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posted by jinx_club123
At Headmistress Faragonda's Office............ Bloom: Headmistress Faragonda, may we ask a a question. Headmistress Faragonda: Sure thing girls. Musa: Well, Flora has heard a strange voice and seen half of his face. Headmistress Faragonda: Flora, what does he look like? Flora: Well, He has red eyes and a black hat. Faragonda: I think i know who he is. Girls: Who Headmistress?, Please tell us. Faragonda: He is Ardin. He is powerful and he can disguise himself anyone he wants to. Layla: So he is really powerful. Stella: sejak the way, how did anda know him, Headmistress? Faragonda: Follow me. All...
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This idea just came to me. If I miss any out feel free to komen and tell me. I'll be doing main characters and main minor characters, if anda know what I mean :p. Ok so lets get started.

Bloom - Mary-Sue

As much as Cinta Bloom, and I do she one of my kegemaran characters, I kind of have to agree on that she is a Mary-Sue. Practically everything does come to her with little atau no work but I do Cinta her never give up attitude.

Stella - Fashionista

You probably saw this one coming as it it pretty obvious, she is the blonde princess into fashion. There's one in every show, but I wish they made her slightly...
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posted by florasedge31
 Zendaya C.
Zendaya C.
The winx ran onstage.
"Hey everybody!" Musa yelled in the mic.
"The band that was supposed to be coming is running a little late so we're gonna be playing for anda for awhile." Musa continued then picked up her guitar.
"Hope anda enjoy." Bloom berkata into her mike.

Beat of my drum
by Zendaya
( link)
^link if anda haven't heard it:)

*After song and audience applause The other band enters and walks backstage.*
"Thank you!" Bloom berkata in the microphone and then the winx exited off the stage and went backstage.
"Their all yours." Bloom berkata to the band.
The band nodded at them and went onstage.
The winx got back...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Helia POV

I sat sejak Flora's side in the infirmary. There had to be a cure. If she was gone forever, I would have nothing to live for. She is my life. Everyone else sat around the room except Autumn and Ike. Julien noticed they were gone and got up.

Normal POV

"I'll be right back." He said, patting Helia's shoulder. He jogged out of the room and, about five minit later, the door opened and Ike walked in.

"Where are Julien and Autumn?" Brandon asked

"Julien's comforting Autumn. She's taking this pretty hard." Ike said, glancing over where Flora was.

"Were all taking this hard." Helia snapped. "Just...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Thanks again Princess-Flora! U have the best Ideas and this is like the 3rd time u have helped me out of writers block ;p
Flora POV

This can't be happening.... The two people closest to me are under some kind of spell, that we can't even figure out what the cure is. The pressure of everything is just getting to me. I feel a hand on my shoulder, and I turn to see the deep blue eyes of Ike, looking just as worried as I do. The seterusnya thing I know the world is spinning and everything goes black.


I catch Flora right before her head hits some broken glass....
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posted by lovebaltor
So as anda can see sejak the title, this artikel is going to be on my opinions that would be deemed unpopular atau least favored within this fandom. Hope anda enjoy my ramblings.

1. My kegemaran dub of the tunjuk is the 4kids dub.

Honestly, I don't see why so many people have such a problem with this dub. I have complaints saying that 4kids cut out scenes and changed the plot. I have seen episodes from Rai and the original and the only things they have changed are: Andros to Tides, Aisha to Layla, Domino to Sparks, Valtor to Baltor and Miele to Rose. These are only...
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So I couldn't come up with any good ideas for other stories, so just decided to continue with The New Girl. I hope anda like it!!!

The Winx and Autumn were in their dorm. They were bored, and couldn't figure out what to do. Even Stella had finished her homework. They were waiting until the boys got out of class to go to Magix with them.

"Hey, maybe we should leave now, I mean they get off in like five minutes." Flora suggested.


At Red Fountain, the girls texted the boys to get ready and meet them outside. While they were waiting, the awkwardly stood outside, trying to ignore all of the other...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Tecna versus Valtor
Valtor: Well at least I am battling the person I have something in common with. (Said with a smirk)
Tecna: (annoyed) what do we have in common?
Valtor: well both of us have spent some time in the omega dimension.
Tecna: (slightly furious) yours was because of what anda did; and I was only there when I sacrificed myself to close the portal and save all Andros/Tides which anda open and caused it to malfunction.
Valtor: (looking away) oh now did I?
Tecna: (beaming with rage) STORM OF NUMBERS (hurdles toward Valtor)
Valtor: (sent back a few feet sejak Tecna’s spell) good one but try...
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posted by StukoShipper101
So lots of people have been doing artikel-artikel like this, so I've decided to make one for my opinion.

I don't understand why many people don't like her that much. I know she's a girly girl, but she's awesome to me. The main reason would be because she is the saat Winx which has a same personality as me, apart from Tecna. I admit it, I am a girly girl. I also like her because she's just: stylish! I still remember the episode “The Domino Ceremony” when she made that bunga dress. She made Layla/Aisha's dress, so: ELEGANT! I admire her dream of becoming a fashion designer. I always wanted to...
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