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Just want to say, I DIDN'T WRITE THIS!! I found it on and thought it was amazing. pujian to owner!

Rated M

It all started at the end of a rock show. Gwen was walking home, enjoying herself. The night was dark and it was very late. She knew she should have been lebih careful, but the acts of an rebellious youth thought nothing bad will ever happen to her. She's Gwen, the scary goth girl of her high school. No one would even dare to come near her. She was safe. At least, that's what she thought.

Last memory she had was hand over her mouth and another over...
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posted by swiddlewiddle
"I, too, Cinta a good cat fight, but one with real Kucing who wear tiny boxing gloves." - Harold (2008: A angkasa Owen)
"Oooh, your face, in my glands. Oooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, it's anda and meeeee! And anda and me makes weeeee! You. And me-e-e-e-e-e-eee, like butterknives we're free! We're freeeee!" - Lindsay (Rock n' Rule)
"Everybody knows that lebih wars have been won with a shovel than a sword. Give a man a hole and what does he have? Nothing, but give a man a shovel and he can dig a hole to contain the nothing." - Harold (The Chefshank Redemption)
(in confessional) "I got some! Courtney's...
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This is the Elimination Order for TDWT, found on the talk page of the wikia.

1. Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 1 / Egypt (Duncan)

2. Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 2 / Egypt (Ezekiel)

3. Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Jepun / Tokyo, Jepun (Harold)

4. Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better / Yukon, Canada (Bridgette)

5. Broadway, Baby! / New York City, U.S.A. - Reward

6. TDWT Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Waters / Aftermath Studio

7. Slap Slap Revolution / German Alps, Germany (Leshawna)

8. The Am-AH-Zon Race / The Amazon, Peru [Heather] Fake Elimination

9. Can't Help Falling in Louvre / Paris, France (Lindsay)...
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Which total drama character are you?(For girls)

Quiz made sejak me.

Who are anda most like?Gwen,Courtney, Heather, Izzy,Sierra..?

Find out!

NOTE:This is only for girls,i may make a kuiz for boys some other time.

1.What is the color of your hair?

a)Light brown
b)Dark brown
f)Like my BFF's!!
j)The color of my hair doesn't matter as long as i have my dear..
k)I'm a blonde

2.People say you're..

a)A bit*h
b)Why the hell would i care what people say about me?
c)A manipulative bit*h
f)A best friend 4 ever!
h)Someone was tallking bad about me??!
i)I think...
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Yeah.. I made a bahagian, atas 5 lest kegemaran couples. But I have nothing better to do so I decided to do this while I have nothing to do with my life. And here's the rules:
1:It has to be canon
2:You can't assume that your kegemaran couples would be on here.
3:You have to respect my opinion as it's.
ok we good now? Good! Let's get started!

5.Bridgette and Geoff
In season one they were great but as the series went on they were a snooze fest. I'm mean what happened anda two used to be the best couple of the series why are anda guys so boring now? Why are anda guys so boring in tda it doesn't make since. In...
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Characters that Need to be Voiced
Brianna: The Country Girl
Elleh: The Loud-Mouth (female)
Janey: The Control Freak (female)
Lawrence: The hyperactive one (male)
Marco: The Fasionista (male)
Nate: The Death Note Freak (male)
Carl: The Nature Boy
Sunshine: The Hippee Chick
Shaniqua: The Ghetto Chick
Samantha: The Goth Girl
Kale: The Goth Dude
Paul: The Big Teddy Bear
Tiffany Lee: The Host of the Show

For Further Info and pictures of the Characters: link

I DO NOT OWN atau RUN THIS MY Friends DO I'm simply advertising cuz I Cinta my Friends (I am also auditioning so any soalan ask me)

