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posted by TivaParaSiempre
Lovely recap sejak Megan, with special focus on the defining moments for Tiva in Season 8, just to appreciate how far our ship has come. :)
Source: probalicious.tumblr.com

What a wonderful season for our kegemaran couple we Cinta to ship. It was good wasn’t it?! When I got this request (anon shout out) I became overwhelmed with all of the “defining” moments Tony and Ziva experienced in the past season. It began in labah-labah and the Fly and continued right through to Pyramid. Now anda may be asking yourself atau me What are anda talking about? Tony and Ziva both had significant others this season. You...
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These are all completed multi-chapters stories.

These stories made me laugh, they made me cry, they made me upset, they made my hati, tengah-tengah went out for them. They kept me company when I felt so alone. They became my bedmates on cold rainy nights and my companions under the sun on a lazy breezy day.

If I don't feel my hati, tengah-tengah jump with even one scene then it's not worth my time.

Some of these fics may have spelling and grammar deficiencies but their stories are so wonderfully told anda just forget those little honest to goodness missteps.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. After Somalia sejak AliyahNCIS...
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It is warm at the pantai that day.

Though the clouds hide the sun, the heat still radiates down onto the rocky coast, lining the inlet the turns into the ocean a little ways out.

Their daughter tries running ahead of them, rapidly hoping over the rocks, trying to keep her balance on the uneven surface.

"Be careful, little ninja," Tony calls out to her. "Those are some big rocks."

The little girl simply giggles loudly as she continues her path out towards the water’s edge.

Ziva rolls her eyes as they continue to follow the girl.

"Why did she have to get your sense of discipline, Tony?”

"Hey," he...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
Tony lowered his camera to his knee and draped his arm around the woman beside him on the bench in the park. He was enjoying that she would accompany him when he had to do surveillance duty. He never told Gibbs that she was joining him when he was sent out on his own, but Gibbs knew everything so it wouldn’t surprise him in the least if he knew that they used this time to be together as well. It was completely against protocol, but it had yet to interfere with the last three cases so he figured Gibbs was just going to let it slide.

He turned his head slightly and placed a Ciuman in her hair...
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The Ciuman pressed to the spot just beneath her ear made her giggle, and she lifted a hand to bat away the perpetrator.

“Tony, stop it,” she berkata warningly. “I am trying to watch a movie here.”

“So am I,” he murmured, but he continued to nuzzle her skin. She tilted her head back—exposing lebih of her neck to him—intending to let him finish with his tunjuk of affection and then continue watching the movie, but it was clear that he had other intentions when his lips began grazing downwards and downwards. With the help of an overeager hand, the sleeve of her baju, blaus was tugged off her...
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 We've been caught
We've been caught

Hey, hey! So today I watch the latest episode of NCIS online. I would just like to cover all the Tiva scenes in this episode because us Tiva peminat-peminat have been starving for a little Tiva.

Our first Tiva scene is Tony worrying about loosing his hair, he asks Ziva if she would ever dat a bauld guy and she komen-komen on the fact she has dated men with thinning hair.

I want to say Ziva is veery cute in this episode and Tiva is very fun and light hearted!
I took some screen anugerah of the episode for anda so anda can see some cute scenes,I hope anda like them because I certainly...
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Okay... the final installment. It's been a long time since I telah diposkan the first part, but no matter, that just means that we've just gained lebih moments to add to the list!

Okay... here goes.

86. He wanted her to know that he'll be right there.
Even though they were arguing the first time and making up the seterusnya time, it doesn't stop him from being there all the time.

87. She can read his mind.
Page 57.

88. He would've been a five.
I think he actually contemplated shaving at that point. xD

89. She wants him to be who he is.
Because no matter how much she complains about him immature atau childish, there...
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Here's our very first Interview from our very first peminat Of The bulan - Dannii AKA Lie_To_me_123

Well Done Dannii, and thanks for all the time and effort anda spend on the spot!!

1. First of all - Why Tiva? Whats so special about them?
For me, what makes them special is that chemistry that was apparent as soon as Ziva came. Ziva was different from anyone that we'd seen Tony encounter before, she challenged him. But my Cinta has grown stronger because of their journey, their protectiveness of each other and everything that's happened to them over the years. Just them. :D

2. Are Tiva your favorite...
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He’s just dozing when he sees them, the beginnings of pinkish purple lights streaking across deep blue blanketed sky like bruises on skin. Dawn. The word makes his stomach clench and roil, and he instinctively pulls the warm body seterusnya to him closer between the sheets. A hint of a smile tugs at the edges of his lips when he hears her responding muffled groan against his chest.

Images from the sebelumnya night flash through his mind like the film of an old movie; her lips on his skin, his fingers in her hair, their bodies fitting together as perfectly as he had always known they would. The sudden...
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Mom and Dad can’t sleep because I don’t want be alone

"Ugh, it’s your turn" He sighs without opening his eyes

There’s no answer and even though he really doesn’t want to, he slowly opens his eyes to start repeating himself lebih loudly when he hears snoring and looks over to the dapur counter to see Ziva passed out with her head on an open book.
He can’t help but smile at how peaceful she looks so he chooses not to wake her.
Just as he is about to walk into the nursery to try to calm the screaming infant, there’s a knock on the door.

He walks to the door and opens it to find Gibbs...
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posted by NCIS_Addict_87
Hi all! I just wrote down all the stuff Cote berkata & answered during the live chat of NCIS tonight. Thought anda all might find it interesting. I'm sorry it's not in better format, but I just wrote in in word pad from copying from the live chat.

