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posted by 219-1680
DJ started cring again but this time Izzy noticed. "Why are u cring DJ?"she asked "Chef made me cook all the foods but he still treats me like dirt!" DJ said. "So your not going to tell Chris."said Izzy."He told me not to tell Chris"DJ said."So your just gonna let him rule your life?!"DJ thougth for a bit."Your right Izzy I'm goning to tell Chris!" Izzy waved good-bye while DJ ran to tell Chris. DJ ran into CHef oh no oh no
DJ thought. Chef walked away shaking his head. What do I do know? DJ thought. i wish Izzy was here. But he still ran to find Chris since he told Izzy I would and DJ never Breaks a Promise not even to someone he loves.

To Be Contined.........
posted by TOTALFan
I ran into my bedroom and slammed the door behind parents were fighting again...I body slammed onto my katil and cryed into the pillow...I couldn't take it anymore.I got out of katil and got out my back-pack, I packed my left over m&m's, water bottle that was still cold and full, my jaket and 1 outfit.
I have this huge window seterusnya to my katil and I opened it, I jumped out of it into my backyard and I opened the gate and walked out and closed it again...
As I walked out I saw a couple boy's sitting on the was Noah and Cody.
Cody and Noah walked over to me.

Cody:"Why are you...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Harold: Hi, little weakling
Me: Why do anda have Lady Gaga with you?
*just dance turns on and LG starts singing*
Noah: That's how I planned it.
Cody: Cuz I'm sexy *starts dancing*
Me: YOU'RE NOT SEXY!!!!!! not to me at least
Duncan: Hi anda guys!
Me: DUNCAN IS A GIRL!!!!!!!!
Dennise: It's Dennise.
Spondgebob: Hello. I am Edgar Allen Poe.
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posted by Trent-lover123
One hari Trent came running to his pals Gwen,Duncan, and Courtney. Trent: Guess what I got GUYS!!Duncan: A big cage! Courtney: Ha ha very funny Duncan. So what is in the cage? Trent: I got a cute its a Boxer! Gwen: WOW its a little puppy. Well I gotta go! Everyone: BYE Gwen!!. Duncan: Lets go get some icecream guys, Don't worry the anjing, anak anjing is inside it can get out. Trent: Ok lets go! TEN minit LATER...Courtney: hei Trent where is anda puppy? Trent: Oh no!! the anjing, anak anjing is gone! Duncan: the dog couldnt of gotten far." THEY LOOKED FOR HOURS UNTILL.... Gwen: Im back guys." Trent: We Lost my puppy."...
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So it has become a new season, a new story begins...

"Hello everybody and welcome to...TOTAL. DRAMA. REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!" Chris proudly roared in front of the camera, "this season, we're taking a bit of a break from the usual teens and for fun, mess around with these ones!"

The first bot arrived to the repaired dock that had junk, sarap covering the wood, with a pinch of acid.

"Our first camper has arrived! And it looks like Lightening!" Anounced Chris, as he hand gestured to where he was.

"Chris, yeah sure anda got the right place here man?" Asked an african canadian guy about 5"9' wearing shorts...
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This episode of Total Drama contains scenes of extreme stunts performed sejak animated teens.Do not try any of what anda see here at home. Seriously, anda could get really messed up.

Chris introduced the brand new season of Total Drama, as the scene starts with an astronaut carving the initials of each season. "We've been to the movies, we've been around the world, and this season, we're going right back where it all began; at Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris is now walking across the dock. "I'm Chris McLean, and as anda can see, things have changed since we've been away," he announced as he pointed to the...
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NOTE: Before anda komen (in an angry way), I am only bringing this up one last time. It constantly bugs me that Trent went crazy to get Gwen back when she was bonding with Duncan. If Trent and Courtney have the same problems, Duncan and Gwen, then they will agree to fight back.

