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*Mikica's dream*

I was in Ariana's room, tho i have no idea how i got there. Ariana was crying.
"Are anda ok?" i asked. She didn't say anything. I then went up to her i tried to bring her chin up but my hand just went trough her. She grabbed her note book that was on her katil side table. She started to write something. When she was done she put it on her meja . I ran over to her meja i looked at the note

Dear family,
I am sorry. I cant do this any longer, i cant take is. This feeling of not being enough, good enough. I will miss anda and the cruel world we call home. I've tried to push back thee...
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posted by starburst-rock
(Ok I no I should b working on my other storys but im kinda brain dead rite now so I decided to make this. Well enjoy!)

Cody-Girl all the bad guys want sejak Bowling for Soup

I think this is Cody's theme because Cody is chasing the girl who allways has someone else. In this case the bad boy. But nomadder what Cody does this girl still won't like him.

Alejandro-Womanizer sejak Brittney Spears

I think it's pretty clear why this is Alejandro's song. CAUSE HE'S A WOMANIZER! I for some reason find it funny that Al is so Manley yet his theme is Brittney Spears.

Geoff-Who's ready to party sejak Fred

Even thoe I...
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posted by NoahxCourtney77
The Total Drama Restrant
Alejandro Burgar Dipped In Heather Sauce
Noah Hot Dog Wennie Dipped In Courtney Sauce (Yes, I Know That Sounds Wrong But It Came Out Of My Mouth Before I Thought About It)
Tyler Fries Salted With Lindsay
Harold Cookie Sprinkeld With LeShawna
Geoff ikan Dipped In Bridgette Sauce
Cody pizza With Sierra On Top

So, What Will anda Have?

Oh Yeah And Add Justin For 5 Cents Only!

But If anda Want Some Trent anda Have To Pay Extra!
Becuz He's Just Awsome!
And Im Random!
Chris: Yo! Welcome back to....

Rayven: Are anda gonna say that
Everytime chris?

Chris: *whispers* im getting paid
to say this.

Rayven: *rolls eyes*

Chris: In the last exciting episdoe
of TOTAL DRAMA SURVIVOR the two teams
the good team and the bad team had to
compete in a Singing contest. The evil
team won and the good team had to send
someone home. Alex's temper got a little
out of control and she tryed to convince
everybody on the good team to vote off
lindsay because she wasnt doing anything.
Luckily she convinced them right and poor
little lindsay took a ride on the bot of
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posted by dxarmy423

Owen- Super strength

Harold- Ninja powers

Geoff- Water control

Bridgette- Surfer powers

Izzy- Super speed

DJ- Cooking powers

Beth- api, kebakaran control

Cody- Teleportation

Gwen- Kung fu powers

Trent- Sonic assult powers

Leshawna- Dancing powers

Tyler- Healing powers


Noah- Psychic abilities

Chef- Side Kick

Justin- Cloning power

Eva- Super anger

Heather- Queen of the underworld

Duncan- Expert criminal

Courtney- Lawyers

Lindsay- Mind control (Because she has no mind)

Chris- Lightining powers

Ezekiel- Annoying powers

Katie and Sadie- Katie and sadie powers
posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Tyler and Lindsay were sitting on the sofa, kerusi panjang watching TDWT. They were both out of the competition.
"Hey Linds, don't anda think that Courtney is getting a leeeetle too crazy?"
"Uh, her? Yeah!"
Bridgette came in. She just finished hosting the aftermath.
"Have anda guys seen Duncan yet? He is SUCH a womanizer! I'm glad I ended up with Geoff instead."
Geoff came in, and he was holding two glasses of punch. He gave one to Bridgette, and stood seterusnya to her.
"Gwen is Berlakon so odd latley! Have anda seen her seterusnya to Courtney, they were almost in a catfight!"
The four stayed silent for quite some time. A couple...
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posted by cookiewasted9
I know Trent likes Tim burton because of the movie 9...speaking of which,will there be a 9,2?

Trent:Duncan exposed himself to me!
Police:*takes Duncan away*
Cody:o_e Did he really?
Cody:ok then..*walks away*

Trent:*to Chris**singing*Fuck youuuuu,fuck anda very,very,very much!!

Gwen:Wait,where'd Duncan go?
Courtney:Yeah,I haven't seen him all day...
Trent:He exposed himself to me and went back to juvie:D..Happy Days!
Cody:*walking by*Nope.

