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The moment he closed the door, Damon’s phone rang.
“Caroline?” he berkata when answering.
“Damon, can I speak to Elena?” Caroline asked. “She won’t answer my calls”
“She’s a little distracted” Damon said. “Maybe I can help” he offered.
“You could, but I don’t think anda will” Caroline sighed.
“Try me” Damon berkata a little tired.
“Would anda come to the station and call Bonnie so we can find out where she is? I tried, but she won’t answer my phone calls. Maybe she will answer you” Caroline berkata not very hopeful.
“I won’t have to see her, right? Just call...
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Muzik was playing on highest volume and Mystic Grill was crowded. Kelsey headed to the bar and asked for a beer.
“Sorry, Kelsey, anda know I can’t do that” the bartender said. “You’re not 21 yet”
Kelsey groaned. “Oh, come on, Jake. I’m 20 and I look like 21. Can’t anda make an exception for your kegemaran customer?”
“No, sorry” Jake berkata stubborn. He continued doing dishes.
“Look, I’ve been a good girl, I got good grades and now I just want to have fun. It’s vacation, anda know” Kelsey insisted. “I got money” she berkata waving with some papers. Jake accepted one of...
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The seterusnya morning Bonnie felt a lot better and it looked like the weather was copying her mood. She walked outside to get some fresh air and almost stumbled over Jeremy.
“Jeremy?!” she exclaimed. Jeremy startled and looked up. He was completely soaked and wrecked. “Oh my God, anda sat here all night? Let’s get anda inside” Bonnie berkata worried. She sounded like herself again, Jeremy noticed. He got up and followed her inside. “Why didn’t anda go home, Jeremy?” Bonnie asked, while she was putting some tea. “I was worried” Jeremy said, shaking from the cold. “You were Berlakon very...
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sumber - VBC Vampires Best Couples
The Vampire Diaries
season 8
episode 14
its been hell of a ride
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