STORY: This is my first, and hopefully only, rant about my problems with "Total Drama". If anda can't stand my words, the back button, atau the X for exit are both available. It's been bothering me for the past three years (2009-2012). It focuses on Trent's conflict on Duncan and Gwen. It's mainly because of their dating,...
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Kuki: WELCOME BACK TO TOTAL DRAMA RELOADED! Last time we met our New contestans and picked our team's! Okay our first challenge will be a Robot fight in.................. JAPAN!
Jared&Lisa: YAY!


Lindsay: EWW! Im so not going in their!

Kuki: *Sigh's* Jenny. Perry

Perry&Jenny: *Throw's everyone in their*

Jared&Trent*DJ: We realized their's alot of girl's this season so we were thinking to flirt with them
Jared: I get Lindsay
Trent: I get Lisa
DJ: And I get Katie!
Annie: LALALALALALALALALALALA- MONKEY! *Jump's under the seat*
Venassa: *Walking* *Trip's...
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posted by soxfan89
Chris:Here's hari 1 Of The Campers Being Babies. Ok, It's Playtime Now.
Lindsay:Yay, Playtime!
Owen:This Teddy Is Mine.
Gwen:I Get Dibs On The Dump Truck!
Courtney:I Get Raggedy Ann!
Heather:I'll Take Raggedy Andy!
Duncan:I'll Get The topi, cap Gun.
Trent:I'll Get A Book.
Izzy:I Have The Ball.
Bridgette:I Got The Police Car!
Geoff:Squirt Gun.
Noah:Panda Bear. (Hugs Panda)
DJ:Polar Bear.
Sadie And Katie:Flamingo!
Alejandro:I'll Get The sock Puppet.
Sierra:Choo-Choo Train.
Ezekial:Lincoln Logs.
Eva:Don't Want To Play!
Beth:Laguna pantai Debbie.
Justin:Fire Truck!
Blaineley:Yellow School Bus!
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posted by TDrocksand6teen
So i have decided i'm going to go back and watch all of the old seasons. Starting all the way back to Total Drama Island.

For each episode of the season i will be Penulisan about it and I will be reviewing the episode and sharing my feelings on it.

I will also be sharing my feelings on the characters and so on.

I could possibly have changed opinions in the last years. I joined with site becasue of total drama and I know for a fact there are some things that i did agree with that I know i don't like/agree with now.

Even my kegemaran characters will change and my feelings towards certain people. I have...
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posted by twilightrox43
 Izzy slams her chin into the dock in TDI.
Izzy slams her chin into the dock in TDI.

Of course anda all know Izzy. anda think she may be one of the nuttiest people ever to exist. But me? I think she's just a regular teen, with regular problems. She just acts...different.
For everyone that has seen her audition tapes, anda can easily see the normal person inside of her. In her first audition, she shouts at her mom, as many teens do. In her second, it's fairly obvious that she SUCKS at throwing api, kebakaran batons. After setting off the sprinklers, she apologizes to her mom, proving she makes mistakes, but that is an evident fact, as she makes many...
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posted by bubblegum05
"Hey,what's up guys?!I got good news for you." berkata Trent,walking onto the stage.Lindsay and Beth were hosting a AWESOME Halloween party in the city!They were matching witches,just like Katie and Sadie being matching Princesses.Heather was dressed as a bee,Duncan being the only one not getting the joke."What are anda even dressed as?!" asked Heather,being a pain."It doesnt matter,the Haunted House is ready!!!Ok everybody just has to step into this tunel.." He explained.

