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As a Christian and bible teacher I am pretty well known in many nations. I have done work in Israel, Canada, The United States, El Salvador, India and Ceylon. I served as a missionary in The Philippines. And I have experienced some of the most astounding Supernatural events, witnessed sejak hundreds of people all over the world.

A soalan that has come up lebih than a few times is why I watch The Vampire Diaries so much. "How could you, as a servant of Christ watch that show?"

For a long time even I did not understand why I was so taken sejak the show. There is quite a bit of blood and gore. And yet...
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Well, for one he lied to Elena ever since they met. And I know he was a vampire and all but he was going to have to tell her at some point. “There are things that anda don’t know. Things that I want to tell anda but I can’t. And I may never be able to.” So was he just gonna keep his vampire secret a secret forever? That’s kinda hard to hide from a person who anda are in a relationship with, especially Elena who can tell when you’re hiding something from her and will do whatever it takes to find out the truth. To quote Matt: “She’s big on trust man. Whatever you’re hiding from...
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The Vampire Diaries
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