Trent:Why am I being mentioned in every bit?
Me:*stalker face*Because I Cinta you!!!:D
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posted by dxarmy423
All we are is entertainment
Caught up in our own derangement
Tell us what to say and what to do
All we are are pretty faces
Picture perfect bottled rage
Packaged synthesized versions of you

We've all made petty fortunes but we can't afford a life
Confined to pull-out Petikan and hotel rooms
They all scream California and its toppling empire
But can't anda see the end is coming soon

Come one come all the new sensation
Guarantees then obligations
Spotlights follow every single move
Basking here on ten foot stages
Pouty lips and oh so jaded
All as if we have something to prove

Despite these petty fortunes we still...
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Courtney: Duncan... I'm pregnant...
Duncan:(He doesn't react, and he has the SAME face)
Courtney: Duncan? (He still doesn't react) Duncan! You're scaring me!
Duncan:(He FINALY react, but he still with the same face) ggg.. aaa...
Courtney: What?
Duncan: youuu... areee... WHAT?
Courtney: I really need say it again? I'M PREGNANT!
Duncan: Ok, i know it... it's just only...
Courtney: What? Say it!
Duncan: It's just only i'm shocked, alright? I'm shocked!
Courtney: I'm shocked too Duncan...
Duncan: But... how can it be?
Courtney: Why everybody ask that? anda know HOW!
Duncan: Alright...
Courtney: You're are...
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posted by nocofangirl218
Yep, I'm doing a Mike story! :D

Alright, so, in episode 9, when Mike was battling his other personalities in his mind, at a certain time, anda could see a dark shadow of him appear for a brief saat before it disappears. I thought about it, and, bing bang, this story was born! ((I always had this story for him in the back of my mind though...)) Anyway, here's my story! :D

“Something doesn't feel right.” I think as I gaze into the elimination ceremonies fire.

Despite the crappy parts of having to do whatever Scott berkata so he wouldn't tell Zoey – the now and forever Cinta of my life – that...
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Chris was standing on the dock of shame. He was introducing the show; "Last time, on Total Drama Letters, the campers were telah diberi a dare each. The lousy thing was, only five people accepted it. With two people on their team who accepted it the Hunters won." Chris sad, "will Duncan lose it? Will Cody convince me that he didn't graffiti my caravan? What will the Hunters' reward be? Find out next, on Total Drama Letters.

Author's Note: do anda like this format better?

The campers were peacefully sleeping when Chris got a blow horn and some earmuffs. He went inside each kabin and sounded it, waking...
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posted by Pinkkatluv32
Twany: threw at joanna
Roxie: anda did it vinny runs to to him
Kat: erika anda anda jalang, perempuan jalang anda made him bleed
Erika: im im cries
Twany: erika anda ok
Erika: yeah

Next day
Carry: time to fly to different places
Everyone in airplane
Star: buckles seatbelt
Roxie: cody oh cody I Cinta your eide golden eyes
Cody: ummm thanks
rikki: don I like you
Don: me to
Corey: mellissa if this plane kills anda im suing it
Mellissa: oh corey kisses his cheek
Jory: hei cassidy umm hey
Aliicia: awwww it's so sweet
Timmy: this sucks huh
Alcia: im bored
cassidy: well if weren't goth anda would not be deppressed
Alcia: sigh
When they landed...
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Team Amazon, who Lost the challenge in Sweden, was back in economy class. Sierra was trying to cheer up cody about Gwen being gone, though it wasn't working to well. And Courtney and heather were talking about none other than Alejandro.

"He's just so perfect!" Courtney said. "I mean, look at him! Tan,muscular, hot..."

Hearing all this made Heather want to drool, but at the same time, she had finally had it.

"Ok, will anda shut up already!" she snapped. "I mean, yeah hes hot, he's sexy, we all know anda think so!Now, shut up!'