Evreybody started walking in,when Cody the vampire started asking questions."Uh,is this REALLY scary?Is there a bathroom in...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
I came up with Duncan's younger twin sisters: Katrina and Emily. They were born on June 21st, and they're both 15. Emily is one minit older than Katrina. They are identical twins.
Emily is goth, and has quite a personality. She is smart, unique, and likes to Rekaan clothes. She wants to fasion Rekaan when she grows up. Yes, she dresses goth, but she doesen't act goth. She's happy and sweet, but she also gets sad. On the other side, she sometime accompanies Duncan when he's pranking, atau she pranks sejak herself. She is single. She beats up nerds. She's a D+ student. She wasn't accepted to a college...
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posted by TDIlover226
As we all know, after the half way point, Everyone came back with a slightly changed look, Seiamica's was probably changed, the most, 'cause she ot only got smarter, and a different personality (Like Calvin's getting changed after each of the 3 times he got voted off), but she also wanted to change her name, and well, be different. Seiamica had always been a tomboy, but was teased sejak Heather for it before the show, She finnaly has crushed Heathers ego enough to where she didn't even care anymore, she Changed her name to Sammi. Of corse JG would always call her Seiamica. Alex (Seiamica's brother)...
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posted by TDIlover226
Ok, CyD12 asked if anyone had the pics from the TDI Bayi video. So i got all for the ones that they asked for.


Ok, I got them. Just to let anda know that I didn't make them. And If anda want to know where to find the rest of them, it's on photobucket.


Here's the ones that anda asked for. I hope that these are the ones that anda were talking about because if they aren't, I can't help ya.

Oh, and since I need to make it longer, heres a link to the qustion asked. XD


FTV = From the video

I also found them with colored backgrounds if anda need them.
 Baby Courtney FTV
Baby Courtney FTV
 Baby Gwen FTV
Baby Gwen FTV
 Baby trent FTV
Baby trent FTV
 Baby Bridge
Baby Bridge
posted by Courtneyfan6
(BTW, I'll be the teacher of this story!!!)

Courtneyfan6: Okay, class. Today's the behavior integer day.
Amy: (laughs) Integers are so dumb like my twin sister Samey.
Courtneyfan6: (scary voice) Amy, shut up! (normal voice) Anyways, I'm too lazy to do the classwork so here are your integers.
(-10: Courtney and Duncan)
Courtney: Yes! Me and my boyfriend Duncan got -10's!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Courtney and Duncan. anda two are the best students ever! Please go to the Principal's office to make her proud!
(-9: Lindsay)
Lindsay: Yes! I got a -9!
Courtneyfan6: Good job, Lindsay! anda get 2 years off! Go...
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*Theme Muzik plays*

Chris: Welcome to Total Drama Dead Rising!!!

Chris: and introducing my co-host CHUCK GREENE!!!

Chuck: yeah Im on this show!!

Chris: ok lets get to introducing our Contestants!

Chuck: they have been divided up into 4 groups of 2 and placed at Rawak stores in the mall!!

Chris: they will have to make it back to the selamat, peti deposit keselamatan room with out dying

Chuck: if they get bitten sejak the zombies we have the anti dote I think

Chris: lets play TERROR IS REALITY!!

*Camera goes to Stacey and Kurt in the Sports store*

Kurt: *scared* ahh man there everywhere out there

Stacey: oh calm down we can get out of...
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posted by blenson555
 Normal Rachlle
Normal Rachlle
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In double X's Limo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sue:God,hes a pussy!double X:Now girls it was good of anda doing that,but we don't want anything like that again!So wear your normal cloths and i'll see anda all seterusnya week!Tiffany:Kick ass!*The girls get out of the car*Rachlle:Lets get to jam homes and change Sue:How am I supposed to change I'm in my normal cloths!Tiffany:Well this is real spi work,come to my house i'll find cloths that are black for u!Sue:I look like a stupid fucking nerd!Tiffany:What about me?Sue:You look good!Tiffany:Thanks!Part7:Blending in coming soon!
 Normal Tiffany
Normal Tiffany
 Normal Sue
Normal Sue
posted by dxarmy423
All we are is entertainment
Caught up in our own derangement
Tell us what to say and what to do
All we are are pretty faces
Picture perfect bottled rage
Packaged synthesized versions of you

We've all made petty fortunes but we can't afford a life
Confined to pull-out Petikan and hotel rooms
They all scream California and its toppling empire
But can't anda see the end is coming soon

Come one come all the new sensation
Guarantees then obligations
Spotlights follow every single move
Basking here on ten foot stages
Pouty lips and oh so jaded
All as if we have something to prove

Despite these petty fortunes we still...
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