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*Meredith is in front of a hotel*

Meredith: This is season two of the tunjuk anda all know and love, Total Drama Challenge. This season is going to assured to be even better due to the amazing cast this year, who also should be arriving any saat now.... anyways, this season we're taking the contestants on a road trip! The contestants will travel around the world and compete in challenges that may be physical atau mental. Today, we are in the famous city of Miami. Other places will be voted sejak viewers atau sejak me. The hotel behind is where the winning team will be sleeping for the night. The losers...
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Seeing which of my OCs is single, and which pairs anda guys are still willing to try out, I'm hoping to write coupley stuff in the future.
Francis- Taken sejak Noah, but anda can still flirt with him.
Pierce- Crushing on Miranda. (Very much hoping to make them a thing soon)
Yasmin- Dating Nicko
Chloe- Taken (in her story, that is)
Vincent- Single, but having trouble getting over his ex.
Carter- Taken sejak Ray.
Dan- Crushing on Alicia (hoping to make them a thing soon)
Phil- Crushing on Jen (hoping to make them a thing soon)
Angie- Crushing on Trent
Damon- Single
Dayton- Dating Kelsey
Lucy- Single...
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Izzy was piggy-backing on Zeke while they walked, looking for a location.

"Faster, horse-y! Faster", Izzy said.

"You weigh a ton, eh", berkata Zeke.

Izzy then said, "Let's go to the beach! Go, horse-y, go!"

Zeke walked to the pantai with Izzy on his back. Out of breath, Zeke said, "We'" He fell face first in the sand, exhausted from carrying Izzy on his back.

Izzy said, " hei look, a volcano! Come on, horse-y!" She ran towards the volcano.

Zeke then looks up and sees that Izzy is...
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Enjoy! :)
Katie said, "Where do anda wanna go Sadie?"

Sadie said, "Wherever anda wanna go Katie!"

Katie smiled. "Okay. How about..." Katie whispered something in Sadie's ear.

Sadie said, "Let's go!" The girls skipped hand in hand all the way to the set from 'One Million Bucks B.C.'. "Ooo, look Katie! It's the wooden pillars Chris made everyone fight on!"

"I know. Hey, I have an idea. Let's climb to the top!"

"Okay." Both girls climb to the bahagian, atas of each wooden pillar. "Katie?"


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