Courtney was about to tell heather off, but just then, Owen and Duncan...
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posted by dxarmy423
*its 3:30 in the afternoon school just got out and students are walking utama from school through the park*

*mack is walking to the pizza place with harold and owen*

Mack: so guys anda play that new rock band yet
Harold: no I want to though
Owen: i got it the lego people are freakin awesome
Mack: yeah I beat the game last night
Harold: how long did it take
Mack: about 4 hours
Owen: it took me about 2 days
Mack: man your slow

*they keep walking*

Harold: so mack wheres heather
Mack: Idk she had homework today
Harold: man I hate homework
Owen: yeah but I dont have any today
Harold: freaking lucky man
Mack: yeah...
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posted by superDUNCANfan
Hi, I'm Amber, Trent's little sister. I saw Cody today and he is kinda cute! I think i'm in Cinta with him.... I mean were Friends but we tell each other everything! I Cinta to sing, my bubba taught me everything i know! Oh and Brooke if your Membaca this do anda wanna be Bffs? My mom says that Trent will be a famous gitar player and that i will be the singer. anda know cody has never told me his last name if anda know plz tell me!I am like Lindsay but smarter: I have style,
I am hot! and Unlike her I have talent! Hmp! I mean the only person who could pull of hot as being a talent is... Justin!

* Car pulls up*
Cody's hear! oh.. no! Gotta go1

*blows kiss*Be Stylish!!!
posted by Fawniex3

Sex: Pretty sure I'm a girl

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Likes: Surfing, Swimming, Animals, Tofu, My Friends, GEOFF!!! and alot more!

Relationship: Yes I am! Geoff I <3 you!


Geoff: Cinta anda too babe ;)
April 7th at 4:18pm

Bridgette: Awwww :*)
April 7th at 4:19pm

Heather: Ugh. GAG!
April 7th at 4:20pm

Geoff: hei Bridge! Do anda see me waving??
April 7th at 4:22pm

Bridgette: Yes! Awwwww anda look soooooo cute!!! <333
April 7th at 4:24pm

Heather: Save the lovefest for later :I
April 7th at 4:25pm

Bridgette: Omigod..
April 7th at 4:27pm

Geoff: Yes? :)
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Characters that Need to be Voiced
Brianna: The Country Girl
Elleh: The Loud-Mouth (female)
Janey: The Control Freak (female)
Lawrence: The hyperactive one (male)
Marco: The Fasionista (male)
Nate: The Death Note Freak (male)
Carl: The Nature Boy
Sunshine: The Hippee Chick
Shaniqua: The Ghetto Chick
Samantha: The Goth Girl
Kale: The Goth Dude
Paul: The Big Teddy Bear
Tiffany Lee: The Host of the Show

For Further Info and pictures of the Characters: link

I DO NOT OWN atau RUN THIS MY Friends DO I'm simply advertising cuz I Cinta my Friends (I am also auditioning so any soalan ask me)

To audition go here to click through instructions and rules: link
 Taryn and Paul
Taryn and Paul
Author's Note: I've decided to make the challenges different too. Who's going to get eliminated? Find out!

The thirteen new contestants we're all standing in a group now, and Chris was in front of them.

"Welcome to Total Drama Revenge of the Island. anda guys all are gonna compete. Against each other," he smiled. "But first, anda must make teams. Everyone, partner up."

Mike immediately ran to Zoey. She didn't protest. Scott looked around and grinned. "I choose Dawn. She will be a perfect partner." Dawn shrugged.

"Okay," she walked to Scott.

Scott's Confessional:

Dawn seems like she can get to know...
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Enjoy! :)
"We've passed that pokok fives times already", berkata a weary LeShawna. "Do anda even know where we're going?"

"Of course I do!"

They passed the same pokok once more.

"Harold, we're lost!"

"I know that, gosh."

"Did anda just 'gosh' me? I know anda didn't just 'gosh' me!"

"Do anda here that?"

"Here what?"

"A plane engine!" Harold ran in the direction of the plane engine. LeShawna followed him.

They arrived at the Total Drama Turbo Jet.

Harold said, "Sweet! It's the turbo jet."

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*on the plane*
Rochelle: 0K jordan and Zoey anda get to pick the teams! ladys first!
Zoey:Duncan! *blews a Ciuman to him*

Courtney: I hate Zoey!
Rochelle: Jordan?
Jordan: Ummmmmmmmmmm.......... Bridgette!
Bridgette: Of coure! *looks at geoff with a smile*
Geoff: *smiles back*
Zoey: ummmmmmmmmmmmm.......... amy!
Amy: yes!
Jordan: Draven!
Draven *high 5s Jordan*
Amy: pick Geoff please!
Zoey: ok Geoff!
Geoff: wait! I need to be with bridgette!
Bridgette: Geoffy! no!!!!!!
Geoff: bridgy no!!!!!
Jordan: Lindsay! *winks at Draven*
Lindsay: yay!!!!!
Zoey: Fay!
Fay: yeah! *high 5s Zoey*
Jordan: Jar3d!
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