number.
“Jack, I’m in trouble. Jeremy locked me up in Rachel’s basement. anda have to come here”
Jack berkata something back.
“Oh, right, of course. You’re busy” Veronica nodded. “The window…No, I didn’t think about that. Okay, I have to hang. Thanks for the tip, Jack” She hung up and walked to the window. She caught a glimpse of Jeremy’s legs...
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Caroline woke up slowly and blinked her eyes. She was back in her katil and Bonnie was sitting sejak her side. The guy that had attacked her was sitting sejak the door, on the ground. When she saw him she rose and became upset.
“What is he still doing here?” she asked accusatory, pointing at Keith and looking at Bonnie.
“Waiting for anda to wake up, so he doesn’t have to explain himself twice” Bonnie explained calm. “I’m sorry, Caroline, I should’ve telah diberi anda a head’s up”
Caroline shook her head bewildered. “A head’s up? anda knew this was going to happen?”
Bonnie and Keith exchanged...
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“I know there’s a connection!” Liz exclaimed. “I know how to do my job. I don’t need some vampire to tell me that”
Caroline looked away, avoiding her mother’s stare.
“Caroline, I’m sorry” Liz berkata soft. “I didn’t mean…”
“Yes, anda did!” Caroline berkata firm. She turned her back on her mother. “You know, I just wanted to help you. I just wanted some distraction”
“I know, honey” Liz said. She lay her hand on Caroline’s shoulder, but she pushed it away.
“I guess I should go back to Elena” she berkata bitter. “At least she appreciates my help” And that being...
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Damon walked towards the old building. Jeremy had told Damon Veronica was alone now and though Jeremy didn’t want Damon to hurt her, he still thought that if Damon threatened her she’d listen and leave. Damon, on the other hand, very well knew Veronica wouldn’t let him scare her off and so there was only one thing left to do. Kill the bitch.
He opened the door, which was unlocked. That should’ve occurred strange to him, but Damon didn’t pay much attention to it. He walked through the hallway until he found the largest room.
“Hello, Damon” Veronica said. “So, Jeremy signs up...
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“You’re going to regret this” Rebekah berkata trembling. “That’s my necklace. I Lost it, back in the twenties. On the night I met your brother” Klaus never berkata she couldn’t tell Damon.
“You’re lying” Damon replied supercilious.
“Am I, now?” Rebekah berkata slowly as she stepped closer to Damon. “Stefan knew how to experience all the perks of being a vampire. We had so much fun together, while anda were probably sulking over your dear Katherine”
“And you’re telling me this, because?” Damon wondered.
“Stefan and I have a past, a present and if anda back off and don’t pull of stunts like anda just did, then we might have a future” Rebekah answered threatening.
“But pulling stunts is so fun” Damon replied.
“You don’t want be on my bad side, Damon” Rebekah threatened. Suddenly she gasped, her eyes bulged and her face turned dark grey.
“No” a female voice said. “But I do”
Rebekah fell down and Katherine appeared.
Elena was leaning against the door trying to hear what was being berkata when Damon pushed the door open. Elena rubbed her temple and looked angry at Damon.
He frowned, then got the picture. “Sorry” he mumbled.
“Where’s Kat?” Elena informed.
“Gone” Damon berkata short. “She won’t bother to come here…ever”
Elena gave him a weird look, but decided not to ask any further. Not about Kat, anyway. “Was that Caroline? I thought I heard her voice”
“Yeah, but she’s gone too” Damon said.
“Why?” Elena asked.     
“I sent her away” Damon said, avoiding...
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Damon raced outside and got into his car. He turned around the keys and drove onto the street. He then pushed the accelerator pedal and raced ahead.
He tried to keep his eyes open. He should have drunken some blood, if only just a little bit. He could almost feel his body breaking inside. But he had to stay awake long enough to get to the hospital.
Other drivers were hooting, because he drove from right to left and from left to right.
“Where did anda get your driving license?!” someone yelled angry.
Damon felt his eyes fall down. The car drove for another few yards, while other drivers tried to avoid it.
Then the car drove off the road, turned over three times, landed on its upper side and caught fire.