Hey everyone! It's Cote. So excited to see NCIS with anda guys tonight. I think it is awesome!
Thanks everyone for the love. I feel it! So good to be here. - Cote
Where is everyone joining us from tonight? - Cote
And NCIS is on! Woo Hoo!! - Cote
A2Q - kegemaran part of this episode is the guest cast. It is awesome. & working with my friend Diane Neal...
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She’s not oblivious to the smirk plastered on his face. In fact, she’s noticed it all morning, but she had hoped it’d be gone already. It’s another five minit before she can take it no longer and throws her hands in the air with impatience.

"What is it?" she hisses.

He turns his head and stares at her innocently, blinking for added effect.

"Is something wrong, Ziva?"

She scrunches her features and shakes her head.

"What is this…this thing anda have been doing all day?”

He shrugs and hides another smile behind his hand.

"I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to." He twirls...
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posted by choco_cookie
Here are some quotes, the best ones

Kill Ari Part 1
"Sometimes I used to picture anda naked,"
Then Ziva is there, simply watching.
"I'll call anda back," berkata Tony hurriedly as though he was on speaker phone
Then he stutters various gibberish along the lines of "it's not what it looked like"
Thus the very first soalan Ziva asked Tony was "Having phone sex?"

Tony: anda ever Gibbs Slap me again David and I will slap anda back harder.
Ziva: I was following orders!

Cover Story
Ziva: It was no secret. He's Penulisan about us!
Tony: Oh come on, it's not about us. I mean the whole part about Liza and her broken...
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I know we don't have the cutest OTP name on this side of the television, but then again, who has? ;D

Currently we're number 1 so let's keep it that way. So go vote now!!

You can vote for up to 3 couples!! yay!! ;D

From TV Breakroom:
"We’re launching this year’s TV Olympics with the ever-so-cute (you can read that as sarcastic if anda lean toward a lebih jaded view of the world) category of couple names! Often these are used sejak peminat-peminat to promote their preferred pairing in shows with Cinta triangles, but occasionally they’ve shown up in actual episodes:

The Big Bang Theory...
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They had promised to meet a tahun after their goodbye, in Paris, the city of love.

Ziva David left terminal 2E in a taxi. The driver was a small gempal, stout man with a red face, who had taken her small case and thrown it in the back of his car. “Où vàs tu?” Her asked her from the front kerusi, tempat duduk of the small black car. “La Tour de Eiffel, merci” The car drove through the packed Parisian streets as the hari retreated to night. The car pulled a few streets away from the tower and Ziva heard the man mumble something about too many cars. She smiled and decided a walk would clear her stomach of the...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
A/N: This is based on the promo for NCIS 10x23 "Double Blind" may contain spoilers. anda have been warned.
This is an idea that just won't quit. And when I was almost hopelessly in despair of abandoning this, a sweet Angel lent me a hand.
Thank anda oh so very much Kaylee, ( xXSilent-CrescendoXx) for being much, much lebih than a beta. I owe anda big time! *hugs*
and I am so glad there is you.. ;)
DISCLAIMER: hati, tengah-tengah breakingly disclaimed.

“Interview's over!” Tony spat angrily as he strode forcefully into the dimly lit interrogation room.

He’d stood behind the...
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posted by Lie_to_Me_123
Okay so, as anda may know, there is a contest on this spot called the Best Reasons to Ship Tony and Ziva Contest!

This artikel is basically just a compilation of all the reasons that have been given. The bolded and underlined ones are the ones that have won the particular round that they're in.

So, if anda aren't participating, what are anda waiting for? ;)

Reasons to Ship Tony and Ziva!

1. They will always find each other.
2. They make banter seem like an art form.
3. They always have each other's backs.
4. They see each other's imperfections perfectly.
5. He'd drag her back in a heartbeat.
6. He listened to her pep talk in False Witness.
7. She will always protect him.
8. They're soulmates.
9. She's his Miss Right.
10. He couldn't live without her.
This months peminat Of The bulan is Jenna AKA NCIS_Addict_87

Well Done Jenna, and thanks for all the time and effort anda spend on the spot!! I'm sure we all agree that your Awesome :)

1. First of all - Why Tiva? Whats so special about them?
-- The chemistry that Tiva has is so unique and passionate. It's completely undeniable to anyone. They are the other half of each other's puzzle and they tunjuk that through the cute bantering, their protectiveness of each other & simply sejak always being there when the other person needs them. They are just amazing! =]

2. Are Tiva your kegemaran fictional couple?...
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posted by Lady_Ziva
“DiNozzo, grab your go bag, you’re going to the selamat, peti deposit keselamatan house. The person in protective custody is already there, Agent Richards is with them now,” Gibbs ordered Tony as they stood in the bullpen. The case that they were working on was getting messier sejak the minit and Tony hadn’t even realized that they had a person in protective custody having been neck-deep in interrogation for most of the day.

“Can’t McGee do the babysitting this time, Boss?” he yawned in the middle of his whine. “I pulled babysitting duty two cases ago.”

“I helped!” Bishop piped up from her meja which...
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Tony carefully watched his three tahun old daughter as she played in the leaves at the park. She was bundled up cozy as can be in her gray hat, scarf, and sweater jacket. Her medium length blonde hair flipped around the bahagian, atas of her jaket and her giggled filled the air. It was a crisp autumn hari and he was happy to have it off to spend time with his daughter. Ziva had wandered off to a kedai not far from the park to do some shopping. This left him with the chance to just watch and absorb what he was witnessing.

He smiled as Danielle held up a leaf excitedly waving it at him before scooping up...
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