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 The Winx logo found during the Season 1 theme video.
The Winx logo found during the Season 1 theme video.
AN: Yes, I'm back! XD
Well, as I promised, here are the lyrics to the Rai English version theme song of Winx Club! :)


Season 1:


If anda can desire,
You can become one of our bunch!


Winx, if your hand is warm in mine,
It will give us greater power,
With a feeling we'll be sure fire-winners!
Winx, with a smile anda can enchant,
And anda lighten up our world,
With a feeling we can take flight watch us!

If anda desire anda can become,
One of our bunch!

Verse 2

With a magic ray the sky is all blazing,
An adventure is certain to start in those stars,
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The Winx were going to the bar, but they didn't know that the Specialists were coming. They didn't meet yet until they went to the bar.

The Winx were dancing. The Specialists saw Bloom. She looked awesome, and they fell right for her. But then the Specialists saw The Winx (Not Bloom). Brandon flirted with Stella, and had a glass of mineral water. Riven saw Musa, who acts like a bad-boy, so he fell right to her. They danced to the groove of the music. Flora looked at Helia, which surprised Helia as she came over checking out his sketch. It was Flora, and instead, they decided to drink some...
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