They were sitting on the same terrace Elena had had ice cream with Damon when Derek grabbed a chair from the meja, jadual seterusnya to theirs and invited himself.
“How are anda guys doing?” he asked looking from Stefan to Elena. He’d never seen the blonde girl before and thus he didn’t pay much attention to her.
“Did Damon send you?” Elena asked short.
“What? No!” Derek berkata desperate. He looked around before he continued. “But it’s because of him I’m here. He’s not doing good, Elena. He’s a total wreck”
“He should’ve thought about that before he attacked the poor girl” Rebekah...
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Meg was in the shower, when Dean knocked the door of the motel room.
“Cas, are anda still in there? I brought anda some clothes” he said.
Cas, who had put on his trench coat, walked to the door and opened. “Dean. Why don’t anda come inside?”
Dean accepted the offer and gave Cas the clothes. “I’m not sure if they’ll fit” Dean said, while he turned around.
“They fit perfect” Cas said. “Thank you, Dean”
“Don’t mention it” Dean said. “So, eh, are we done here?”
“You want me to come with anda now?” Cas asked.
“Yeah” Dean berkata a little irritated.
“Are you...
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“Zoey asked me to keep an eye on Alexia, while she visited Daphne in the hospital. Shannen, her babysit, berkata she would come later and then I could go to the hospital too. When Shannen arrived here it was raining and she was soaked. She asked me if she could take a pancuran, pancuran mandian first and I let her. Twenty minit later she came downstairs in the dapur and her leg was bleeding. I healed her and she wanted to give me some money, but I refused. Then she kissed me and tried to seduce me” Cas said.
Isabel’s colleague was Penulisan everything down.
“And did she succeed?” Isabel asked with raised...
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Gabe’s body was lying on a meja, jadual in the basement of the Salvatore Boarding House. Stefan was leaning ke hadapan to get a closer look, when he heard a door open and close.
“I’m down here!” he yelled, before the visitor could call him. Rushing down the stairs and an instant later Tyler appeared. “Glad anda could come so fast”
“You berkata it was important” Tyler replied scrupulously.
“It is” Stefan confirmed. He nodded at the body. “I need anda to…sniff this one. I want to know who killed him”
“You want me to sniff him?” Tyler asked with raised eyebrows.
“Pretty much” Stefan...
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“Bonnie?” Damon shouted. “Bonnie, where are you? Get back here!” But when nothing happened he understood he had to do this himself. He looked up at the chains and started pulling with all his strength. It hurt immensely, but he couldn’t stop. If this pain was necessary to be with Elena, he would go through it.
After a few minutes, that felt like hours, his right hand was liberated. Without hesitating he pulled his left arm and this time it took less time to free himself.
Then everything went black.
Damon opened his eyes and found himself outside on the spot where Bonnies house used to be. He looked at his arms. They had healed. He scribbled up and looked around. He felt different, like he’d been born again. Elena. He had to see Elena. And so he started walking in the direction of the Boarding House. He could sense she was there.
Damon was lying on the autopsy table, bare naked. A man in a white kot was standing over him, holding a scalpel in his hand.
Jeremy was standing at the reception of the police office, impatiently waiting for the sheriff to tunjuk up. After a few minit a door went open and Liz came inside. “Jeremy, hi, can I help you?”
“There was an accident tonight” Jeremy quickly started without an introduction. “What happened to the body?”
The coroner placed the scalpel seterusnya to Damon’s clavicle.
Liz arrayed her paperwork, taking her time to answer. “I don’t see why I should share that kind...
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Katherine was lying on bahagian, atas of the sheets. She was sweating all over her body and was having flashbacks from when she first met Stefan. She got out of katil and raised her hand. Smiling at an imaginary Stefan she slowly spun around.
A hard knock on the door and she came back to reality. The door opened and the doctor came in, holding a piece of paper in his hand.
“Miss Gilbert, why are anda out of bed?” he asked frowning.
Katherine stared at him, which kind of creeped him out. He looked at the paper and inhaled deeply. “I’m afraid I have bad news” he started. Then he looked up again. “Eh,...
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