To audition go here to click through instructions and rules: link
 Taryn and Paul
Taryn and Paul
posted by HoldsteinSingh
English- Owen, Duncan, and Heather
Brazilian- Owen, Beth, and Heather
Bulgarian- Owen, Beth, and Heather
Canadian- Owen, Duncan, and Alejandro
Croatian/Serbian- Owen, Beth, and Heather
Danish- Owen, Beth, and Heather
Dutch- Owen, Duncan, and Heather
Finnish- Owen, Beth, and Heather
French- Owen, Beth, and Heather
Hebrew- Owen, Beth, and Heather
Hungarian- Owen, Beth, and Alejandro
Italian- Owen, Beth, and Heather
Norwegian- Gwen, Duncan, and Alejandro
Polish- Gwen, Beth, and Alejandro
Portuguese (Portugual)- Owen, Beth, and Heather
Romanian- Gwen, Beth, and Alejandro
Russian- Owen, Beth, and Heather
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posted by nocofangirl218
It's....EPISODE 5!!!!!!! Wow, I never thought I'd be saying that. ^^' Anyway, I'm really sorry it takes forever for these updates, but....schools coming up, and I'm totally stressing about it! Anyway, I'll try and update this when school starts, might be awhile.

Anyway, please enjoy the episode! ^u^


*at elemination ceromony*

Chris: *walks up to podeum* Well, Explosions, I expected a better winning streak from anda guys.

Alex: Well, if GRIFFON wouldn't have been easily distrackted, we wouldn't even be here...
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Chris ran back to the mess hall, anxiously, to ask chef about what's going on in the water. THen he bumped into heather. He was a little jumpy and jittery when he saw her. He studdered an awful amount of times.
"Chris? Slow down, I don't want to mess up my new outfit before the luncheon starts!" Heather barked.
"I-I... didn't mean" Chris babbled vague words which made Heather Nag even more.
"Will anda stop studdering like an idiot?" She complained. She turn around and was getting ready to walk towards the beach. "You know, anda better hope that anda don't screw up like that when...
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posted by owenizzyx
heather:there way a head and we got to go

courtney:we got to build something we can ro-ow

sierra:it doesn`t have to be a boat

girls:as long as it stays a float... oh why did we build gwen face

duncan & alejandro:it`s almost ready to set sail

duncan:just hammering in the final nail


owen:we really did this fast

guys:so we,ll be back in 1st class becuase they built gwen face

girls:we built gwen`s face

guys:were going to take 1st place

girls:becuase we built gwen`s face


girls:we built gwen`s face

Welcome to Total Drama High School 2:
Ilana: Well, everybody, welcome to the finale of Total DRama
High School, Season 2! 8D We had 14 contestants from the start,
but now we're down to THREE!!! :DDDDD
Let's meet them again, shall we?

Ilana:...She's a pretty character, she's owned sejak Radvile, say hello to Nikita!
Nikita: Hey! :D

Ilana:...She wants to get the task done, she's owned sejak Taytrain97, say hello to Lia!
Lia: ...Um, hi.

Ilana:....She's a recolor of Courtney, she's owned sejak Duncansmyluv16, say hello...
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posted by RandomlyJacob
Welcome to...Total Drama Hotel! The 4th season of Total Drama. As anda all remember last time Ezekiel fell into the gunung berapi and Heather got no money....*flashblacks play* haha wow. But this time we're gonna have 11 old contestants and 10 NEW stay tuned as the contestants compete in this crummy 1 bintang hotel..right here right now on....TOTAL DRAMA HOTEL!!!
--Theme music---
Duncan: Im sorry Courtney but I have a new girl-friend now....and her name is Gwen.
Gwen: *holds Duncan's hand and blushes*
Courtney: Ugh....Im gonna call my lawyers and prooooove to them that cheating should...
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When Effie got over to the boys reaping ball, she read the name. “Trent Cameron!” she shouted. Oh no, not him! He was the baker’s apprentice and when I was just 11, shortly after my father died, he gave me roti to feed my family. He saved my family’s life. And now, I’ve been forced to take his life away. We were lead to a train and as we started to move, I waved goodbye to District 12. I’d probably never see it again. It was a long way to the Justice Building and when I got there, I was led into a room to wait for my visitors to wish me a probably final farewell. My mother and...
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Courtney:Gwen I want us to be Friends so I want anda and Bridgette to come to my house for a sleepover.
Gwen:I don't know.
Courtney:It will be fun.My parents won't be home.
Gwen:I guess.[runs to Bridgette]Hey Bridge!
Courtney:See anda at 9:00 at maple Drive.I'll be outside.
Heather:Nice going Courtney.Now anda all anda have to do is embarrass Weird Goth Girl and Surfer Chick.
Courtney:Why would I do that?
Heather:Gwen was Ciuman Duncan and Bridge probably knew about it.
Courtney:That's not true!
Heather:Whatever Ms.Goody Two Shoes.I have to a project with Noah in Science class.
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
AUTHOR'S NOTE:this is not recomended for dxc fans. If anda read this and are mad at me, I am not allowing ppl yelling on the comments. anda can rate it a 1 atau 2 instead. Thank anda for your cooperation

