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The Vampire Diaries
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So have any of anda ever wondered what happens to a person if somebody switches bodies with them? Cause I've always been confused bout that.

For example, whatever happened to Alaric when Klaus and him switched bodies? Was Alaric in Klaus's body? I like to think that he was. Why? Because the other options just sound so stupid and so bizarre, that I would have an easier time believing that my dog was actually a horse trapped in a dog's body than that this is what happens to the other person if they have been body switched.

The other option I guess (let's call it option B) if Alaric wasn't in Klaus's...
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“You should go see a doctor”
Elena and Damon were sitting at the dapur meja, jadual with the first aid kit in the center. Elena had tried to bandage Damon’s finger, but the bandage didn’t want to cooperate.
“I can’t go to a doctor, I’m a vampire” Damon said. “And it’s broken, a first aid kit is not going to help”
“But doesn’t it hurt?” Elena asked compassionate.
“It’s okay” Damon said. Bonnie had made the pain lighter, just like she did with the whole jinx, but of course she couldn’t take it away completely. For that she had to die and since he couldn’t kill...
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The Vampire Diaries
Elena Gilbert
Katherine Pierce
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10. Nina Dobrev
This “Degrassi” alum is capable as sullen teen Elena and really shines when playing the vicious bloodsucker Katherine. We Cinta her in period garb, wickedly teasing and taunting the Salvatore brothers.

9. Branching Out From the Books
One of our big concerns at the outset of the TV series was the limited scope of the buku it was based on, especially since the pilot covered much of the ground from the novels. But subsequent episodes have been anything but thin.

8. Plenty of Fanged Foes
When the tunjuk kicked off, it featured just two vamps: one good, one bad. But as the first season...
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