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I've heard a lot of ages of how old the Winx are and here's my opinion . . .

Season 1


Bloom - I think she's like 15 in season one because she's a freshman.

Stella - I know the Stellais older than the other girls because she failled her first tahun at Alfea so I would say she's 16

Tecna - I'm pretty sure that she's 15 like Bloom.

Musa - I think Musa's about 15.

Flora - Flora's is about 15 too because she's a freshman at Alfea.



Sky - Is about 16 because he was there last tahun *As berkata sejak Stella*

Brandon - Is also 16 because...
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 The Young Dark Bloom
The Young Dark Bloom
"Bloom, Bloom, Bloom!", berkata Lockette as she shivered nervously. "Wa Ha Ha Ha Ha!", chuckled Bloom as she transformed into Dark Bloom. Then Lockette tries to find the others.
"Yes, power will be mine", berkata Dark Bloom in a evil chuckle. The others came into Bloom's Dorm as Lockette told them what has happen. "Welcome, friends.", berkata Dark Bloom as a evil grin appeared on her face. "Bloom, are anda ok?", as Flora who was getting worried of Bloom's fairy transformation.
Then Dark Bloom blasted one of a awan sphere and broke the windows and flow away. "Come On, Girls. Bloom is Dark Bloom. CHARMIX!",...
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posted by WinxClub_Stella
I’ve been thinking about doing this review for a while (like two weeks) but hadn’t gotten around to it. If anda hadn’t seen the tajuk I shall be reviewing the Winx Fairy School app. I’m going to start off sejak saying I really Cinta this app and have been playing this throughout the summer so without anything else, here is my review.

The fairy school app is available on both iOS and Android devices, however it isn’t free. anda are able to purchase this app for £4.99 atau $6.99, there is a lite version (free) on the iOS but anda can only reach level 3.

The aim of the game is to become a Believix...
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Here I am again with lebih opinions to report. ;) This time I decided to give my input on the ever famous Bloom vs Icy debate.

Over on the most baru-baru ini (as of 6/6/14) Bloom vs Icy tinjauan I ended up leaving an artikel long komen backing my choice. I decided to retype that here and add even lebih opinions. Enjoy. And no I am not trying to offend Bloom fans

The only reason I think Bloom wins any fight is because she as 1.) penulis bias on her side and 2.) The 'the main character always wins' rule on her side. If she were any other character--particularly a villain, her fighting skills would be a big...
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