Chris: And the winner is... DUNCAN!
Duncan: Ow emm gee! YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
Courtney: DUNCAN! COME perpecahan, berpecah YOUR MONEY WITH ME!!!!!!!!!
Duncan: Hell no! I'm splitting the money with this hottie!
Gwen: Oh, Duncan...
Duncan: Not you!*Runs to Trent and they start making out*
Courtney: What? How can this be? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin: It's okay, Courts. Come with...
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posted by taytrain97
Okay, well, anda all know about the lots of Courtney peminat-peminat on this spot, right?
And that people like me rebel against those peminat-peminat because we hate the bitch? (no disrespect intended.)
Well, I'd placed a komen on someone's picture a loooong time ago. It was a pic of how everyone's clothes were Courtney color-coordinated.
This was my comment:

Me: Oh, wow xD
Sara: Noah's gone to the dark side, what a shame *huggles Gordon* Guess I'll have to settle for this cutie xD
Gordon: O_O S**T!
Chealsea: OOH! I want one!
*we all stare at her*
Chealsea: ...what? I like Courtney!
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posted by kk99aa
Vannessa fought back the tears,
although her anguish showed as clear as day
on her eyes. Ryan smiled sheepishly, obviosly happy that he had made the Vannessa cry.He slammed the door hard.Vannessa backed away slowly,turned around,and broke into a run."Faster Faster!" she commanded herself,while fighting back a waterfall of tears."I have to get away!" Vannessa murmured under her breath.When she reached her house,she plopped down on her katil and let all her tears out."It will be alright tommorrow." she desperately tried to comfort herself.Then the terriying truth hit her, "It's not over yet." she wispered and broke out cying again.She knew there was no hope...
Brittani's POV: OK, so after first period, I brushed past Duncan, who winked at me, and I passed Douglas who i wanted to slap upside the fucking head.

"Hey," some weird goth guy stopped me in the hall. He had shoulder-length long black hair shagged down over his right eye and a silver eyebrow ring.

"um...hi?" I looked around strangely like "who is this guy and why is he talkin 2 me?"

"I'm Luke. anda must be Brittani F, right?"

"Um, yeah."

"see, my cousin says he knows anda and p.s.-between anda and me, he likes you."


He winked at me. "I'll catch ya later."


Andrea's POV:...
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I was in the emergency room. I'm going to die, sience I had a rare blood sickness.
"You're going to die sejak sunrise. That's three minutes."
"Kay, doc."
I was shaking. I was frightened. I had three minit to live. That's it. The end of my life.
I knew Trent was in the waiting room. He came, sience no one else couldn't. I hope he will visit.
Two minutes.
My legs were shaking. I was as hot as fire. I was scared to death. I thought I would think out my life then. In one minute.

Learning to walk talk, and read.
Grade school.
High school.
Spelling bee.
Class president.
Total Drama...
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*this is my TDI Manga crossover between Total Drama Island and Ranma 1/2. I Cinta both the tunjuk and graphic novel series, so I decided to write the first chapter of the saat book and see what anda all think of it*

The hiss and patter of the rain was the only thing heard outside of the Tendo house. The lights in the town were turned off for the night, and anda could almost feel the still of the silence...

Little circles of water surrounded Duncan's feet as he approached.
"Yes, this must be the the Tendo Training Hall..." He said...
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